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  1. That's a good question. There has to be a vent for the drain to work properly. Could be issues with the design, or sloppy installation though. I don't know anything about the building practices in PH, but I assume the permitting and compliance process is nothing like the standards we're accustomed to in the US. That's one of the topics I'm looking to learn more about - how to find the more reputable developers, e.g. when looking to buy condos. I haven't searched the threads yet. // Yeah, I have a bit of building science and construction experience - definitely no expert, but I can get a litt
  2. Yikes. I like garlic, but somehow it's less appetizing coming from the drain! Could simply be because your kitchen shares a plumbing stack with other kitchens, so the plumbing smell is food based. The 3pm thing could have a lot of explanations. If you're on an upper floor, maaaybe it's a stack effect from afternoon heat gain in the building - which causes a pressure imbalance that forces air circulation upward through whatever pathway is available. Yeah, a seal sounds like a good start, and Frosty's suggestion for drain cleaner. After using the chemical type, the enzyme or other bio-typ
  3. Apologies - didn't think of that. In lieu of a link, what I would suggest is to google some combination of words like: plumbing sewer smell in condo asia philippines. That will lead to first-hand troubleshooting experience from others who've had the same problem.
  4. The main reason is gases from the building sewer system venting into the condo unit instead of outside the building. It can be caused by unsealed connections of fixtures and pipes in the unit, which would be the first place to look and easiest to fix. It can also be caused by inadequate venting of the building drain system or improperly balanced building ventilation systems, which can't be fixed within the unit except by workaround measures. I just had this problem with a short term apartment rental in Manila, and found that the drain tailpipes under the bathroom sinks had no mechanical
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