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  1. The price doesn't bother me. Its the quality of the ammo and the firearms that bothers me. I reload myself and don't have any problems. If they have miss fires they could have some overloads as well.
  2. I do shoot a bow . I use an Oneida. Are their restrictions on these too?
  3. No I haven't thought of scuba. I did a lot of snorkeling when I was in the service. But that is a far cry from Scuba.
  4. I like the idea of renting guns. No cleaning or storage issued. Does anyone shoot trap or skeet? Also if there's no hunting how about fishing?
  5. I guess we all have different opinions on this issue. I read that his GF gun is locked up. Also I think if others know you have a gun they will think twice before unlawfully entering your house.
  6. Well I don't think I will just forget about something I grew up with, and spent my life doing. I think the rental option sounds like a good option. Thanks for the input. I hope to join some leagues down the road. I prefer to hang out at the gun club rather than at a bar, but that's just me.
  7. Thanks. Shooting is one of favorite pass times. No nothing illegal! Have you seen a place for shooting trap or skeet? Also sre you allowed to transport your wifes gun if she is not with you? Thanks for your input.
  8. I'm new here so please forgive me if I'm out of order. I am looking to retire soon. I am strongly considering the city Dumaguete in Philippines. I'm a avid hunter and target shooter of all kinds. Is there hunting opportunities in Philippines? Are there gun clubs or ranges for shooting trap or skeet?
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