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  1. Yes sir have already started the process for the box,,, and I do know the chinese market and the merchandise they sell,,,, ths is for the info,,,,will do,,,
  2. Thanks for all the info, I certianly will send my own tools,,, I've already have bought the electric, cordless,,, you guys are going to he missing out on the Christmas Sales at Lowes and Home Depot,,, the tool sets are always so.much lower for the yearly and annual sales,,, that's what I'm waiting on, Thanksgiving coming along, hoping for a great thanksgiving for you folks there,,,
  3. That's nice,,, I think the Innova or the Mitsubishi Montero suv would be a preference,,, but am not a fan for old time manual moves,,,hehehe,,, whatbi wanted to know is that, are the parts available for repairs from dealers or private auto parts stores if any???
  4. And thanks again for the inquiry,,, sure appreciate the advice,,,our time of arrival will be nearing by the end of next month,,,
  5. Excellent advice,,, will definatly look into the innova was my actual choice
  6. Which location is this?, and what city?,,, Lotus are American brands,,,
  7. I see,,,, yes lotus is good but here at home the deals are phenomenal during Christmas season. And they sell them as sets and high quality..
  8. My experiance in loaning out tools for the past 40 yrs hasn't been a good one dont and usually never see them again,,, learning from mistakes and thieves that are anointed in doing so,, will never loan tools,,,thanks,,,
  9. I hear you on that one,,, no wonder I was planning on sending.my own tools their via shipping,,, and electrical tools as well,,, and yes I am.aware of knockoffs,,, and seen makita and dewalt knockoffs that people sell for.like $65 US,,, somethings not ryt,,, but sounds like a "chinese connection within our day",,, not good,,,thanks for the heads up,,,,will take the valuable advice,,,,thanks,,,
  10. I hear you on that one,,, know the mechanics on most vehicles, and thanks,,, is their stores that carry nice tools sets for repairs???,,, like here in America???
  11. I understand the basics,,, but what parts of the vehicle needs replacing?,,, like the pros and cons of the vehicles???,,,
  12. So if i purchased a used vehicle at Davao City, do i need a updated Phil drivers license?, and a renewing of the new owners registration of the vehicle purchased?, from the seller to buyer registration?,
  13. Thats wise to know about a pre registration regarding where you live,,,i didn't know and wasn't aware of that procedure,,,thank you,,,
  14. I've seen vehicles cost in the Phillies, but dont know the engine types and best rated vehicles for their value,,, is the diesel engine best for your value or longevity of the vehicle?, or the regular petro?, what do I need to look into regarding buying the vehicle that's not going to break down in me every month???,,,
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