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  1. You always need permission, and the town/barangay is the place to ask and get it.
  2. I'll second the "don't do it", and further offer not to get involved, hide your wallet on this subject, and stay as far away as possible. My wife went through this sort of fiasco (inheritance and land/house transfers) in spades. Biggest mess I've ever observed in my life. Lawyers love this... you can't burn your money much faster. After 10 years I told her just forget about it (it's still being contested). Plus the problem exponentially escalates each generation thats things aren't settled as the family involved "grows". OK... I'm sure there are situations where everything worked out well and easily :) But I'll bet it's not the norm.
  3. Use Moneygram... use the APP... send it... track it...
  4. Barrio Fiesta time coming up in a few weeks and the word is that they will suspend the sale of liquor and/or beer (??) a few days before until it ends. Anybody heard of this before where you're at? This is Eastern Samar.
  5. Agree... taking the 10 year free credit monitoring is the best deal... here's why... the $125 is am estimate based on how many people take the cash option... so many are taking it... the payout will be significantly less... probably closer to $10... if even.
  6. Your problem isn't Equifax... what the SSA did was to ensure you are who say you are online. When they compare the information you provided when you first tried to sign up was to check with one of the major credit reporting companies (Equifax is one of them) to verify the information you provided. Once you try to apply and the information you provided doesn't match what the credit companies have on file... they will not approve opening a MYSocialSecurity account online. This is totally for your protection. Contacting Equifax won't help... once the SSA gets a "wrong answer" and can't verify the information from someone applying online, they completely shutdown any online application from being processed regardless of what, in this case Equifax, might change. Suggest you try this: Philippines Federal Benefits Unit United States Embassy 1201 Roxas Boulevard Ermita, Manila 0930 Philippines Phone: 632-301-2000 Fax: 632-708-9714 or 632-708-9723 Email: FBU.Manila@ssa.gov
  7. There is rabies vaccine... usually for people who are high risk to getting it... it's 3 a dose procedure... over 28 days... not sure if available in PI.
  8. 10 years is a long time... I'd say try and maximize your options. Think about it... realistically you will have negative cash flow... you would be better off investing whatever your downpayment is in the US.... and then buying there IF you are still ready to make the move. So unless you got money to burn... don't do it. I am positive more people have lost $$ with this idea than made $$. One caveat... sometimes owning something is worth the cost... and if thats more important than $$... then follow your heart, and leave your wallet open.
  9. Question... and just curious... I wonder if the the definition of "foreigners" in this context include Balikbayans who are now citizens of another country (in other words NOT dual citizens)? Thinking about Balikbayan's who might donate to political elections indirectly, or even just post opinions on social media. And yes, I totally get the right answer includes... "at your own risk" regardless of interpretation.
  10. thanks... sounds possible and confirms my belief there is no good reason for me to get involved... Thanks for feedback!
  11. Does anyone have experience sending money electronically (i.e. Western Union, Moneygram) FROM the PI TO the USA? A friend of ours (in the USA) asked if we would mind bringing back $3,000 with us to the USA from the PI when we return later this year. My response was, why not have the person who owes you the money send it back to you via Moneygram? Good friend... but our response was "nope, not running around with your money in cash" when it's possible to transfer it electronically easier and safer without us. Nothing nefarious on the origin of the money... they (living in the USA) sold their home in the PI to their sister (living in the PI). And yeah, the fact they get anything back is pretty amazing in my view.
  12. but this was about life insurance not health insurance :)
  13. lot's of good sage advice here. one thing I learned after retiring was that it was not as I thought it would be... it's been good (actually better than expected), but also different than expected. I'm guessing the same would be if we retire full time in the PI.... different than we expect... but the open question is... will it still be as good or better than expected... that seems like a bigger risk than the financial part. with respect to the financial part... living by a budget for 20 years makes forecasting a lot easier... separating "wants" from "needs" is key.
  14. Heck, I assumed every country already did this, but I guess not (??)
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