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  1. Heres a few pics of this iconic sports car.The Silver Corvette with the Badge on the fender (last pic) is just like the one I saw in 1963...
  2. Not sure about the Hp rating of the 1963 split window .But the 327 cu.in Fuel injection engine was a option for that car.I think the Hp. was 350 -360 .Actually I remember riding my bike as a kid to the local chevy dealer and stopping to take a long look at this split window corvette.The window sticker price was $4300.00 USD .
  3. According to what I have seen and read,the 360 hp was a very conservative rating by GM... in an attempt to make insurance more affordable for corvette owners.I am very certain that engine had well over 400 Hp.Yes-the styling of the Corvettes during the 1960 was incredible.
  4. Heres my 1971 Corvette for you....7.4L / 454 cu.in. ,4 sp. manual ,360 Hp.It had a nice tone with the Sidepipes The pic is from 1976.Wish GM would bring this car back in retro form.
  5. The Klipsch website does not show any dealers in the Philippines.So this 2.1 series speaker set may not be available there.As you mentioned its always nice to be able to see and listen to speakers before you buy.But if you should happen to locate a set of these near by be sure to take a look at them.....
  6. Look for the Klipsch 2.1 Pro Media audio set.I had this set for a desktop and It sounded incredible for the price paid-- $125 USD / USA/ Amazon.It works with your laptop also.Has its own built in digital poweramp ...lasted 8 years for me and was well worth the price.The only con - its not Bluetooth.I use Klipsch Speakers with my 5.1 Audio system they do not do not disappoint ….
  7. From what I had already read and heard I was pretty sure that the Filipinos were lovin there music in a big ( or very loud ) way.And that's ok for me-I am a music oriented person myself.But if I am assalted with the endless barking dogs,singing,and karaoke parties I will attempt to regard it as all part of the PH ambience
  8. Tommy T. - Thankyou for your pertinent advice on a real estate purchase.I realize there can be some pitfalls waiting to zap me if I don't know what to look for.....
  9. Thanks for the info Tommy T....I am living in about 100 sq meters now and its much more than I need.So the smaller size is good for me.Hopefully I will find a nice bank repo unit .Not sure why the condo prices are unusually high in the PH. but its the same here in the US.
  10. I am going to be open minded about selecting a location but Iloilo seems great for me.
  11. Congrats on your purchase.IT sounds awesome for sure.But for me a condo seems like the best way to go.I am retired now and not married so a nice condo would seen to be adequate.And yes...this might be my only option for owning my housing anyway.Its a matter of finding a decent quality unit in the right location for a bargain
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