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  1. yes excuse me old55, basically my dream scenario would be to rent/buy? a house eventually in the middle of nowhere, in a small province, not near any civilization , with one good woman, raising children, maybe an older vehicle for transportation, but this will obviously take some time I am brand new to the country. maybe I should just start in Laoag not Cebu ? What about San Fernando ?
  2. For example, a slower paced 100K type Laoag, or a larger metro area like Cebu? I would prefer a slower pace can anyone tell me what is up here ? the pros/cons of a small town vs big city, tribalness, dating, environment, lifestyle etc or is it about the same experience everywhere ? There are so many locations/options , why does everyone stay in hell realms like manila and angeles, why not live in nowhere i dont get it I am trying to understand
  3. so what's the best way to make sure she is "of age" ? any tips
  4. i am 29 if i meet an 18 yr old the first thing i am doing is checking her ID
  5. ohh ok , I get it now, so they HAVE to be a minor. so an 18 yr old girl courted properly by a 60 yr old is fair game
  6. so wait, if I am reading this correctly, it is illegal for a 35 yr old man to be with a 24 yr old filipina for example?
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