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  1. A culture that assigns little value to both planning and the resulting inconvenience? All I know I associated S Koreans as the polar opposite personalities and the transition is shocking when we go there.
  2. A story with a major market “hook” will get more news cycles and more depth of coverage. It’s not proportional to the gravity of the event. Take the same number of deaths in the U.S 911 tragedy and have them happen in a small third world country and see if it gets the same coverage. (Not implying it is fair.)
  3. This truly captures their uncomplicated nature so I have my friendly work around alcohol and my own kit. Not neurotic about it, just a quick splash wherever a tool touches skin. I remind myself a mani-pedi in U.S is P1800 plus tip. No complaints. The lack of education isn’t changing soon. A visitor to the lady doing my nails took the tools and started cleaning the dirt out of her fingernails, then handed it back to the manicurist to finish my nails. Enough said. Lots of colorful stories incoming here. 🙂
  4. Unimaginably cheap prices compared to the West and Geoff made a nice post about turning it into part of your day- not to spin it into a negative but bring alcohol or even your own small private mani pedi personal kit. (About $15 US). I am in Geoff’s happy camp too- but received a severe infection once from a manicure. Most of us might agree hygiene laws are not stressed here. I add an extra P20-P50 tip to acknowledge their inconvenience for not using their own tools because surely they prefer the feel of what they normally use daily. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00XCEW8E2/ref=ppx_yo_mob_b_inactive_ship_o1_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1&th=1
  5. I tip freely in Cebu and pay P250 for haircut here v P1500 in U.S. Grab P200 v Uber P1300. Massage P300 v P3000. Absolutely discounts are good news but currently feel pretty grateful now on the human labor aspect. I need to educate myself, if PLDT is included, etc., that would really help.
  6. Hey guys. The reason I posted the above was because he started out so strong then he proceeded to take it into a nosedive. He could have met his core goal and softened things up at the same time- avoiding significant potential for resentment. Just my opinions of course. Seems like a few hours on a forum like this might have been to his advantage. All I know is I was never too proud to take good advice,
  7. An American living in Davao has attracted a growing following after rolling up his sleeves to clean up his neighbourhood streets. Frustrated with the inaction of local officials... What could possibly go wrong?
  8. In practice fixed rules in the Philippines don’t matter as much as interpreting how they might look at the gray areas since most of us know better to screw up the obvious stuff. How much do your actions argue you are not complying with the spirit of permanent residency? How much do your actions suggest an occasional casual trip out of the country? I find the authorities usually have a basis to be critical. They may overreact or overreach but often something sets them off that has a tread of reason to it. Just my experience and not saying they can’t be a PITA.
  9. https://www.finastra.com/sites/default/files/documents/2018/03/product-insight_digital-banking-overview-in-the-philippines.pdf This reluctance of Filipinos to use digital banking is due to the lack of a compelling digital user experience that would encourage them to stop seeing branches as vital to transacting. The majority of core banking systems in the Philippines were designed decades ago, when programming languages were entirely different, and that makes it extremely difficult for banks to keep up with modern, rapidly changing environments. Silo systems can also be a barrier to progress, especially when they prevent a bank having full access to its own data.
  10. I bank with BPI and trust them with money. Thing is they seem not to be able to keep up on with the little things. ATM down for maintenance, etc. Overall balance accurate but deposit records missing online. Parts of website only half working. UI lacking. Poor customer service support. I read comments from an official at BPI and my interpretation was digital banking was something they were accepting as a reality not something they were enthusiastic about. So the really big things like accurate deposits, trust, personally A+. I feel fortunate overall. Yet banking experience- blah. Can better be found or is it just another Philippines reality check moment? Don’t laugh lots of times people here can be enlightening! Middle class growing.
  11. 50,000-67,000 year time frame? Somehow reminds me of waiting for PLDT to answer a service call.
  12. The maximum protected (exempt) in a U.S Social Security Account is $2500. Further if funds are commingled that leaves a degree of standing with the creditor to attempt to seize assets, even below $2500. Commingled would be defined as other funds going into the account containing the SSA direct deposits. An account that is managed by an adult but in the name of a child is fully exempt. Best not to cloud the waters by commingling funds there either. My very sincere recommendation is to open accounts solely for SSA deposits. One account for each beneficiary. Then transfer any needed funds to a completely unrelated account. You can withdraw SS funds just don’t add any non-SSA funds to an account getting SSA deposits. A creditor can not do a blanket search of every bank looking for assets. This is a fallacy. They will try to get lucky with serving papers individually to dominant banks in your area. If you pick obscure banks it will help you. Other ways they will find money: Linked accounts used to pay your bills to them before things went bad. If a new bank does a hard credit pull as a condition of account opening. They can see this. This will disappear in two years from when they ran the credit check- then it will not be visible. Chexsystems. Sometimes used to check your credit when you start an account. They can see this and it lasts for years. Five years plus? Certainly other ways but the more expensive it is for them the faster they will quit. The creditor can ignore your lawful exemptions (SSA) to force you to affirmatively assert your protected status. IE: Sue you and make you defend the suit. You will have a winner but only if you defend it or a Judge tosses it. Also, you want to assert you are judgement proof (if you are) because this is the ultimate buzz kill for a creditor. Not only will they spend a fortune to proceed against you but even if they win they get nothing. That is a killer for them. They may still pursue you but it will really mess with their enthusiasm because it is an expensive stone cold road to oblivion for them. If they believe you are judgement proof they will be gone. Since hardly nobody they pursue knows as much as you now do, you will possibly very quickly not be worth chasing! Lastly remember that I am a complete stranger and take nothing I say as absolute fact. Take it as data points to verify as accurate or not. My motivation to post this is favoring the “little guy”.
  13. Searching for clues to why XXXL in Philippines is the same size as Medium in U.S. Insomnia Cookies: Most of our stores deliver to 3AM daily.
  14. We own cheap house because we applied the wisdom of always being able to walk away. It was no surprise to us before we purchased that the people here tend to magnify and take inordinately personal any perceived critism. Insecurity, poverty? Then again, we met some beautiful people on our street that are nicer then we could hope for anywhere in the world. Very kind, patient, honest and family oriented.
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