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  1. Barney


    One hour flight between the two.
  2. Barney


    Still far enough, a boat ride away.
  3. I was talking about moving from Pampanga to Leyte, if it is a hassle I may just sell it here and buy another one aftewr moving.
  4. Barney


    Been trying to find a place to move to with direct access to Clark. Think I have made up my mind to move down to Tacloban, as I like it there, plus not all that far from the gf's family so that will be good for her too. Question is, does anyone know of anywhere for rent there that is a decent standard and worth going to look at? Have a couple of options to look at next time I go but can never have too many choices I guess. Thanks.
  5. Is it much of a hassle to register in a different province? I like the XR200 I have here, seems to me to be absolutely perfect for the Philippines so I would maybe like to keep it when I move.
  6. You mean Hardley Dangerous.... :)
  7. I am going to be spending a night in Calbayog this week, just wondering if anyone has a suggestion of a good bar or restaurant that I might pass an evening in? Thanks
  8. Yes, been getting some positive feedback from mates here in Angeles about San Fernando and San Juan, will definitely go up and have a look.
  9. Ah yes, I always go through Dinalupihan when I go to Subic on my bike.
  10. I have actually also considered moving near to Subic, as it would be easy access to Angeles. Not too close to the bars, and definitely not actually in Olongapo, but maybe there is somewhere that would be OK down there. No chance of fishing in Subic Bay though...... would definitely need to venture outside the bay I would think.
  11. Yes, lots of places look great, but I really need internet to be OK unfortunately.
  12. New here, so firstly, hello everyone. Living in Angeles at the moment, and me and the girlfriend have a 4 month old kid, so thinking of moving somewhere that might be a bit better for bringing him up. Specifically would be nice to live by the sea, so I could go out fishing etc. I enjoy Angeles and have friends here, so I am looking for somewhere that is either easy driving distance of AC or fairly near an airport that has flights to Clark so that I can easily come for a long weekend every couple of months. Places I have been thinking of are La Union, Aurora, Bohol, Bataan and even Northern Samar (Dumaguete sounds good but no flight to Clark makes it a bit more awkward). Somewhere that will not be too expensive would be nice, and good internet is absolutely essential., where I am now internet is actually really pretty good, but I realise that in smaller places I'm not going to get the 20mbps I am getting here. Any comments on the places mentioned, or any other suggestions would be gratefully received.
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