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  1. Shop called This morning Cr is already there to pickup All in all, good service from yamaha
  2. What is the procedure for payment for a MMDA/Police shakedown and roadside fine for a traffic violation? Is it better to pay the guy at the side of the road and get it over ASAP or go to the station and get an official receipt for a (probably higher) fine? So far they haven't stopped me but I was talking to a guy who said he was fined 20k once and 10k the next time for trumped up charges but they said they can impound the vehicle, confiscate your licence, make you do a 3 day driving course at the lto and then at the end of all that you have to pay the fine anyway lol
  3. Buying it was easy, took half an hour for the mechanics to get it ready to go They didn't even ask me for id,just bringing the cash was enough
  4. Already got the or because paid in cash they say the cr will be ready in ~ 45 days and they will send sms when it arrives (fingers crossed)
  5. Yahama mio aerox S 155c Good little scoot for the city Still shopping for a big bike for long trips Thinking about a BMW s1000r, yamaha mt-10 and the kawasaki z1000 is the cheapest option :)
  6. I didn't buy it to sell it I'll use it for a few years and probably give it away when I'm moving on to something else These little scooters are so cheap it's not worth worrying about the "resale value" or "depreciation" etc
  7. I talked to a local friend, he said Its easy to change the provincial registration He will do it for me if i want and it costs hardly anything
  8. Real men don't ride hardly ablesons ...... 😀
  9. Bought one anyway, I'll worry about reselling it later if necessary Anyone recommend an insurance company or agent so it doesn't get stolen while it's still new and shiny?
  10. I meant buy in mnl, use few months and sell again in mnl (and buy another one in davao) Not buy in mnl And try to sell in davao Went to yamaha yesterday and there is a waiting list for the bikes im. Interested I so it was impossible to buy one on the spot anyway
  11. That's always a possibility, i just hate rentals I might buy one anyway and sell it and then buy another
  12. Its not new, there is a vice documentary on YouTube about it from several years ago They use it because its cheaper than opiates, hopefully it doesn't get popular in the 🇵🇭
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