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  1. They were around in the USA as well, around the same time there was shoemaker in every neighborhood and milk was delivered to your house in glass bottles... circa pre-1965.
  2. Here's a crazy idea....wear a helmet with face visor
  3. To be clear, a "Filipino National" is strictly a person who has Philippine passport and not a Balikbayan who only has a single passport from another country. Does that sound correct? I ask because I know several friends who never bothered to retain dual citizenship... and if I'm reading this correctly they still aren't able to return or visit.
  4. This is amazing, great to hear a positive outcome... I have to ask... was this in the Philippines??? What hospital???
  5. I'm "betting" they figure a way to staying in business and pass the cost on to the customer... anyone want to give odds on that?
  6. Unless you were sick and needed to know if you had it .... why would you pay to get tested... and then walk out from the test, and immediately not know if you've picked it up on the way home or later?
  7. Dave... if you've determined that the 13A option out for now and relying on using Balikbayan status... maybe just call the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC as well... rather than just stick wit the SF consulate. I'd like to think the airlines can answer your question as well (wrt to Balikbayan)... if someone is not allowed in the country... I can't imagine they would let you on the plane.
  8. Eastern Samar.... casting lures (or live bait) off the piers or even wading... definitely good... if the area you're in is "fished out" or polluted, then don't bother. Rec fishing is not that common, but more so than in the past. Now if you can get a boat and go out... sky's the limit...
  9. Yes, I'd get the US motorcycle license.... On the chance you had to actually pull it out and explain why your a US citizen driving on a Thai motorcycle license... you'll pass out from heat exhaustion before they figure out what to do and decide to let you go
  10. Here's my 2 cents on driving around the country on a motorcycle in the Philippines... IF you are involved in a accident with a local... things will get messy and possibly ugly. Totally get the adventure part of it... but accidents here are common and the legal system is stacked hard against you. Riding here is like going to a motocross race that's being held in the streets. Thats just something to consider, if you're comfortable riding, go for it... there are more and more small hole in the wall hotels popping up in many small towns, so finding a place to sleep might not be as hard as it was awhile back.
  11. I'm onboard with the P50 tip... and it sounds like you had a happy household... roasted chicken, chop suey, AND pizza on the same day!!!
  12. If the topic/idea has switched from camping on beaches or in front of waterfront owners property... to traveling around and staying at AirBnb's or similar... whole different story. Not uncommon and many have done this and had a great time. One thing to keep in mind on traveling off the beaten path... it's harder in the Philippines to know when you're in a bad/unfriendly neighborhood until it's too late... don't go to local bars after dark, don't tell anyone where you're staying, don't trust anyone who is trying hard to be your "friend".... assume anything can happen at any time.
  13. OK, you did your homework. Just go... and let us know how it worked out...
  14. I would contact the airline and the airport she is departing from. That addresses the question of what the Philippines might require. Hopefully she hasn't been out longer than a year.
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