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  1. I am sorry to hear of your loss, we have family near by with dogs that keep most things safe but theft is a risk without any doubt & also there is an air born infection that Pigs & chickens can pick up, it killed all the chickens a couple of years ago which makes me think I need to do a lot more research, it would be a very costly disaster to build a good sized set up with 10 breeding females only to have them all die !!
  2. Many thanks for the information, you sound like a man who has perfected the art of smoking bacon !! I have a lot of learning to do and I am going to research it on the net, my 1st thoughts were combating the hot climate with some sort of cold store/ fridge, I don't expect to be starting this until I move over to Ph for good which will be next year but I have a steep learning curve !! My brother in law in Ph has a mechanical engineering, welding shop there, so I will ask him to put a smoker together, he a wiz at that sort of stuff haha. I can't wait to see all the family there when we holiday for 5 weeks in April
  3. Good luck with your building & your new life in Ph, we want to build an extension to our house in Ph & a garage, I am not looking forward to it but it will be great when its finished. I enclose a pic of our house, the extension is going on the back.
  4. I have a Philippino wife who I met in the UK, so when over in Ph we always go to where my wife used to live and see family, so we are committed to living in Isabela which is an agricultural rural province. I have always lived in the country so it suits me but as others have said, there are very few bars, hotels or restaurants, Cagayan City which is a 40 minute drive from us has most of that sort of thing plus shopping malls & super markets, so we are not isolated but very few expats about and most entertainment is at our home or some one else's and family play an important part of our social life. When we live in Ph on a more permanent basis I am going to make sure I have the best internet connection available as well as Sat TV so I don't get bored ! I think it is important to remember that if you want to meet a girlfriend/wife you are very likely to find she will want to live near to family but as others have said its up to you, there are so many great places what ever you want.
  5. I have lived in the country most of my life, a farm manager for a time, there was a large Pig farm not far away & yes Pig production is a very very smelly job even if you keep them as clean as possible, we live a 30 minute drive from the farm but some of the family need to be consulted as it would directly affect where they live only 50 metres away & we don't want to upset anyone.
  6. Yes we have plenty of room that's away from where we live and the ideal location will be at the back of our rice mill, then the waste from the mill can be used as bedding for the pigs, which will then produce great fertilizer for our rice & corn growing. Well that's the plan I think, its just a matter of what we do 1st as we have a number of projects linked to the farm & it all costs money to begin with so we will take our time ( hopefully using profits to finance the next project), we are not looking to make a fortune, just to build things up over time .
  7. I always get 2kgs of home cured bacon to take with me when we are on holiday in Ph, when we come to live next year I will have to re-think things, it may be a good excuse to build a place to breed pigs at our farm and see if we can cure our own bacon !!
  8. We have been talking about Solar with a battery system, I have solar in the UK & its great, I think it would do even better in Ph with electric being so expensive & even our water has to be pumped by electric, the mains water is very poor quality as well as being expensive.
  9. Sounds good to me Paul, we will be there from 1st April to the 4th May but hopefully next year we move there next year& retire, many thanks for your reply.
  10. Hi PaulB, I have a house in Isabela near San Mariano, we also do a bit of hobby farming among other things, I still live in the UK but hope to stay in Ph next year, at the moment we have a 5 week holiday every year to visit family & check the farm, this year we will be there for the month of April. I would love to meet up for a beer one day, While we are here in April I am getting a new van, so transport is no problem.
  11. I have never know weather my vote to leave was the right way to go but when you see the EU with so many countries who's economy is either bust or nearly bust, why would you want to stay? There only seems to be Germany who has a strong economy & even they are suffering, I still think to get out is the way forward but I wish the politicians would get on with it, everyone is fed up.
  12. Yes I will need a reliable contractor & I expect family in Ph will know just who to use, they great people & know the high standards their sister expects ( she is my wife) , both her brothers a very business like so we should be ok I hope!!
  13. I am sure like me you play it as safe as you can & that's all any of us can do, your guy sounds like a very good deal that suits you, so all the best for a great result. We have quite a few projects for the future & the more complex ones we will only start when we retire here, which should be next year, we need to extend the house & put a decent sized patio with a swimming pool at the rear of the place which would be great for BBQ's, party's and R&R .
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