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  1. There should be a MAIN breaker that controls the whole breaker box... IF that breaker is open... everything would be OFF. Sometimes a tripped breaker looks like it's ON, just a tad below the ON position. When a breaker is tripped, you have to push it OFF and then back ON. With the problems you have had, not sure I would recommend doing it yourself though. If you do, be sure you turn EVERYTHING in the house OFF, reset the breaker, and then turn things on one a a time.... if the main breaker opens again... STOP and get an electrician before doing anything else.
  2. True... but If that happens, then the whole house surge protector did it's job and saved you A LOT of $$$... if getting a new one takes awhile... you could easily rewire and by pass the surge protector and go without protection for awhile.... and/or get individual surge protectors for the important/expensive stuff. I swear in Eastern Samar there's a brownout once a week at minimum... going without is a total dice roll.
  3. Whole house surge protectors are best... they are often higher quality than the individual ones. Also surge protectors actually do "wear down", and the smaller ones wear down faster and need replacement more often. When there was just a TV and fridge, individual ones made sense... but yeah with all the new gadgets.... with the way electric works in the Philippines... whole house is the way to go.
  4. Yep, it probably will work when it dries. Sometimes when you get a short circuit it will weld a permanent short between the + and the -. If thats happens it will keep shorting till fixed. On the leakage...besides getting to the source causing the electrical problem, you want to seal the leak source to make sure you don't have mold growing between the walls... it may take a lot of water leaking to short the electric... but a smaller amount leaking through could create a pocket of moisture that you can't see, and over time... could cause mold.
  5. Mike... thats an outstanding weather site...
  6. We already have the equivalent of a Travel Pass in Hawaii. You must be tested negative... no test and you must quarantine. Even having a record of the vaccine requires getting tested. The OP started with a discussion about IATA possibly implementing a system to check for vaccines... the discussion has morphed into discussing travel protocols... no argument on anyone's points... my point is strictly that a vaccinated person can carry the disease unknowingly just as a unvaccinated person who is asymptomatic can.
  7. https://www.investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/053116/top-10-checking-accounts-us-expats-living-abroad-cof-schw.asp A good place to start if you want live overseas and open a USA bank account. For U.S. citizens living abroad, referred to as expatriates or expats, maintaining checking and other bank accounts in the United States provides several advantages. These include the convenience of paying bills or making payments in the country and the ease of direct deposits for employment or Social Security payments. How
  8. Tomorrow I'm lucky enough (depending on your opinion) to get my 2nd shot. Wife is too young by a few years and has to wait. I mentioned the vaccine passport concept to her... she pretty much said if I get any kind of "vaccine passport" that gives me permission to roam freely... she will burn it
  9. Riddle me this.... the WHO, the medical experts, and the press have been hammering home that the vaccine does not prevent people from catching the disease and spreading it... OK, got it. So if thats true... then whats the purpose in asking for proof of a vaccine to get a "Vaccine Passport" to get on a plane? Aren't people who have taken the vaccine now just spreaders like all the asymptomatic people the experts say spread it unknowingly today?
  10. there are two capacitors... a start capacitor and a run capacitor... if it was the start capacitor, it literally wouldn't start.... the run capacitor is usually located in a small housing attached to the motor, but pumps vary. you might ask the the next plumber to check it... assuming he knows a little more more than just changing parts. When a run capacitor starts to go bad they expand a little (like a balloon overfilling) and can sometimes smell burnt. Again, I'd be aware of just playing the "lets change all the parts till it works". This site is good.... if you feel the gumption to d
  11. Restrictions started for me the day I got married The new ones pale in comparison
  12. If that fixes it great... but you said you had the system for 6 years, broke a pipe and that initiated the problem.... and now they say the pump is too small (???).... I'd ask what could have changed after 6 years of working right? Pump size, tank size, desired run time, and draw distance all factor together in the system. I'd at least ask them to explain why you need a new size pump now and also ensure all the components match the desired output... lest you invest even more into replacing components until t's fixed.
  13. Hmm.. sounds like plumber doesn't understand the electrical part. He can directly put power to the pump and see if it works... changing switches and have it work and then not work sounds like a switch setting issue. But bigger question.... did he check the charge of the tank to ensure the bladder is good? Example how to do below" https://www.guthriefrey.com/waterlogged-pressure-tanks.htm Captive Air / Bladder tanks: Drain the water pressure by turning off the electric to the pump and opening the drain faucet on the tank. Any filtration equipment (softener, iron
  14. When I'm there... I've used two party authentication with my cell (Verizon) easily for those reasons ... and as Tommy said email option works as well. Depending on your needs, keeping a US phone with a US carrier can be a little pricey... I get the international plan and along with my unlimited data... it comes in real handy. I can watch Amazon Prime movies when cable is down or there is a brown out... as long as the cell tower generator is running
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