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  1. Seems like you had the ideal situation there to obtain your credit cards.Here in the US.after getting a new bank account , most will receive a credit / debit card whether they want it or not.If you need it just call the number on the card and activate it.The interest rates can vary from between 10% to as much as 25% - no problem if you pay your balance off monthly.The banks here are making so much money off of their credit cards they pass them out as if they were Business cards.A few months ago I applied for 2 Travel cards online one evening.Both applications were approved literally within seconds.And I received my cards within a few days.I got the better interest rates due to my excellent credit score.With great credit a 3% interest loan is possible when buying a car....
  2. Sorry to here about your wife's credit card emergencies.And it seems that It may be difficult to get a credit card locally there so I am probably ahead of the game being able to use the Travel Credit cards that I have.....
  3. I will continue to use my local bank in the US. and my credit cards.Also I will rent my home here in the US. as long as I am living in the Phils. So that should keep my credit score looking good. ….
  4. If you have excellent credit in the US it can qualify you for some of the best interest rates available.I guess your monthly income,bank savings ,and assets has a major bearing on qualifying for a loan / interest rate in the Phils.
  5. Not married .And I am planning to apply for the SRRV thinking it could help in such situations as this...
  6. When I Relocate to the Philippines will my current Usa credit score have any bearing on getting a credit card,auto loan,or a home loan that may be needed.I am pretty sure I can retain the use of 2 or 3 of my credit cards there with no problem.I prefer to pay cash but I may need a loan at some point.And it appears that intrest rates may be higher overall than the US.Will I be starting at ZERO and establish my good credit score over a period of time? I would be interested to here your experience or any comments.....
  7. The electric shaver seems to be a great alternative to the razor for added safety and less hassle.I have never had a cut ,scuff or scrap from a E. shaver.Just shave and use your best aftershave and that should be your best bet for safety and wellness.I will definitely bring my electric shaver with me on my next visit....Thankyou Jollygoodfellow
  8. No problem Old55 .I took my time choosing the best all round plan for me.But the good thing is that these ins companies offering the medigap policies have to follow government guidelines and are really good about processing your claims as they should.One thing to note - All the ins companies offer the same group of policies but the price will vary for the same policy.So contact an agent that sells these policies and they will tell you the best price for the policy you want....
  9. You must first have a medicare policty in order to get the supplemental / medigap health ins. policy.Medicare covers 80% and the medigap policy covers the other 20%.My policies cover doctor visits,hospitalizations ,prescription drugs- but not dental or vision.to find out all the details about Medicare and all the various medigap policies available visit Medicare.gov
  10. Medicare does not cover outside the USA but some of the supplemental healthcare policies associated with medicare will cover hospital cost in other countries.My policy has me covered up to $50000.00 USD max. with a $250.00 deductible outside the US.I have sent in my claim so I should hear from them soon
  11. Thankyou Steve....and the total of my Philippines hospital visit was $650.00 Usd.Our good health is probably our greatest asset .
  12. I agree with you and I hope to stay well on my next visit to the Philippines
  13. I became quite ill after having dinner at a fast food type restaurant in Iloilo City.Although I did not have diarrhea the vomiting was really bad .My friends went to the pharmacy to get something that might help but they recommended that I go to the ER.It was nearby so we went to the Iloilo Mission Hospital.I got checked in and a doctor attended to me within a few minutes.They put me a room and gave me fluids intravenously and anti nausa medicine.Even after a couple of hours there I could not hold down a sip of water.After about 24 hrs I felt better and could eat some fruits but still really weak.I eventually recovered and the doctor released me after 2.5 days.I can't say enough good things about the staff attending to me and my Doctor.They were just great.And the cost including the doctor? $650.00 Usd.They could not file this on my Medicare ins.so I paid with my credit card.Here locally in the US It cost $1250.00 just to enter the ER.And the total cost at $4000.00 minimum.They made sure to give me all the paperwork and receipts so I could file a claim with my secondary health ins co.I was able to make my scheduled flight home 2 days after I was released from the Hospital.I really Enjoyed my 3 week vacation in the Philipines and I will return next year.....
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