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  1. RubberChicken

    PLDT with their Foot in their Mouth

    PLDT customer service is so bad they have turned it into some bizarre performance art form. By Filipino standards the customer service is horrible. I thing that should say enough.
  2. Thank you for your service. Their is no guarantee those massive agencies will not further delay you. Their budgets are bigger then the GDP of some entire countries so true bureaucracy there. Their is no absolute certainty until formal approval and then whatever grace period quality control builds in to change a decision. Cold government bodies in place. Not fun. Maybe wait until the money is in? Best wishes of course.
  3. RubberChicken

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    Philippines sucks I left. Philippines is paradise I want to die here. Philippines in the middle. All part of a moving continuum. Gives the forum personality.
  4. RubberChicken

    Filipino Jails

    Soul crushing attempt at finding a positive. Bravo.
  5. One thing I learned to do is make a copy of important receipts because the printing fades very fast here. It doesn't automatically solve a problem to make a copy but it can help.
  6. RubberChicken

    Filipino Jails

    Some topics benefit from the specific detail you only get on a forum. Justice System in Philippines is a classic google search type question. You will find endless data.
  7. RubberChicken

    I asked for patience and God sent me to the Philippines

    Tipping and patience is truly not off topic, imo. It’s a culture internally comfortable with accepting money for goods and services that otherwise should be free. I figure what’s the point in being in a corrupt country if you can’t make the most of it? Life is smoother, less resistance, easier to be patient. Getting prioritized is not uncommon and I like to be thoughtful anyway. Relative to the West amounts are small. Win-win, imo.
  8. RubberChicken

    No deposit in my account.

    Your own citation (above) does not even recommend what you are asking for. Bad idea to offer government more control on a reactionary whim, imo. http://cepr.net/blogs/beat-the-press/social-security-paid-out-0006-percent-of-benefits-to-dead-people https://secure.ssa.gov/poms.nsf/lnx/0502301250 https://www.ssa.gov/budget/FY19Files/2019BO.pdf https://www.ssa.gov/oact/TR/2017/tr2017.pdf
  9. RubberChicken

    I asked for patience and God sent me to the Philippines

    This man set out to find efficiency in the Philippines.
  10. RubberChicken

    Old fathers raising a child in the Philippines

    I don’t think a wife from home (U.S) would put up with me for 15 minutes so from my perspective a PhilAm wife was guaranteed to be relatively quite successful. Grab an honest one and you win the game of life and - unlike the U.S.- their underwear size will not be the same as yours. tmi oops
  11. It’s my Philippines happiness rule! Can I walk away? “yes” happy
  12. RubberChicken

    No deposit in my account.

  13. RubberChicken

    No deposit in my account.

    Not really off topic I hope... a mail forwarding address works great provides a U.S address and is not fraud if not claiming you live there. Saves a lot of trouble. Just a thought.
  14. RubberChicken

    Old fathers raising a child in the Philippines

    I don’t care if their is no scenario under the sun causing the child to need it I got the U.S passport. Life happens. That document is profoundly important. In this thread subject is U.K passport. Same thing.
  15. RubberChicken

    Health issues since moving to Philippines

    Even if we where all young It feels like old men comparing notes! One time reaction to an insect bite. This mosquito had extremely bad ju ju. Instant reaction like poison injection. Ignored the bite. Days later physician at same grocery store as me approached- casually mentioned my leg was being eaten. No idea what that ment but instant trip for treatment. Scars remain. Still have leg. An example of an intelligent caring Filipino helping for no reason, too.