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  1. Hello all, Does anyone have experience with stock trading on US markets from the Philippines? Lets assume I can find decent WIFI and have a VPN.
  2. Hello John, As a new member myself, I am always interested in getting to know fellow members. Do you mind to share your story a bit?
  3. Thanks everyone. All great points. I agree 100%. I guess i was just looking for a little assurance. As someone pointed out, easier if I just to PI.
  4. I have a new Filipina friend who wants to come and visit me in the USA. She says she can obtain a 90 day travel visa. She is not rich but is well established and has family ties. I see that the US Government fee is $160. She says that thru an agency she can get it for $1100. Rip off? Scam? Appreciate any thoughts.
  5. Its what i am working on now...the right partner. its everything
  6. Im just wondering if any of you guys have experience with dancing in Phils? I have a passion for dancing and want that to be part of my life there. I am sure it is available in Manila, but what about in the provinces? What style? Good teachers and social dance scene? Many thanks.
  7. Im so encouraged by this thread. I was browsing (lurking?) and saw this topic and had to join. Im 61 and divorced very soon. I love the Philippines and am looking for the right filipina to share the rest of my life with. In choosing, i meet so many nice younger girls that of course want a family of their own or maybe they have kids but want more. I have been a bit hesitant because of my age and the math, but I can see you guys are happy with your new family. Thanks for sharing. i will take any advice you may have on my journey.
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