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  1. JimBrooks

    2 Motorcycle questions

    I meant buy in mnl, use few months and sell again in mnl (and buy another one in davao) Not buy in mnl And try to sell in davao Went to yamaha yesterday and there is a waiting list for the bikes im. Interested I so it was impossible to buy one on the spot anyway
  2. JimBrooks

    2 Motorcycle questions

    Will do, thx!
  3. JimBrooks

    2 Motorcycle questions

    That's always a possibility, i just hate rentals I might buy one anyway and sell it and then buy another
  4. JimBrooks

    New Drugs

    Its not new, there is a vice documentary on YouTube about it from several years ago They use it because its cheaper than opiates, hopefully it doesn't get popular in the 🇵🇭
  5. JimBrooks

    2 Motorcycle questions

    Thx for the swift replies guys I wanted to use it for a few months because around mnl and then maybe use a third party shipper to get it to davao (riding it there was never my intention) I guess i will wait until i get there to buy itif its too complicated
  6. JimBrooks

    2 Motorcycle questions

    I will be staying in metro manila for a couple of months and then i want to move to davao permanently I want to buy a new small bike like a yamaha aerox 155cc immediately and use it in manila for a couple of months and then davao permanently #1 Is there any downsides to buying/registering it in mnl and then using it in davao? #2 what's the best way to ship it to davao when the time comes? (without riding it there) Thx in advance for any replies