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  1. My wife & I live out in the country and although the lockdown has limited us 1 shopping trip a week, we are quite happy at home, i seem to spend a lot of time on the internet, especially messenger and have taken up Badmngton for a bit of exercise, I have to admit that being nearly 70 years old doesn't help and I feel rather stiff in the mornings toooooooo! I have just ordered a 4.5m x 2.2m swimming pool to, I fancy a nice relaxing soak in the pool after the Badmington, it should be quite refreshing .I have no wish to go back to the UK while they are so in the shit with this virus, so I am going to enjoy all we have here and we don''t go short of anything apart from a BEER, well I am used to not having any booze about now, I am saving my small stock of wine for special occasions . I hope you are all keeping fit & well.
  2. have to get my license sorted out as soon as this lockdown is over, at the moment it does not matter much as we can only get a pass to go shopping once a week. We were due to go back to the UK on the 22nd of May but I don't think that's going to happen and to be honest I won't be going back there until they have this virus beaten, at the moment they have big problems !! I think we are so much safer here for the next 3 or 4 months any way. We could not get back if we wanted to any way with the restrictions !!
  3. All the very best with your construction Tommy T, it's takes me a bit of getting used to the job all being done by hand but quite amazing how it comes together, my building is for a business so its quite large 20 metres x 10 metres, my only real problem is getting materials & labour with every where in lock down, so I bought 300 bags of cement & while the lock down is on the boys can make hollow blocks for the perimeter walls , the actual build has stopped for a bit, I just hope the exchange rate improves asap. Good luck to you & your project.
  4. A lovely place Garry D, lovely place, with all this lock down the Virus has caused I have put a stop on any more building but we are still making the hollow blocks for the compound walls, we don't have to rush and the exchange rate is very poor at the moment.
  5. I for one am very pleased to be in the Philippines for a 6 month trial before moving here to retire, as far as the UK is concerned its the same old problem " Too little too late " now they have a monster of a problem and I feel so much safer here and will not return to the UK until they have defeated this Corona virus which is totally out of control in over there at the moment. I am totally sick & tired of the way the UK government pisses about & can't organise a piss up in a brewery, you only have to look at Brexit what a joke !! I thought we had shown the world how to govern a country and a lot copied us back then & now we have totally lost the plot, its a disgrace & so embarrassing to be English !! We might just as well go on the booze here in the lovely sunshine
  6. I am going to send this to friends in the UK bitching about shelves being empty hahaha
  7. Where we are 5k from San Mariano, Isabela you have to have a pass to go shopping & that pass only covers the nearest town, in our case San Mariano, you are restricted to a driver & 1 person to shop so I stay in the van & my wife does the shopping. The last time we went was Sunday & it was so quiet, nothing like the normal Sunday chaos !! I think the Philippines has acted very quickly and hopefully we will avoid the problems they have in places like the UK where its every where & reaching the lock down came too late, a British speciality these days !!
  8. That is so sad as well as totally unfair but the discrimination is a reality !!
  9. Its always the same just as you have said, Brits want a tan & PH want to be white, I love to see my wife get a bit darker & with our plan to live there as from November '19 she will get darker what ever she does with special soaps / sunscreen hahaha Lovely
  10. As long as my wife thinks she can arrange everything and I don't drink too much all is good, I find talking about a proposed plan so I can tidy things up & get it business like helps my wife to organise & feel she's in charge & she does love to be the BOSS
  11. It's never my fault !! That's why I why I let my PH wife organise everything !!
  12. YES its always my fault no matter what the problem is
  13. When I have time I want to look into both breeding pigs and doing cured bacon, ham and sausages, I was talking to a friend recently and he made the point that you need to sort a market place out for your pork as a friend of his had no problem breeding pigs but found it so difficult to sell them in quantity !!
  14. Hi, We are moving to the Philippines & my wife has spent 20 years seeing how the UK works, it will be interesting to see how our business in PH works now it will have our full attention, I think a few people will be in for a shock, may be us as well
  15. My wife and I very rarely have arguments but when we do its usually because she does not like me drinking, well not so much having a couple of drinks but getting drunk is what she hates, I am a happy drunk. The issue is for her that it damages my health and she hates anything that could shorten my life, it also doesn't help she can't drink because her stomach operation some years ago will not tolerate booze of any type and we all know being sober with people who are drunk, joking etc is not much fun!! I am not often the sober one at a party unless in the UK and have to drive us home, I do agree that backing down is the best option though as she would have a real bad temper which I have only seen a couple of times
  16. Hi Tommy, Thanks for the info, I will have a look in SM, it will be great if they have what I am looking for thank you.
  17. I wish you were not so far away because I would love to meet your friend to see what he does to get such a good result
  18. Hi and I think I will see what customs have to say, if its complicated I will just have to find some where in PH or cure my own when I am over there in November, I have a number of projects going on out there, so I was not wanting another one curing Pork haha
  19. Hi & thanks, If the worst comes to the worst I may have to devise a method of home cure and yes the taste is to die for I agree.
  20. Hi, I have had a look before but its all been as you say or cut too thin, once I have eaten all I take from the UK I hope I will have found some where who can supply something like I am used to !! I don't want to have to grow my own pigs & cure bacon from them, I have enough new projects going on as it is.
  21. I have only seen San Mig so far and would love to find good beer at a sensible price, I love Red Horse but it gives you a such a bad head the next day haha
  22. Hi Dave, thanks for the link, I will check it out.
  23. Hi Guys, I have not been on here for a while, I am now moving to PH in November, I am deffo bringing 4 Kgs of home cured bacon for a delux breakfast now & then, otherwise I will hope to manage with whats in the local super markets. I'm not a fussy eater but I do like my bacon !! I also want to get a couple of nice dogs, I hope I can find a Great Dane as I have had Danes before and they are such gentle giants, very good for security, well living out in the country in the UK we never had any problems with Gypsies stealing from our property like some of my neighbours did
  24. I am dislezic, see I can't even spell that !! I had all sorts of problems as a young boy learning English, with lots of private tuition I ended up being able to read & write, I still am very slow at both and my spelling is sh1t as you can see, so learning another language is a hopeless task & I am lucky to have a few people who can translate for me & explain. I so wish I could speak Tagalog but as you guys know that is not a complete solution as there are so many dialects out there, my wife speaks about 4 of them thank god as well as being my every thing !! Hi tec stuff totally looses me & I totally refuse to do internet banking as I am worried about security,
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