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  1. I will add my welcome to you. I think you will really like Phils vs. Thailand. Lots of reasons why but you will soon see. I second the recommendations from the replies. I suggest you take your time to settle down and explore a bit. I personally prefer the woman and the life in the provinces as compared to the metro areas especially Manila. You will find many sincere, kind and lovely ladies in those areas. Good luck.
  2. I agree with your strategy of flying from LA. For some reason it is a very competitive market. I took the same approach taking a separate domestic flight to LA and then one of the China airlines to the Phils for less than $700 round trip. Good luck
  3. Thanks everyone for the excellent replies. I will check out the recommendations and may have more specific questions. I agree its important to take my time and make an informed choice. I envision a suburban life with my new wife to be, maybe a kid, time on the computer, exercise, good food and friends. A quiet place but near to all services. Thanks again.
  4. Just finished a 3 week trip to PI with most of the time spent in QC. Based on that time, I know I do NOT want to live there long term. The traffic, smog and lack of green space is just too much. I am looking for something a bit quieter, cleaner and more peaceful, but not so far in the provinces where it lacks good shopping, entertainment, medical care and of course, internet. I know this question comes up on the forum, but I will throw it out again...any ideas from members based on where they live? I am thinking maybe Tagaytay? Thanks.
  5. I'm in the Philippines and trying to access my US based video services such as Amazon Prime. I'm using Nord VPN and a US based server. But Amazon and the others block VPN's. Any ideas??
  6. Hello all, Does anyone have experience with stock trading on US markets from the Philippines? Lets assume I can find decent WIFI and have a VPN.
  7. Hello John, As a new member myself, I am always interested in getting to know fellow members. Do you mind to share your story a bit?
  8. Thanks everyone. All great points. I agree 100%. I guess i was just looking for a little assurance. As someone pointed out, easier if I just to PI.
  9. I have a new Filipina friend who wants to come and visit me in the USA. She says she can obtain a 90 day travel visa. She is not rich but is well established and has family ties. I see that the US Government fee is $160. She says that thru an agency she can get it for $1100. Rip off? Scam? Appreciate any thoughts.
  10. Its what i am working on now...the right partner. its everything
  11. Im just wondering if any of you guys have experience with dancing in Phils? I have a passion for dancing and want that to be part of my life there. I am sure it is available in Manila, but what about in the provinces? What style? Good teachers and social dance scene? Many thanks.
  12. Im so encouraged by this thread. I was browsing (lurking?) and saw this topic and had to join. Im 61 and divorced very soon. I love the Philippines and am looking for the right filipina to share the rest of my life with. In choosing, i meet so many nice younger girls that of course want a family of their own or maybe they have kids but want more. I have been a bit hesitant because of my age and the math, but I can see you guys are happy with your new family. Thanks for sharing. i will take any advice you may have on my journey.
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