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  1. So how many times can a vehicle be sold, change ownerss, and not change the registration, before it's an issue? I.e, Is it legal for the most recent vehicle owner to just keep any previous "bill of sales and sellers ID's" from multiple previous owners who never registered it, and carrying them around (rather registering the vehicle)?
  2. Assuming its a speed radar gun as JGF says... the ticket would be issued by the officer to the driver rather than the vehicle. But IF the officer were to check registration of the vehicle during the stop, AND figured out the person never changed it after purchasing it... yep, whole new issue for some to deal with.
  3. But if you're traveling without your spouse when you enter, you can't get a Balikbayan Visa stamp... unless this PSA copy over rides that requirement?
  4. Wonder what you get in return for all that paperwork?... something that says you are officially married in the eyes of the Philippine Government? Or is the original marriage certificate still OK by itself?
  5. Haha... I will admit I didn't know all Filipinas get questioned when they leave the country... but I'm actually not new by stretch... been married 40+ years... lot's of trips and stays there... some long, some not... but never got questioned why we were leaving. Maybe just luck on our part. However, in 1979 when we left together the first time (she has a K-1 in hand) I actually ran out of cash when we got to the line where you have to pay the "exit fee"... think it was $20USD each then... I only had $20 and managed to talk to them into letting her take the $20 and proceed... and they let me pass for free. Guessing things have changed and wouldn't happen today.
  6. If you weren't married... how did they know you were together... and why did they care?
  7. Yeah... no experience here with that anyway's... so, I guess if your wife just has to get into the airport... she doesn't have to leave the country, just has to standing next to you when you get in front of the immigration officer... surely there is way to get on that side of the immigration line... no?
  8. Just checking ... is your wife a US citizen? If not... she is not a Balikbayan unless she was out of the country for at least a year. https://immigration.gov.ph/faqs/visa-inquiry/balikbayan-privilege 1. Who are eligible under Balikbayan Program? a. A Balikbayan, who may be either one of the following: i. A Filipino citizen who has been continuously out of the Philippines for a period of at least one (1) year; ii. A Filipino overseas worker; iii. A former Filipino citizen and his family who had been naturalized in a foreign country and comes or returns to the Philippines. b. Immediate family members (spouse and children) of the Balikbayan, who are nationals of countries falling under EO 408, travelling together with the Balikbayan.
  9. Have read the same about long refund waits on many respectable travel forums... I'd say if one is due a refund, purchased their ticket on a credit card, and have not gotten thier refund within 7 business days (might depend on country of purchase), I would file a claim with the credit card company. It's not guaranteed you'll get a refund... they must have some money in the bank for the credit card to recover... but it's your best shot. Personally... I haven't flown on PAL internationally since 1988, only domestic since... I considered them to on the verge of bankruptcy for many decades.
  10. well at least they kept aboveboard and went with "National" rather than "Underground"
  11. The companies themselves are profitable... but it isn't showing up in the dividends to shareholders.... the dividends are pitifully low. Case in point, US Steel paying a whopping .15% annual dividend... yep, thats 15/100 of 1 percent.... might easier to measure in peso's I think. If you bought steel stocks a year ago, sell now... if you think steel stocks will out play everything... make someone happy and buy the stock they selling today
  12. According to my doctor, the efficacy of the two vaccines I received (Moderna) is expected to be lower at 8 months, but not "gone" by any stretch. In fact the level of efficacy depends on the person, and not locked in the same for the entire population. The booster could be be the same as the last one, but could also be tweaked for variants. From my view... holding off as long as possible might result in getting the better vaccine booster.... but I will get it. Regarding reports of "breakthroughs"... those are the people vaccinated who actually still get sick from COVID, AND get tested to verify it... there are many who have been vaccinated who "catch COVID" and don't get sick at all... or not enough to get tested. I've probably been "sick" to some level over 100 times in life... never got a test for anything to see what it is...
  13. If by "all in one" you mean COVID and flu... nope, totally separate. In fact the COVID booster is going to be 8 months vice a year. I could end up with 3 COVID shots between last years flu shot and this years flu shot.
  14. I didn't know they were testing for that to get a vaccine... it definitely isn't happening in the USA... they didn't even ask about it.
  15. Deciding to use it (assuming it's available) probably depends on the situation you're in (how sick)... a one gallon empty jug is far from being considered a life preserver in the water, but in some instances I'd hold on to it for dear life.
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