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  1. I'm certian that people do have special.places that they acquire, I will wait and see what does come up, I had mybwife go to an unknown dentist and he messed up my wifes crown and it's not what she expected, so I believe Good dentists are hard to find,,, I've looked online and seems like theirs a few that have Good ratings,,, need more time, and thanks again,,,, Jim Dones, yes I seen a review with that firm, and looked up online at Makati, so this does confirm that dental services would and could be acceptable,,, thanks once again, we do have plenty of friends at Manila, but everyone always says they dont know,,, must have infallible teeth, strong as titanium,,,hehe,,,thanks,,, expatuk2014 What is the name.of the dentistry?, do you have the business number I can call or the website for the dentistry firm, thank you,,,
  2. I would.like to find a trusted family dentistry at Manila, what am I to.look for as far as quality service and highly regarded dental.implants?, what do I need to be careful about?, would really appreciate the feedback, thank you
  3. Yes I'm certainly familiar with the banking system there, but I certianly will look Into each one,,,thank you
  4. I am interested in finding the best rated customer service banking at Davao City, i'll be starting a business their at Davao, the provinces, and throughout the Nation of the Philippines. The information is important for me, as I have experienced many different banking services their at Davao City. What is it I need to be careful of regarding customer service values, and which bank is more of a trusted banking service their at Davao?. Which banking service has the better customer service transfer funding system back to the US?, this is important for me and I am in need of valuable information, thank you...
  5. I am interested in purchasing a Multicabs at Davao City, Philippines. I am sure the Suzuki Multicabs are fine, but what i'm wanting to know is, what are the parts that usually have to be repaired and what parts do I need to be aware of?. I need info regarding best Multicabs to purchase, and what engine size. I'm sure the European diesel engines would be acceptable for the longevity vehicle. What parts and oils need attention, and the best parts to purchase if anything does happen to the vehicle , information for me is very important, I have purchased a Honda TMX Supremo at Calinan for a lot less then the Davao City Premises, so am going back to the Calinan District province of Davao Del Sur.
  6. Hey Bob, yes I am familiar with Toril and have friends there, Calinan was my first choice, easy access, in between, but it all depends on internet access, I use the internet as an important tool.for our businesses,,, we will be departing Alaska by late October this year, for about 5 months preparing, excavating building and farming, (well my inlaws), but at this time.we will be going back and forth for the first year or two, untill we get settled down, as for business purposes, we have much to send from here as far as equipment is concerned, but have managed to find higher quality industrial equipment at Singapore, so we may go that route for the equipment,,,, as far as business Banking is concerned, I'm not familiar with Davaos banking system, but have been reading a bit about it,,,dont know which bank to select for business purposes,,, theirs so many their,,, thanks again,,,
  7. Hello Bob yes I've been in those parts ut never knew of the water problem,,, and seen over priced homes through third party property management,,, am increasingly desiring building and a larger condo maybe a plus, condos their are small. The water supply is a problem, I think if I should build near or at Calinan perhaps a well would be more sufficient?,,, I was their 4 or 5 times before, and the hot just gets hotter,,, it seems like the area is growing rapidly,,, thanks for the heads up
  8. My wife and I are moving to Davao City in starting an existing business, I've decided to rent a home at Davao for several years before building a home at Calinan, or Davao City. I have information regarding home rentals their within the districts of Davao, Davao del sur, we will be living their maybe for 3 years, off and on, from Anchorage , Alaska to Davao City every 6- 8 months out of each year. But we are also interested in building a home eventually after a period of a year or so. My wife is a Filipina lady and wants our children in a private school. I would appreciate the info regarding renting and building,,,thanks,,,
  9. My question about business banking at Davao City, i'll be starting a business at Davao Del Sur, north of Davao, Calinan District, and am wanting information which bank would be the most secure of all the banks I've seen their at Davao. my wife and I will be starting a small business distributing natural herbal liniments. I'm not familiar with foreign banking, so I need help with expats experiences, thank you,,,this is most important for me, I would appreciate the valuable information,,,
  10. Were thinking this coming fall,,, perhaps before Christmas,,, were hoping that everything will take place as scheduled,,, I still need to send merchandise from here,,, knowing that limited American supplies are always lacking there, but SnR usually Carrie's American goods,,, a wholesale store near the burned NCcc building ,,,
