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  1. We have done the garage now but there is still a lot to do next year when we are on holiday again !!
  2. I was just looking at the PH map before I say to you Jack that you would always be welcome to visit us when we are back next year, wow you are way down south but the invitation stands and its always good to see English speaking people. After an 8 hour journey by road from San Mariano to Manila I have to say that to travel by road is torture, such danger for coaches /poor driving and narrow mountain roads I have vowed to always fly if I am going any distance, then it turns an 8 hour journey into a safe 45 minutes on a plane.
  3. I totally agree Jack and I do have a very business like wife in Mercy who has with all her business dealing with family in the PH insisted on books to account for money in & out, part of her holiday is to check all the figures, she is my security and expects / demands full accountability. So far all has gone according to plan except where the weather destroys a crop which happens from time to time, to this end I try to have business that is not weather dependant, the next 12 months will be interesting and after investing 50k the future investment must come from profits !! I thank you for your wishes, luck may play a small part but Mercy will be closely monitoring progress on a daily basis with the help of free calls on messenger, she spends more time talking to PH than to me hahaha
  4. I understand you Jack but if you saw the way Edgar strips an engine down to its last nut & bolt to re-build it you would know that he has been trained to a very high standard, he can also do the same with a Rice mill, Jeepney or lorry as well as any welding, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, the other brother did a degree in electronics and his daughter is a fully qualified radiologist in Cayuan City Hospital. Any way I know in general you would be right and in a few years time we will see if my plans work properly, fortunately I already have an income to live on but I would love to see the farming business & contracting flourish too, it would give me great pleasure in my retirement to over see things & expand things, I am not very good at sitting about doing nothing although I do love a few beers & social life too.
  5. I am also aware that any thing I invest could be swallowed up never to be seen again but Mercy is not that sort of girl, neither are her close family, they are all university qualified and work hard. I know there is always a risk with any venture but I am very comfortable with what we are doing and Mercy speaks to the family nearly every day, I am delighted to say the tractor is being kept very busy earning very good money and the van has been doing well with private hire, to day my main man Edgar is going down to Manila to buy a 6x6 truck for sugar cane and lumber, I will post a pick when he's sent one later in the week. The hope is that the profits will fund a Combine Harvester for our rice fields as well as all the relations and farming friends in the area, when in 12 months we go for an other holiday it will be interesting to see where we are and may be we can move there permanently to fulfil our dream retirement plan !!
  6. I totally understand where you are coming from, some years ago I was married to Thai girl who I managed to get a visa for & we lived in the UK but as soon as she got use to the UK she was a night mare and I told her to find some where else to live like all these important friends she visited, I divorced her 12 months after and now she is on the game again in the UK !! My lesson was learned and it was by chance I met a Philippino girl ( she was 50 years old ) which fell for, she is very different, she has worked hard all her life & comes from a farming family who have very strict standards, a bit like my parents. I am quite happy to invest for retirement
  7. It is a worry that there appears to be no health & safety and the devastation you show is a result of it, how you fix this problem is almost as difficult as stamping out corruption !!!
  8. I think living there makes it better to see a project through to completion and make a success of a business venture ( even in the UK you need to be hands on ) , I will be more hands on next year and what you say makes total sense. I am 1 in a thousand to have an educated family who are trustworthy and love to see the business grow, they know that both myself and my wife are doing this for a future for us in our retirement but it is also their inheritance, to this end they work very hard for success, with a great future for them that they never thought possible. In short the old saying of your strength being in your family is so very true & important.
  9. The lady sitting is my wife Mercy and Edgar is the guy in shorts, I don't think Health & Safety exists in PH but Edgar looked after our old van which is still a good runner & been round the clock several times, he is buying us a 6x6 lorry this week for hauling Sugar cane and lumber, I'll be interested to see what he buys !! This is why I value my wife's family so much, they are quality who can be 100% trusted, a rare quality in PH hahaha
  10. My brother in law runs an engineering business over there, he is in charge of the farm contracting business as well as the private hire of the new Toyota van, he's so good at his job others bring him jobs that other mechanics have failed on but he always sorts the problem out, he's quite amazing, a genius even, so we are in safe hands.
  11. Hi Paul, Such a shame we missed each other this time, mind you we were kept so busy with family and the farm plus a few other business interests that we didn't even have time to go to our favourite place at Palanan which is just like paradise ! We decided to buy a few things to help the farming project, such as a tractor, as I am sure you know there is nothing simple about buying a tractor, 1st we couldn't get my bank in the UK to send the money over like they said they could, Idiots!! Then the finance deal to buy any way was all complicated due to promises that they could do a bank to bank transfer of funds & right at the last moment could not " the frustration " Any way we had some reserves so we paid the deposit in cash & the tractor was delivered, I think all this took nearly 2 weeks to sort out but its all good now the tractor has been working non stop since it was delivered. We hope this will generate a great income as well as a more efficient farming set up, my wife as you can imagine is both delighted & proud !!
  12. Hi Paul, I would love to have met up but I am back in the UK after a great holiday, I hope we can have a get together next year when I will be over for 5 weeks or may be longer. Best wishes
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