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Hi, I am new on this site, I am married to a Philippino lady and when we are in the Philippines we live near San Mariano, Isabela. We will be on a 5 week holiday in the Philippines for the month of April and go back to the UK the 1st week in May. Our long term goal is to  live in the Philippines for most of the year & visit the UK for a few months in the summer which will be the opposite of what we do now, as soon as my wife decides to finish working we will spend most of the year in the Philippines so we can develop some of our business interests and complete a few projects we have in mind. I would love to get to know a few expats, it would be great to have English speaking friends to socialize with, may be play golf. I hope there are a few expats within a few miles of San Mariano, I am happy to meet up at a local town for lunch, coffee to begin with, I hope to hear from you , Best wishes John :cheers:

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