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  1. Due to the Covid / Corona virus my move to the Phils has been delayed.But the Cigna Global seemed to be the best ins. as it would cover me mostly worldwide - accept for the USA.And it is expensive as I saw on there website.I will check on the Pacific cross before I sign up for a policy.Healthcare cost in the Phils is very resonable as compaired to the USA.I had to go to a Iloilo hostital ER last August for 2 and 1/2 days.The cost was 665 usd.Here in the US it would have been $5000.00 or more for the same healthcare....
  2. The pre existing conditions factor was eliminated here when Obamas Affordable Healthcare act was implemented several years back .But I don't know that it helped anyone because the cost of Healthcare has doubled since then....As you say, in our latter years it may be difficult and or unaffordable to get health ins.Not good!
  3. Thankyou Freebie - Cigna is well known here in the US. . I have already been on their website and I am very interested in getting a policy quote from them.I only have 2 ongoing problems . High blood preasure and high cholesterol which are well under control with medicine.Also I had a Heart procedure ( not surgery )done 2 years back which cured my irregular heartbeat.Honestly it gave me a new lease on life.The cost? $162000.00 USD . I hope Cigna G. does not give me the boot for any of that because my health is very good.....
  4. So true... Old people are a losing proposition for Health Ins. companies
  5. Actually I do not have dental insurance and I do not know anyone that does.Its not anymore affordable than health insurance.Recently I had 2 teeth capped.The charge was $2200.00 USD.And they offered a $400.00 discount for doing both at the same time.So I had them done for $1800.00.After 3 weeks one of them broke .So that tooth had to be pulled- no charge for that lol.but That was $800.00 shot to hell.Dentist generally make a lot more money than physicians because they don't have to deal with Medicare and a lot of other BS. that Healthcare segment does.One of my recent dentist owned a 75 ft. motor yacht if that tells you anything....
  6. That is good to know.I have a dental oppointment next Tuesday for a teeth cleaning.They informed me that the charge for it would be $ 310.00 USD... .
  7. Thanks Scott - your suggestion makes sense and I will check into it when selecting a insurer.Thats one thing I like about medicare.It is widely accepted in our state.And I hope you make to whatever hospital you need to visit
  8. Let it be known that my medicare plans only provide for basic vision needs and no dental...Although it does cover in full vision and dental if I should suffer a physical trauma - such as being in a car crash for example.Sadly, many of the large companies have greatly reduced their health benefit programs due to skyrocketing cost.But you probably have excellent coverage with your employer.....
  9. I am checking on Health insurance that would be available for Expats residing in the Phils.From what I am seeing their are possibilities such as Pacific Cross,Cigna Global and Philhealth.I am 67 in good health but have had past health problems.I know some Health ins. companies will not insure individuals with pre-existing conditions.What has been your experience with any of these companies or would you recommend something better.My Medicare ins /supplemental policy/Rx ins. is $300.00 USD.per month here in the USA.Its really a bargain and well implemented by the Gov. - as has been my experience.It also paid paid the bill for my untimely hospital visit while In Iloilo city this past August.It would be great to get similar Insurance in the Phils when I relocate their in 2020.I will keep my USA. policy in force until my new policy is selected and in effect. .Any comments and or advice is greatly appreciated.... Happiness and good health to ALL in the Philippines ! Ice Patrol
  10. Thankyou Dave - I overlooked the footnote requirements for this SSRV ECV. Seems that I do not qualify for that Visa.The Classic SSRV may be my only option....
  11. The SSRV Extended Courtesy Visa seems like a good alternative to the SSRV Classic in that there is not a yearly fee and the initial bank deposit requirement is $ 1500.00 USD.But yet all the benefits seem identical to the Classic.Am I missing something here? Has anyone here qualified for and obtained this Visa or considered applying for it? I will be relocating from the USA. to the Philippines next June and I would like to get the the SSRV ECV.Yes- the application fee is $ 1400.00 USD but the overall / long term savings and benefits seems worth it.Any comments,advice,or relavent information you can relay is greatly appreciated ….
  12. Seems like you had the ideal situation there to obtain your credit cards.Here in the US.after getting a new bank account , most will receive a credit / debit card whether they want it or not.If you need it just call the number on the card and activate it.The interest rates can vary from between 10% to as much as 25% - no problem if you pay your balance off monthly.The banks here are making so much money off of their credit cards they pass them out as if they were Business cards.A few months ago I applied for 2 Travel cards online one evening.Both applications were approved literally within seconds.And I received my cards within a few days.I got the better interest rates due to my excellent credit score.With great credit a 3% interest loan is possible when buying a car....
  13. Sorry to here about your wife's credit card emergencies.And it seems that It may be difficult to get a credit card locally there so I am probably ahead of the game being able to use the Travel Credit cards that I have.....
  14. I will continue to use my local bank in the US. and my credit cards.Also I will rent my home here in the US. as long as I am living in the Phils. So that should keep my credit score looking good. ….
  15. If you have excellent credit in the US it can qualify you for some of the best interest rates available.I guess your monthly income,bank savings ,and assets has a major bearing on qualifying for a loan / interest rate in the Phils.
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