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  1. To be honest I wouldn't mind if there was a mate on another bike to go with, but would be a bit boring alone.... apart from Manila, and I would have no idea where I was going through there! Might be as well to sell it and buy something else down there by the sound of it instead of risking the aggro of not being able to register it.
  2. Any ideas on the best way to send my motorbike (an XR200 Honda) from Angeles to Bohol? Riding it there would obviously take forever! And maybe would want to send some other items with it. Also any issues I hadn't thought of with registering it next time in a different region? Any suggestions gratefully received. Maybe better to sell it and buy one there?
  3. Exactly how I see it.... a few times people have signalled to turn right, then gone left. Stationary trikes just suddenly shoot out into a u-turn with no warning and not even a look to see if anyone coming. A reason I tell the asawa never get in a trike, when on my bike I see how shit they are, and how infrequently they look what is going on around them.
  4. Here in Angeles I have a Honda XR200, perfect for the crappy roads in Phils.
  5. Going down there with the asawa and son, so a bike not really any good. I have a motorbike here in Angeles and it may need to go, unless I can manage to afford a car without selling the bike of course!
  6. Thinking of heading down to Bohol next month and looking around for somewhere to rent long term. Do you have any suggestions for where to look? And a good place to stay for a week or so with good internet?
  7. Barney


    One hour flight between the two.
  8. Barney


    Still far enough, a boat ride away.
  9. I was talking about moving from Pampanga to Leyte, if it is a hassle I may just sell it here and buy another one aftewr moving.
  10. Barney


    Been trying to find a place to move to with direct access to Clark. Think I have made up my mind to move down to Tacloban, as I like it there, plus not all that far from the gf's family so that will be good for her too. Question is, does anyone know of anywhere for rent there that is a decent standard and worth going to look at? Have a couple of options to look at next time I go but can never have too many choices I guess. Thanks.
  11. Is it much of a hassle to register in a different province? I like the XR200 I have here, seems to me to be absolutely perfect for the Philippines so I would maybe like to keep it when I move.
  12. You mean Hardley Dangerous.... :)
  13. I am going to be spending a night in Calbayog this week, just wondering if anyone has a suggestion of a good bar or restaurant that I might pass an evening in? Thanks
  14. Yes, been getting some positive feedback from mates here in Angeles about San Fernando and San Juan, will definitely go up and have a look.
  15. Ah yes, I always go through Dinalupihan when I go to Subic on my bike.
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