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  1. Beautiful radio If it was hooked to aircraft power... 24 volts. Just curious... Anyone ever use Echolink? Runs over the internet... I've used it in Samar to call in to our repeater back to the US... worked well... you do need a Ham license to download and operate on it.... you can use a computer, but I have the iPhone version as well.
  2. Actually Congress did not get $25M for their salaries... the $25M is for salaries (of staff) and other expenses as a result of working the COVID-19 issue. Their actual salaries are handled in a whole different manner and come directly fro the Treasury, not appropriations. Not that it matters :) But just to be fair.
  3. - To get a stimulus check (actually a direct deposit), you need to have a Social Security number. - The IRS will disburse the funds according to the direct-deposit information provided on the last tax return you filed. - The IRS won't be sending out paper checks after all. If you didn't provide bank information on your last tax return, you'll have the opportunity to do so online soon. "In the coming weeks, Treasury plans to develop a web-based portal for individuals to provide their banking information to the IRS online, so that individuals can receive payments immediately as opposed to checks in the mail,"
  4. I'd feed them what you can, but I'd be quick and discreet for sure.
  5. You have a reference on the National guidelines versus what the mayor says. Lockdown here in Samar... only one person per household may go out and shop for food... and there's a time limit on that. Everyone else stays in the compound... period.
  6. I have no problem with this policy. I pay, not that hard to do. I think many of the "don't know" are really many who thought they could get away with it.
  7. Cell phones and the internet have definitely changed their view.... 40 years ago they thought most were rich... now... not so impressed.
  8. I will say this.... Filipino's are a tough lot.... I'd say conservatively 50% in our town don't have any plans on what they are going to eat the next day, let alone think about stockpiling. The reaction I've seen here wrt corona virus is similar the hype around the 1979 Skylab falling out of the sky.... I'm half expecting t-shirts saying "I survived COVID-19" to pop up.
  9. I get the rant... but if you don't like it now.... wait till the number of cars triple+.. it's coming.
  10. As far as the traveling part... last flights we took were from the east coast on Qatar Airways... one stop in Doha... prices weren't bad... we actually flew from JFK and returned to Dulles. Our stop in Doha was long enough to spend the night there between flights... pretty interesting place.
  11. When you get low on refrigerant, it will slowly not work well... and you will reach a point (low pressure in system) where it will just stop making cold air period. Yeah it could be a leak.... but it could be 5 year leak... any significant leak would go fast, not weeks. OBTW... running on low refrigerant can cause the compressor to fail... which is $$$. So I'd stop running it at this point... if you have even an inkling of cold air after a while the compressor is likely still good.
  12. 7000 sounds fair, when you go to a bonafide shop there is an element of overhead to stay in business, plus parts aren't cheap in PH. On the AIRCON... if you are still pushing some cold air, you might just need to top off the refrigerant (R-134 probably).... not uncommon after 5 years... thats pretty easy to do... not sure how much the R-134 goes for but not hat much. Wondering what more he does for 8500 without knowing if parts are required?
  13. It will almost be like you left the country... we got a crazy good deal at the Makati Shangri La once... it was as goods any hotel I've been to anywhere. Right now booking around $150/nite... easily 4 X that for comparable place in US.
  14. Nice link... and if it was this "simple", it would almost be manageable... but it's compounded by compulsory heirs never consolidating... and an exponential increase in compulsory heirs to the estate as each generation passes.
  15. For the price I'd be more prone to buy a plain white linen Tommy Bahama camp shirt... you can wear anywhere, any time... and it looks just as good.
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