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  1. Actually sounds normal.... we used to make parmesan cheese "crackers" with Kraft Parmesan in the US.... form into a circle and bake.... ends up like a flat parmesan chip/cracker. It doesn't "melt" like other cheeses... too dry.
  2. This is actually big to Philippines "tourism" in general... because besides expat's and foreign spouses/famiies, it opens up travel to all Balikbayan's who have not been able to travel there.... that's a pretty significant number of people. I'll be curious to see how the airlines handle it.... either adding flights and/or raising what are now super discounted prices. Might be time to lock in some tickets, even if further out.
  3. With priority phases of distribution being established...probably better to let everyone who wants a vaccine to get one before seeking a second one any ways. Plus, even those who don't get a vaccine will benefit from those that do. The more people vaccinated... the better for all. As they prioritize who gets it in which phase... I wondering those who already have had COVID will lose priority for that reason?
  4. 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200... you must prime the metal where you're going to apply it, before application, if you go this route.
  5. I think from previous posts you have your financials in the right spot... are you selling a house and moving that $$ to the US? I've always wondered about the difficulties people have come across trying to sell a house and transfer the $$$ of that sale to the US... i.e, if you have a house, who's name is the house actually in? and does that money need to attached the the person who sold it, or can moved as a married couple? I'll admit it kept me from "investing" in a house... and I have a few friends who are stuck in limbo trying to untangle the mess they managed to dig into.
  6. Reminds me of the beginning of the movie "Final Countdown"... kinda chessie movie... but a classic in a sense... and yeah the Nimitz probably could have single handedly won the "big one" LOLOL
  7. Usually if you have a "right of way", that means you get to traverse someone else's property for your benefit. Meaning you have the "right of way" to traverse it. Unless you are saying you have property and people have the right of way to go on your property to traverse (??). Then they would have the right of way in their deed to traverse your property. There is also other types, such as a utility right of way the allows utility companies to use areas of peoples property. You said... "Their route includes land adjacent to ours (just outside our perimeter wall) which is not
  8. Hot water in the Philippines... Get some black hose and run it in circles on the roof... unless you are charging USD$ rates people shouldn't expect more... they do it in Hawaii everywhere.
  9. Dude I wish they still had Microsoft Money, it was great!!!! I have a cheap laptop PC but lost MM on the transfer... now I'm using Quicken 2007 on a Mac... mainly because MM got discontinued... and now if I update my OS I will lose that... everyone wants to do a monthly subscription :( I'll be down to Excel and paper again soon enough On the tutor.... IDK... but compared to the cost of a private school in the US... you're still probably on the positive side of the equation.
  10. Can a foreigner work in the Philippines on a SRRV?
  11. I am guilty... They keep putting ketchup on the spaghetti I make... even though I make a decent oregano based Italian sauce... I say nothing... but it drives me nuts!!
  12. "Why go from your country?"... everyone has a reason... as do at least 1.8M Filipinos living in the USA alone.
  13. For what it's worth... - Car batteries like to take long trips once in a while... short trips and lots of starts aren't optimal and shorten life span. - Battery pak starters need to be charged regularly or they will die as well. - Since retiring I've gotten a battery tender/charger... the tender portion does a trickle charge that keeps the battery at full strength, I hook it up about once a month... helps the battery lifespan a lot... especially now since travels have been curtailed. You can use chargers for keeping the battery pak starters up to snuff.
  14. Am I the only one who NEVER asked what company made the vaccine before I had it administered? I might ask from now on just to be curious... but will continue to trust my Doc on vaccines.
  15. East coast North Carolina... safe compared to most places... winter is mild... affordable (for now)... fresh seafood is abundant... several areas have Filipino large populations... good medical. Never went to Denver until a few years ago... if I was starting over... would have been near the top.
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