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  1. I understand the basics,,, but what parts of the vehicle needs replacing?,,, like the pros and cons of the vehicles???,,,
  2. So if i purchased a used vehicle at Davao City, do i need a updated Phil drivers license?, and a renewing of the new owners registration of the vehicle purchased?, from the seller to buyer registration?,
  3. Thats wise to know about a pre registration regarding where you live,,,i didn't know and wasn't aware of that procedure,,,thank you,,,
  4. I've seen vehicles cost in the Phillies, but dont know the engine types and best rated vehicles for their value,,, is the diesel engine best for your value or longevity of the vehicle?, or the regular petro?, what do I need to look into regarding buying the vehicle that's not going to break down in me every month???,,,
  5. I did not know that,,,that's good advice,,, thank you,,,its better for me to take this knowledge and run with it,,, I certainly am thankful for he help,,,have a wonderful evening,,, here from Anchorage,,,
  6. You mean broken by leasers taking the land back? After you've paid the down payment, ?,,, I agree with every quote,,, I' prefer renting while building,,, and placing titles in the kids names is an option,,, thanks for the highlights,, will be arriving in late October,,,, thanks is once again folks,,,
  7. I'm thankful for your presistance,,, patience is a virtue,,,yes we are familiar with that area,,,pass but their every week to go to the city,,just north of Calinan Is the province of Tamugan,,, about 35 minutes north of Calinan,,, and your right about the noisy stuff,,, peace be to you my friend,,, I do have alot of Canadian friends from all over Canada,,,,I'm sure you miss home as well,, fall time here and we will be arriving in late October,,, hoping we can meet up sometimes,,, would be very nice,,, just wanting to know about leads for renting a nice home near the coast,,or the northern beaches south of Davao,,,been looking online but they seem to be over priced,,, guess the middle men are taking their share,,,,but take good care,,,its hunting g season here in Ak,,, hopi g to see you sometime,,,
  8. Hehehehe,,, yaaa,, am sure things will work.out,, am.looking forward to.my wifes mothers cookin,,, she adores me so.much always wanting the best got me,,,the nice thing is were bringing their grand kiddos,,, which is going to be nice,
  9. Hehehe,,,really,,, I'm sure I'll just be fine with any price for Alaskan Kings,,, and yes sir we were thinking g of brings Red Salmon that are running heavily down the Kenai and Kaisilof rivers here,, running very heavy now,,,excellent for smoking and jarring,,, especially for fresh shushi,,,will definatly keep the kings in mind for sure,,, during xmas they bring the price to about $1000 p per lb,,,
  10. Thanks a bunch, yes we are.looki g forward in coming back to Davao,, miss it a bunch especially farm foods,,,have yet to go and fish at Gen San,,, was brought up in the Bering Sea Island of Nunivak,, a small village called Mekoryuk, Alaska,, I live the ocean and will take every opportunity to go and take a nap in the ocean,,, Take good care and perhaps we can meet up at Davao sometimes,,,thanks once again,,,,
  11. TOMMY T,,, we are going g to Davao and.my wife went to see a dentist at Davao City before our wedding day,,, and man was I dissapointed,,, later within 2 yrs her crowns began turning color,,, this is why I'm asking g for reccomedations,,need to know what the name of then firm is,,,thanks,,,oh.by the way,, our inlaws live just North of Calinan,,,Tamugam by name,,,
  12. I know people that live there and what's important for.me is the water quality, Internet connectivity, also easy access to shopping ctrs and school,,, I'm aware of the property requirements there at Davao, I am more interested in a home for rent then buying until we can find a decent property,,, we will be developing our first phase in business development, licensing, property purchase for the building, etc,,, purchasing of industrial equipments,,,etc...but will definitely be looking Into purchasing a home,,, either building or a fine home already built,,, thanks for the info, much needed info,,, much thanks and alot of salmon running here in Alaska,,,got to get going and thanks again,,,
  13. I'm certian that people do have special.places that they acquire, I will wait and see what does come up, I had mybwife go to an unknown dentist and he messed up my wifes crown and it's not what she expected, so I believe Good dentists are hard to find,,, I've looked online and seems like theirs a few that have Good ratings,,, need more time, and thanks again,,,, Jim Dones, yes I seen a review with that firm, and looked up online at Makati, so this does confirm that dental services would and could be acceptable,,, thanks once again, we do have plenty of friends at Manila, but everyone always says they dont know,,, must have infallible teeth, strong as titanium,,,hehe,,,thanks,,, expatuk2014 What is the name.of the dentistry?, do you have the business number I can call or the website for the dentistry firm, thank you,,,
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