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  1. I probably brought a year supply of gabapentin with me when I came last month along with a lot of other of my prescribed meds.
  2. I have 2 PI machines (a White’s Tdi SL and a Tdi Beach Hunter) and a Minelab Equinox 800 that I brought. I won’t be available to go out until probably May or after though as we are staying in Malolos now and will start looking for a place in Cebu later this month to move in April or after when the school year is over. Are there any good subdivisions to live in your area nearby?
  3. Also, after showing them all you find is some trash and peso coins all of them leave quickly.
  4. Yes, I wondered about that as well. I knew a foreigner about 9 years ago used to do it here in the Philippines and had pretty good luck finding jewelry in tourist locations, but he died after a kidney failure. I was in the US at the time but seen some of his finds when I was married before to a Filipina. That’s the other reason I want to find friends to go metal detecting with as there is strength in numbers. My girlfriend is also interested in doing it as well.
  5. Well I enjoyed my hobby of metal detecting back in the US to look for coins and jewelry. I hope to make some expat friends that would be interested in taking up the hobby as well, in and around the Cebu area. Touristy areas would probably be best. Attached are some of my finds made back in the US.
  6. Thanks everyone for your advice, we are going to be checking out places starting after the 15th of this month.
  7. I would want to make some foreign friends to go metal detecting with for security and would only be detecting beach areas, looking for either jewelry or maybe old Spanish shipwreck coins. We enjoyed Davao, but girlfriend wonders, if sh*t hits the fan there, would it be safe, especially after Duterte leaves office?
  8. Hello, I arrived in the Philippines on 1/15/2018 and my girlfriend, her son and I are trying to decide where in this country to live? We met online in May, I traveled around the country a little (30 days) with her in September/ October, we visited Davao City, Iloilo, Tagaytay, Subic, only a day near Clark because of a Typhoon, a a few days in Manila. We are now staying near her family in Malolos, Bulacan, which I’m starting to get very bored with, actually both of us are. We will be staying here until mid-April until her son is finished with the school year. We are hoping to find as safe an area as possible, with enough foreigners, where I will not get bored, hopefully with wives or girlfriends that have expat group get togethers, possibly as well. Another important thing, I would like to find a good, private school for her son to attend, one where her son would not get bored, and where they actually teach the students something. Another thing, it would be nice to be close enough to an airport, good hospital care, as well. My favorite hobby in the US was metal detecting, so if close enough to a nice and safe beach area would be great as well. I would hope to make friends with other expats that may want to go out metal detecting as well, for security and to enjoy the hobby. We would prefer to live in a safe housing area instead of condos as well. We are looking to rent as well. We know, this is asking a lot, but I just sold everything in California and moved here, hoping for a less stressful and enjoyable life. Oh, one more thing, I am a US veteran as well and can use VA facilities as well, on occasion for checkups, but don’t have to live near Manila, but may need medical insurance as well. Thanks, I appreciate your time. Jim
  9. Mike, where in NorCal are you from? I just moved to the Philippines from Carmichael on the 15th of January.
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