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  1. Completely unacceptable to butcher and edit my posts ,which are completely docile. Last time you guys see me here. I didn’t know you guys were that creepy. Good luck with your membership attempts.
  2. It’s not just you. Globe, in particular, reported to be having server issues for at least a week. Plus we have had to call for service to the point where the technicians came right out and told us the lines are very old and have not been replaced between the server issues and poor lines. It’s not about false expectations on our part the service is unreliable on a daily basis. It’s basically all lip service and sending technicians that have no impact. We just got the Globe cancellation fee to break the contract (only in the third world do you have to pay a fee to cancel defective service). We are in the process of cancelling. PLDT, no prize either, but we have FIBR now that we are dumping Globe. Much more stable. In the U.S my area has 30 choices for internet providers. Needless to say here you are basically screwed. On a positive note it has improved every year.
  3. This is starting to look like an inferior forum where people look for a reason to argue instead of enjoy the comments!
  4. One of the third party booking sites has a night free with ten random completed bookings. They also currently partnered with a specific credit card to offer an incredible 10X airline milage back per USD- a major perk. They also make it easy to price match- send a link to lower price and 24 hours later a credit. They have a dedicated price match link. The first party sites are often less refined. My experience is the actual hotels have to improve their sites to make using them a better deal then using a third party site. At least for now. 🙂
  5. I felt better about myself cutting out all the nonsense. They have a way of justifying taking by using the “he’s a rich foreigner he can afford it ” excuse, forget learning about me or my families life and struggles. That is the entire relationship. I put a big giant ✖️ on the situation. Many of us have done a lot and struggled a lot and what we have is a blessing. I am only “rich” prior to expenses here and abroad. I sometimes struggle too but once I learned my struggles had no meaning to the mostly parochial and xenophobic locals I just bring a cake etc. No flash. They were ugly about it but gave up. What was happening before was we never did enough and their was always some rumor of how a nearby phantom foreigner was much better to his family then us. They are crazy here. So am I rich? Got like P17K budgeted for family next 10 days so I guess it depends on how you define rich! Lastly, I love it here and the people are very nice to deal with. I enjoy it. It is just being “rich”, and anything to do with false expectations about rich foreigners and money and real estate, in general, scrambles their brains. I seriously believe that. It is like they take an ugly pill but otherwise are wonderful!
  6. Just speaking for me, rather go to a very good sit down restaurant and be served then spend P800+- on a buffet. As for the budget buffets, watch out, if you couldn’t make the same amount of food at home for P299 then how does the buffet serve it and pay its expenses too? Do the research. It is not pretty.
  7. Many times you have touched me in a very special way. 🤔 HBDay 🎁
  8. Geoff, You feel comfortable with those amounts in a consumer unfriendly and digitally antiquated banking environment? (I do find the banks ethical, I trust them in that context.) I have something to learn from your response. 🙂
  9. A sexual hint or suggestion is harmless because no actual physical harm is involved at that instant: Filipino 101, imo.
  10. My take is slightly different. The general population here just gets lost in superficials... Their goes the “pride” thing again...Living vicariously thru someone else... Not to mention I see reinforcement regularly that a full Filipina is less attractive then mixed. But other people don’t see it all as completely shallow, as I do. Coke and Pepsi. Everybody has different preferences. If they are going to do it: Miss Walkable Sidewalks Pageant, Drinkable Water Pageant, Internet Choices Pageant. Multitask!
  11. I try to look at it as if they embraced rational thinking they would become more developed and goodbye $2 Grab and $12 Doctor visit. Fine work of you maintaining the norm!
  12. You just described what happens all at once to the average forum member, based on pist* histories. * exhibit A
  13. Put a mosquito screen on a window- optional. Celebrating every birthday party without fail and expecting OPM to do it- a must!
  14. None of those highly intelligent people had a bulb light up in their brains and connect the dots in time. Fate is strange and separate subject. This event is so rare a required rabies shot is less viable then knowing to avoid street dogs and alternately what to do when the skin is broken.
  15. Waiting one hour for a fifteen minute video to download is not surprising.
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