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  1. but this was about life insurance not health insurance :)
  2. lot's of good sage advice here. one thing I learned after retiring was that it was not as I thought it would be... it's been good (actually better than expected), but also different than expected. I'm guessing the same would be if we retire full time in the PI.... different than we expect... but the open question is... will it still be as good or better than expected... that seems like a bigger risk than the financial part. with respect to the financial part... living by a budget for 20 years makes forecasting a lot easier... separating "wants" from "needs" is key.
  3. Heck, I assumed every country already did this, but I guess not (??)
  4. Love the spreadsheet, and data looks more than legit... now pay yourself minimum wage for the time it took/spent ... I'm betting that it doubles the cost...or more... you think ????
  5. PAL won't fly chow-chows.... check their website... so it's gonna be a ferry... check Pets 2 Go... but still risky for that breed I'd say.
  6. We applied and got tentative approval within a few weeks. $100 each. Depending where and when you land (in the US) it could save you some time and hassles. Plus you get the benefit of TSA Pre any time you fly (using a Known Traveler Number/KTA to add to your reservation) comes with it.... but, not all airlines participate... so there is never guaranteed you'll get TSA Pre. Our "interview" for final approval for GE and getting a card is 16 April... will report back on how that goes. https://www.cbp.gov/travel/trusted-traveler-programs/global-entry
  7. Dude... thats an excellent program... and if performed in the backyard outside after 9 in the morning, I'd say anyone doing this would be in better shape than 90% of the 1st worlds population. Throw in a 1-2 mile run after... and you could chill and drink all day
  8. So the 4 people hanging off the back and the person on the handle bars will have to make sure they don't block the view ?
  9. How much did he lose... maybe it was worth it ???? But seriously... did he tell her it was his last night? Did he think he getting lucky on the way out? I'd leave it be, and chalk it up to a lesson learned.
  10. so if one is dual citizen... does the PI still require they pay income tax on any income earned in the US?
  11. Google "VPN on Samsung Smart TV"... there's one that give some decent instructions.... curious here of it works out.
  12. I did just that... first thing (actually first 4 things) that popped up was "International Development Program"... but yeah, a little further down the International Driver Permit info showed up :) Good info... so for a USA person... $20 and some pic's (send it to AAA) will get you an IDP to drive whatever your current USA license says in like 116 other countries. Good for one year. Funny part was... if one comes to the USA... it depends on the state (states issue licenses here)... so reciprocity can be complicated. OK... got that box checked... now I wonder how auto insurance works... in the USA most every state requires some liability coverage, with a stiff penalty if you let lapse.... does the PI have a similar law?
  13. To ride a motorcycle (over 50cc) in the US you need an additional class added to your drivers license (i.e. Class M). Does the PI have a similar requirement?
  14. If you have a fiancé visa and a one way ticket to the U.S.... I doubt Philippine Immigration is going to ask who bought the ticket... or why she's leaving the country. A young Filipina going to Cambodia (obviously not on a fiancé visa I assume)... yeah, I could see some questions on that one... I'd actually be surprised if she didn't get questions at Cambodian side as well.
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