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  1. Hi there guy's, I am looking to buy second hand farm machinery and impliments, do any of you have some for sale or know a second hand dealer who is worth approaching for a bulk buy ?? I am most interested in Chisel Ploughs for Sugar Cane, Rotarvators, Trailers, Ferliliser Spreaders, Corn Planters and Corn Harvester. All need to fit my 90hp Tractor.
  2. I dread to think of the financial disaster from this this COVID, I hope that time will heal the wounds but how much time I have no idea, there are bound to be so many far reaching effects that we have not even thought of yet. We are very lucky being retired with an income, so most of this doesn't alter our way of life, mind you I do look forward to the lockdown being relaxed and being able get out & about a bit, especially to be able to have a few beers or a gin, that will be lovely !! I think its been 8 weeks without so far, I might just have to open a bottle of wine we have been saving hahaha. We do need to get back to the UK but there's no rush and until it has the COVID under control we are staying in Ph, its so much safer here and we will have more time to get our building project finished.
  3. Thank you all for your advise, I will take care, I already have a flat I let & use some very good agents to manage things which costs but it workes well, so I would use the same agents for my house to,
  4. Thanks for that Bastonjock, We are so much safer in the Philippines at the moment, where we are in Isabela, Near San Mariano we are totally free of any virus, so we have decided to stay here and forget about going back to the UK on the 22nd of May, there probably won't be any flights any way, we are in no rush to go home but to continue are retirement plans we do need to go to the UK to clear our house out & send most of our stuff in a container to the Philippines, then with the house rented out & pensions we can live very well, at the moment we are using our savings which is ok but no a long term solution. I was hoping that they would in a few months have this virus beaten in the UK but that sound unlikely from what you have said !! I think we will have to hope for a vaccine asap but thats likely to be a long way off. I think the NHS and all the staff are doing a wonderful job, so many thanks to you all and thanks for your information, its a very grim picture grim picture for the future and the debt will have so many repercussions in the future !! Best wishes to you & your family, stay healthy.
  5. My brother in law had a lovely black Labrador bitch, when she was in season a local farms dog "Bill Starkey" would come round to get his wicked way, this happened so often my brother in law took Bill to the vet and had him Castrated. Some time later my brother in law's daughter Becky was relating the tale to my old father and shocked him, " Grand dad you will never guess what daddy did the other day ?? Oh what was that Becky. He took "Bill Starckey to the vet & had him castrated !! " As you might imagine my father didn't realise Bill Starkey was a dog !! So he was horrified to begin with !
  6. Yes I am sure the flights are going to be a premium price for a while, we will have to wait months before we go back to the UK, its going to take ages for them to get rid of the virus and I am not leaving the safety of San Mariano to catch the virus in the UK. I just hopw while waiting for the UK to get its shit together, here in the country they relax the lockdown a little so we can get out a bit more and I can have a BEER at long last
  7. Many thanks for the invitation but while we have this lock down as much as I would love a beer together, there is no way to get there, may be when things are back to normal & we can do a bit of travelling around. Best wishes to you and yours, stay safe & healthy, by the way you would always be welcome here for a visit to.
  8. I can understand some of you younger guys wanting to have your cake and eat it, some years ago when I was single so did I hahaha. I am now 67 years old and happily married to a lovely lady who has a great family and loyalty both ways is easy for us, we can trust each other and love each other, I don't need the complications that are inevitable running a harem and I hate to think of the costs, not just money, I would rather just have the one & only amazing wife Mercy !!! We as a couple can plan business and a future together which is great fun and also employs quite a few family members, so our Philippine family is so much stronger now than in the past and we can all help each other with both social life, parties and business, I love the way it all works .
  9. Thanks for that Jimeve, We have no intention of going to the UK until they have the virus beaten and that could well take a long time as people over there are not sticking to government policy / advise, they can walk & drive about unlike here, so I think its going to take a while. We will be happy to stay in the safety of the countryside where live, we have no cases of the virus here, so we are very lucky to be safe, fit & well.
  10. No that's right no fun for your partner, I didn't think of that, how selfish, I don't mean to be and yes lets have more sexy icons
  11. Thanks for that Tommy and I totally agree, we are in no rush to go to the UK, we are happy to stay here until things are back to normal in the UK, that may take many months !! We will use the extra time to complete our building project here for the new business which will be a good, my only reason for going back is to pack every thing up into a container and ship to the Philippines as we intend to live here. I expect clearing the house in the UK and renting it out will take a few months, we have so much stuff to either sell or ship here, cars to sell, I will be glad to have all that sorted one day. We remain healthy & happy here even with the restrictions, I will be pleased when I can get my hands on a beer though, that would complete the paradise life style
  12. Thanks Scott, I am from the UK but with their problems I am in no rush to get back until they have things under control, I will have to check with the airline to see if my return ticket is still valid and there will be a flight on the 22nd of May, I have not bothered so far but it would be good to see if I can arrange a future date if Singapore air lines have cancelled my flight, my wife & I don't mind staying here for a while, we still have 7 months on our visa. God knows what people did who like us in the past only came for a few weeks, may be there was a way to get home, I have no idea but holiday money does not allow for this sort of thing !!
  13. I have always wanted to die while drunk or having sex or both, this lockdown presents serious problems for my exit to this world !!
  14. I just wonder if it would be possible to travel to the UK if I wanted to ? In past years I used to come here for 5 weeks holiday but this year its a 6 month trip before moving here to live, if you were on a holiday & caught by the lockdown, would you still be stuck here ?? We live near San Mariano & I don't think there is any way to get to Manila, the airport at Cauayan is shut !! I am in no rush to get back to the Uk as they have a very major problems there and although they have a shut down it is no where near as strict or effective as the one in the Philippines, it could be a long time before they are virus free, so its much safer here for a 70 year old fart like me. It all ends soon.
  15. I think you have a good point there Tommy, I can't remember when my Liver had a long break like this last and its saving me a fortune too
  16. I wish we had a place like that in San Mariano, I can't get any booze round here and we can't go out anywhere with out a pass, no walking down the road, no bars open and just 1 shopping trip a week when we get a pass. I am to an extent a winner out of all this as limited shopping for my wife & no booze, I am saving so much money if this goes on for 6 months I could end a MILLIONAIRE
  17. I didn't see the ban coming and I normally buy week to week, so I got propper caught and apart from a bottle of gin I was given I have been dry for a few weeks now, my small stock of wine I keep for special occasions has been very close to a raid but so far I have resisted, I tell myself its about time I gave the body a break from years of abuse hahaha.
  18. I have always been told that for me to go shopping in the market it is sure to cost a lot more as the price goes up for a white man hahaha, So its the best excuse for my wife to always do the shopping, she's very good at getting special & my favourite food so this works very well for us both. With the lockdown we do just the same, I drive her to the local town and wait in the van while she gets what she can, there are shortages which change from week to week but we don't suffer any real hardship and I have never been a fussy eater, so it still works ok for us and I can read a book in the van & avoid the shopping which hate even in the UK I do always make sure I have a few steaks or burgers as back up but I quite like most of the food here and love the dried fish SORRY but its yummy and doesn't smell much worse than Kippers which I also love.
  19. Sorry I confused you, the pic is the building & the pool when it arrives is just a plastic one.
  20. I want to put a propper pool together one day but at the moment this 4.5m x 2.2m will have to do until I have finished my business project which is being hampered by this shut down !!
  21. That's right hk blues, lets just hope I stay healthy and then its going to be just great .
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