  11. That's tremendous knowledge, yes its hit there for sure, who is the gentleman there at Tamugan?, it's an organic liniment made from.herbal leaves and organic coconut pressed oil, already have marketed the product here in the US, what ever you do, get into herbal products there, I'll be preparing in developing the productions facility, have been here in the us saving up for the capitol funding,,, have a very close friend that has helped me in the potential plan,,, like a brother,,, and as you said it is and can be a challenge in Marketing potentials,,, it we have plans on marketing the product there and here for the larger market share,,, as well as other forest laefed based products,,,pastes and dryed leaf paddings for arthitis pain and healing of cartlidges,,,, it's a big step from where I come from,,, but the forest amazes me, and am certainly doing something about the healingproperties of the organic forest leaves,,,, we now have 2 beautiful children and my wife certainly wants them to go to school there at Davao city,,, I will also be doin other business potentials,,, through careful planning,,, it's been a great experiance through seeing prosperity in other businesses,,, I never wanted a franchise business, only becoz of the residual complex,,, but I hope you find something that will or can be established in. Larger scale distributing,,, thanks for the update,,, shalom,,,,
  12. Yes I hzave seen those ones,,, I'll definatly look Into those as well,,,thanks again,,,
  13. That's a nug plus forme knowing over the years that vehicles depriatiate very quickly, before you even know it they are less worth in a very short time, vehicles with less kilometers and a good engine are a great choice for me,,, I believe it helps save money and changing of parts helps maintaining a longer lasting vehicle, new vehicles are ok, if you have a good income, I do, but savings is a choice for me, all vehicles will go through a mechanical issue one time or another, by the way whats the parts that usually needs repairing in those models, besides brakes and changing of oil?,,,,
  14. Tremendous,,, https://www.autodeal.com.ph/articles/car-news-philippines/there-will-be-all-new-toyota-engines-and-transmissions-soon This is also very interesting,,, tha is for your valuable information,,, take good care onmyway,,,,
  15. I understand, thank you, the Innova was a choice for me as I was browsing through different sites,,, "onmyway", thanks for the heads up,,, innova may seem to be the choice,,, is it best to look Into a vehicle dealer maintained vehicles and what isn't that I'm looking for in that catagory,, documents showing their maintenance on the vehicles?, receipts?,,,
  16. Thank you, I was looking into a Grand starex van as well, but seen the Toyota Van's to be more popular,,, mechanics is not. A problem for me, thanks for the info was helpful,,,
  17. I've looked into many alternatives, it does seem like the best alternative or motive is dealing with individuals, wanting to opt out of the pymt issues in selling their vehicles,,, I keep looking into different suv's, but needing more info,,,thanks,,,
  18. Can I have other advice on these issues?, thank you.
  19. I am a foreigner from Alaska that's going to be moving to the Davao City, Del Sur. I need to know about used vehicles at Davao City, and want information regarding what models, or vans best to purchase?. what engine size, and kilometers. About the tires, and the quality of used SUV's, the higher rated dealers?,,, this is important for me,,,
  20. Hey, I found a wonderful wife from Davao-Del Sur, a small province called Tamugan, north from Calinan, about 30 minutes north. I find it very interesting, and am in the process of moving there soon. I do have a lot of friends their both in Davao City, Del Sur, and the provinces around Davao. I'm originally from Anchorage, Alaska, but I love the farmlands, the people, except the HEAT,,,, I still have frightened memories of the summer heat,,, but am going back to start a business their at Davao City, and am preparing with careful analysis of doing business in a foreign country. I happen to be a risk taker, and have tremendous business knowledge, but have carefully done a feasibility analysis on business potential and terms of the success,,,, as like any other business startup, I believe the business potential can be an unlimited potential. As far as a home is concerned, our plans is to build the home on the farm my father in law owns. Not a very big home, but one that's acceptable. he also is a contractor, so that's a big plus for me. My wife wants to rent a home their at the city while we wait for our home to be completed at the farm. At the same time we will be preparing the startup acquisitions for the business. We have had numerous opportunities about other potential business opportunities, but we know we need to be careful regarding startup costs, and long term investing. Its a challenge in regarding the future potentials, but its worth the effort in developing potentials that may help in financial matters later in time.
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