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  1. I am dislezic, see I can't even spell that !! I had all sorts of problems as a young boy learning English, with lots of private tuition I ended up being able to read & write, I still am very slow at both and my spelling is sh1t as you can see, so learning another language is a hopeless task & I am lucky to have a few people who can translate for me & explain. I so wish I could speak Tagalog but as you guys know that is not a complete solution as there are so many dialects out there, my wife speaks about 4 of them thank god as well as being my every thing !! Hi tec stuff totally looses me & I totally refuse to do internet banking as I am worried about security,
  2. I am often sitting wondering with a few beers and the more beer I have the more complicated the wondering gets !
  3. I agree with Garry D and I always have trouble getting people to understand as their English is rather basic most of the time & only what they remember from school but I do have a wife & cousin who are totally fluent to sort things out for me, it sort of works out but its not easy !! We do live in a very rural area and this is one of the down sides !
  4. Yes we are very pleased and so are the boys, the guy selling wanted 1 million but Edgar got him down to 700,000 which I think was a very good buy for a truck in good condition
  5. Yes we have our own land & also rent some to, we grow Rice, Corn and Sugar Cane.
  6. We grow Corn, Rice and Sugar Cane at the moment, the crops are more my wife's baby, I am more into the farm contracting and haulage because its not so weather dependant.
  7. So far its all looking good, the tractor has been working non stop since it arrived and I think the truck will be busy very soon, early days at the moment but it all looks very promising, we may go back over for Christmas and see the progress
  8. No mate it was clear this is an awful problem, my wife's family are educated, honest people and know this is a real problem from time to time, I am not saying its an every day problem but it has both grownups and children terrified and children disappear far too often for it to be " stories".
  9. I have just got back from a 5 week holiday in PH, We happened to buy a new van , a Toyota HiAce, when we went out to the farm at Del Pilar which is way out in the country at the end of a dead road outside San Mariano. As we drove this rough road we saw some kids who looked terrified when they saw us pull up in a white van, they were truly frightened we were the van that kidnaps children for body parts, this does happen out in the country and they told me that now they have changed the van they use to a different colour so they catch the kids before they know what's going on. I was so horrified & shocked that this really does go on out there where it is a bit like the "Wild West"
  10. Hi Jaime, It will be next year about March/April when we start on the extension to the house, this year we have mainly been concerned with our project at the farm, a new tractor, a 6x6 truck and a mixer to build the compound for the machinery !! There seems to be so much to do and now we hope the expansion will come from profits rather than our pocket haha.
  11. As promised a pic of the truck the boys bought on Wednesday !!
  12. We have done the garage now but there is still a lot to do next year when we are on holiday again !!
  13. I was just looking at the PH map before I say to you Jack that you would always be welcome to visit us when we are back next year, wow you are way down south but the invitation stands and its always good to see English speaking people. After an 8 hour journey by road from San Mariano to Manila I have to say that to travel by road is torture, such danger for coaches /poor driving and narrow mountain roads I have vowed to always fly if I am going any distance, then it turns an 8 hour journey into a safe 45 minutes on a plane.
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