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  1. I have done similar with third party checks to Schwab and Navy Federal. Technically anyone can take a check made to them and endorse to you on the back. You then can cash the check... IF your bank accepts it. Most banks in the US will accept it as long as you have an account, because if it were to bounce they will take their money from you and let you deal with the problem. Perhaps in your case... being a two party check, as long as one person has an account... and both signed... they let flow through as an endorsement to you from her... and then to your account. But yeah wh
  2. Should be in their contract before they leave, not something they are surprised with upon arrival... and I'm sure the recruiters in the Philippines would ALWAYS look out for the OFW
  3. Not surprised by anything any more... we will wait... and wait... and wait....... to make a trip back... can't afford to get caught up in this kinda stuff.
  4. It's blowing up with tourists... rentals cars going for $200+ day (no exaggeration), worker shortage, every island concocting their own testing rules which change weekly... the saving grace... no test to "re-enter" CONUS
  5. Female companioship won't be hard to get... but almost guaranteed to be an "issue"
  6. there's a difference ?
  7. Short answer... yes to the pool... theres a YMCA that had one last time I was there... probably a few more.... but "heated" though??? Like JGF said... no need... if anything they need to be cooled down !!
  8. My wife and her family were in a similar situation when her last parent passed... 10+ years later and it has gone from messy to messier... we spent $$$ on lawyers and "the resolution" was so bizarre you couldn't make it up.... people making "claims" came out of the woodwork like roaches in a cheap hotel during a rainstorm. The courts will entertain any claims and the lawyers will be happy to represent you through the process (more $$$$$). I am still looking for a foreigner who successfully has inherited property in the Philippines... I'm all ears if anyone knows someone who has.
  9. Just in time for tree to go up next month!!!!!
  10. Even a will doesn't guarantee anything in the Philippines... and the system will string out anyone contesting survivorship rights for years... and it will cost plenty. The best (and maybe only) way to avoid these situations is give what you plan to before you pass...
  11. 72.29%... Someone at the DOF sharpened their pencils to get this breakout Guess it doesn't improve greenhouse effects... but am I the only one who misses the fresh smell of coconut husk charcoal grilling a fresh fish in the dirty kitchen? Last trip they cooked the tuna in some kind of plastic enclosed electric turbo air cooker... I said nothing... but couldn't have been more disappointed.
  12. Not sure about VPN's or what the US government sites check for.... my experience is... using an iPhone and a cellular connection I was able to access US government websites in the Visayas... if I used the wireless connection in the house, couldn't get anything through.
  13. diatomaceous earth.... cheap and safe.. and the stuff works... Google it
  14. Not a bad idea, but even that will take some close coordination of schedules... though transit through HK is allowed... they are "subject to restriction" https://hk.usconsulate.gov/covid-19-information/ Entry and Exit Requirements: Are U.S. citizens permitted to enter? Yes, if they fall into one of the categories listed below. U.S. citizens with Hong Kong residency, diplomats, and U.S. citizens who have been present in mainland China, Taiwan and Macau uninterruptedly for the past 21 days are permitted to enter Hong Kong. All non-Hong Kong residents ar
  15. FDR eliminated the gold standard in the USA in 1933, Nixon eliminated converting dollars to gold at $35/oz., which by 1973 was crazy anyways.
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