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  1. Can anyone shed any light (excuse the pun) on the headlight use while driving at night in the Philippines. Where I come from (the UK) we use hi-beam when there are no other cars in front then switch to low-beam if any road traffic appears. Here in the Philippines it seems almost the opposite! First you get a brief flash of hi-beam from an on-coming car/van/bus then a full on blinding hi-beam until you are past them reducing your ability to see anything else on the road. You are then left with bright dots burnt into your retina for about 30 seconds after! What possible reason could there be for this behavior?? Jimbo UK
  2. Well thanks for all of your advice people. Thankfully the swelling has subsided and my ankles look normal now. I should have mentioned in my original post I have experienced the same swelling on previous visits and it has gone down in time. Cheers, Jimbo UK
  3. Hi, Does anyone have any advice on reducing the swelling of my feet and ankles? They swelled during the 14 hour flight to Manila and now 2 days later they still haven't gone down! I have been walking and drinking plenty of water but to no avail. Thanks, Jimbo UK
  4. Thanks for the links Geoff! Although I am more of a field archer. I will be in Butuan City. Cheers, Jimbo (UK)
  5. There aren't any clubs that I am aware of. I did a quick search before and only found a university club in Manila. I am heading to deepest, darkest Mindanao.
  6. Thanks for all the replies especially Jack. It looks like getting my bow to the Philippines will be a lot more trouble than it is worth! :(
  7. I am a keen Archer and I would love to take my compound bow with me to the Philippines when I retire. I don't intend to hunt with the bow, just use it for targets. Does anyone know the law regarding owning and bringing a bow in via a balikbayan box to the Philippines? Thanks, Jimbo (UK)
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