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  1. "All temporary visitors, regardless of nationality and not otherwise disqualified, who wish to extend his/her tourist visa during the last thirty (30) days of the previously issued LSVVE, or upon the expiry of a regular visa extension. The total duration of extension shall be not more than six (6) months from the time of expiration of authorized stay." That is a quote directly from BI, in regards to the Long-Stay Visitor Visa Extension (LSVVE). They state the current maximum extension is for 6 months. And this is for tourist visa. If they are not giving those extensions out, it's possibl
  2. According to the LTO website, requirement is only a 6-month visa. LSVVE should still be available for 6 month extensions. I'm gathering this information from their websites: LTO, BI, etc.
  3. That is mostly correct. With 100% you get total loan forgiveness, and I'm only at 50% right now. But I have already been declared unable to work, and currently waiting to speak with a judge to finalize everything. I'm #101,000 in line, so probably going to be about a year. Until then, the loan company has me on $0 payments due to my status. Every year I have to refile, but they will keep my payments at $0 until the VA finishes my rating increase. This is something I wasn't aware of. I have several friends living there, on tourist visas, and they were able to get PI driver licens
  4. I was actually looking at the RS 200, which is a little smaller than the Rusi ss250, but it's FI and not Chinese-made. The price is a little higher, 125k as opposed to the 80k Rusi, but the Rouser is a better quality. I might even look into buying something that's "gently" used, but maintenance has been sketchy on a lot of used bikes I've seen for sale.
  5. Immigration fees were factored into my budget, including the ACR card etc. I'm still 8 years from qualifying for the military courtesy SRRV, so I'll be on the tourist visa for a while. At least until I get married. The last person I spoke with said financing on the Rusi would be about 4k per month, which includes insurance. I think that's with 20k down, so the total finance term even with high interest shouldn't be too bad. I know it's a China bike, but friends that own them have said they aren't bad for the price.
  6. My credit score took a nose-dive here in the states over the last year. I lost my main source of income, fell behind on some bills, have about $30k in student loans, and let them repo my car. My only line of credit are two bank credit cards, $1700 total, which are both maxed out to pay for my move. Due to my disabled vet status, I won't have to repay the student loans, and I plan to file bankruptcy on the other debts. I have no intentions of moving back to the US, so my credit score can suck it. But getting any kind of personal loan is out of the question from a US bank. That's one of my
  7. I'll be moving to Binangonan, but I'll be staying at a condo in QC until the first of Mar. That will give me almost 3 weeks to get moved into an apartment. My friends have gone and taken vids/pics of a few places, but no offense to them, I would rather inspect the apartment myself first. I plan to be living cheap and simple, but I need to know the place will fit a queen size mattress and has good enough water pressure for a shower heater. I just used AirBnB to find the condo. I've heard that as well. People seem to forget that we are moving here without any furniture. First/last
  8. I've been driving my Lexus LX 470 for several years now, just got rid of it a couple months ago in prep for my departure. I'll miss the comfort of that beast, but I won't miss the cost of premium-only fuel. Looking forward to riding a bike again, but I plan to start light. Rode a 1200cc a year or two ago, damn near pissed my pants. Just wasn't used to that much power.
  9. I'll be moving to Rizal in a couple weeks, need to get set up at the Manila VA hospital. I plan to make an appointment once I arrive, don't want the hassle of international calls before I leave. Does anyone have an estimate on how long it takes for initial processing and getting enrolled in a local care team? My doc has set me up with about 3 months worth of meds, and I know I can't start getting new rx mailed until I have been fully enrolled in Manila. Just wondering if I should try to ration the meds out, or is 3 months supply good enough? I am aware the Manila VA is primarily for
  10. I used to own a Ninja 600cc back in 1998/99, and I honestly HATE mopeds/scooters. I have seen a few 200cc, even 150cc sport-style bikes, but I need more power. My gf will be riding on back at times, and I would like to take some long trips. Subic, Clark, Baguio, etc. I know sub-400cc aren't allowed on the expressways, so I'll be taking the long routes. But I think it would be a safer option to get used to riding in Manila traffic and getting used to a bike again. I think the 250cc is just enough power on the long trips, going up hills, etc. but not so much power that I'll get myself in trouble
  11. I'll be moving to Philippines in a couple weeks. I'm a disabled veteran, have my monthly direct deposit, which is my only income right now. I have a friend there that's helping me search for a place once I arrive, and I've got my budget worked out. It's going to be tight living for a while, but I can manage. I would like to get a motorcycle, something to get around the city and take a road trip every once in a while. I am not currently earning enough to finance anything big, but the Rusi 250 is only about 80k cash price. I am going to try and finance one, and I was curious if anyone else
  12. Quick scan shows flight 9 months out, best rate is to Taipei for $41. If anyone has better suggestions, or knows where to look for discount deals, please feel free to add those suggestions here. Thanks.
  13. Awesome, thank you for the answers. Now I just need to play around with figuring out the cheapest throw-away option, but I have a few weeks before I buy tickets.
  14. So when I keep doing the 6-month extensions, they aren't going to ask to see another exit ticket? My first exit ticket will have expired when I do the next 6-month extension.
  15. So for now, I just buy a one-way ticket from US to Manila, and then a "throw away" ticket to the cheapest place possible, dated more than 6 months from my arrival? I'm guessing at least 9 months from arrival. Then I keep buying a new 6-month throw away each time I renew the tourist visa?
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