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  1. That is so sad as well as totally unfair but the discrimination is a reality !!
  2. Its always the same just as you have said, Brits want a tan & PH want to be white, I love to see my wife get a bit darker & with our plan to live there as from November '19 she will get darker what ever she does with special soaps / sunscreen hahaha Lovely
  3. As long as my wife thinks she can arrange everything and I don't drink too much all is good, I find talking about a proposed plan so I can tidy things up & get it business like helps my wife to organise & feel she's in charge & she does love to be the BOSS
  4. It's never my fault !! That's why I why I let my PH wife organise everything !!
  5. YES its always my fault no matter what the problem is
  6. When I have time I want to look into both breeding pigs and doing cured bacon, ham and sausages, I was talking to a friend recently and he made the point that you need to sort a market place out for your pork as a friend of his had no problem breeding pigs but found it so difficult to sell them in quantity !!
  7. Hi, We are moving to the Philippines & my wife has spent 20 years seeing how the UK works, it will be interesting to see how our business in PH works now it will have our full attention, I think a few people will be in for a shock, may be us as well
  8. My wife and I very rarely have arguments but when we do its usually because she does not like me drinking, well not so much having a couple of drinks but getting drunk is what she hates, I am a happy drunk. The issue is for her that it damages my health and she hates anything that could shorten my life, it also doesn't help she can't drink because her stomach operation some years ago will not tolerate booze of any type and we all know being sober with people who are drunk, joking etc is not much fun!! I am not often the sober one at a party unless in the UK and have to drive us home, I do agree that backing down is the best option though as she would have a real bad temper which I have only seen a couple of times
  9. Hi Tommy, Thanks for the info, I will have a look in SM, it will be great if they have what I am looking for thank you.
  10. I wish you were not so far away because I would love to meet your friend to see what he does to get such a good result
  11. Hi and I think I will see what customs have to say, if its complicated I will just have to find some where in PH or cure my own when I am over there in November, I have a number of projects going on out there, so I was not wanting another one curing Pork haha
  12. Hi & thanks, If the worst comes to the worst I may have to devise a method of home cure and yes the taste is to die for I agree.
  13. Hi, I have had a look before but its all been as you say or cut too thin, once I have eaten all I take from the UK I hope I will have found some where who can supply something like I am used to !! I don't want to have to grow my own pigs & cure bacon from them, I have enough new projects going on as it is.
  14. I have only seen San Mig so far and would love to find good beer at a sensible price, I love Red Horse but it gives you a such a bad head the next day haha
  15. Hi Dave, thanks for the link, I will check it out.
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