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  1. My iPhone comes with a SIM that works in almost every country in the world. No need to buy a special SIM for the Philippines.
  2. Sooooo... a foreign national visiting must register their SIM card? And balikbayans (more than 30 days) must present "additional requirements" to register their Sim card???? Or is this ONLY if they buy a SIM card in the Philippines? I never have to... my phone works there easily with the SIM card I have.
  3. Seem I might be in the minority here... but am I the only one that thinks coming to live in the Philippines, and expecting "any" discount is kinda messed up. I.e., Trying to reconcile why the 65+ year old owner of any business in the Philippines should be giving me a "discount because I am 60. After living outside the Philippines almost my entire life, make multiple times more $$$ than the vast majority of anyone in the Philippines... and now I want a "discount" because I decided to set up residency???? Happy to pay what what they ask... if I don't like the price, I won't buy it.
  4. Without family and old friends around... living in another country can get boring real fast... sometimes you can make new friends... but at our age... they will always be "new".
  5. Retire in the Philippines... means don't work... anything less, ain't retirement. The bigger question... do you intend to die in the Philippines? Not that you can predict... but if not, having an exit plan (when, how, where to) is a good idea... or God rest your soul when it happens.
  6. Looks like it's gonna be a great place..... quick question... 10,000 gallon septic.... was that a requirement? We only use a 1,000 gallon (in the USA)... 10,000 seems like a huge septic tank, at least to me.... is there a reason it's that big?
  7. Global Entry card works as well... you can keep the drivers license in your wallet... the TSA agent doesn't need to know my address.
  8. Stranger they didn't say anything when one leaves without an entry stamp... personally, as a US citizen with Global Entry and TSA Pre in my wallet... I wouldn't want to start explaining how that happened if the computers started synching up... might lose both. I would have demanded an entry stamp AND exit stamp. Borders are loose sometimes...except for the law abiding
  9. A "silent partner" typically has legal ownership, just not involved in daily business dealings... but whatever term makes one feel better works
  10. Actually the term "Family Trust" is not a specific kind of trust... it's just a term used when any "trust" benefits only "Family Members". Typically a "Family Trust" is either a "Revocable Trust" or a "Irrevocable Trust", that is set up specifically for family members. There are other types of trusts, but those two are the most common.
  11. Thanks, now I'm cross eyed... you can't make this stuff up LOLOLOLOL
  12. Many Americans say they "own" businesses, houses, and property in the Philippines... but in reality they just "paid for" the business, house, or property in the Philippines... but if you scratch the surface... their names aren't listed on any legal document of ownership.
  13. Unfortunately the way Philippine law is written, this is becoming an exponential problem. As the population in the Philippines has grown and land titles have become more formalized... people have become more litigious. You can't check too much.
  14. Used in the IBM 370 when I was in college... they were on the way out... but had one class that used them... make a mistake.... reload the deck
  15. The whole thing sounds like a solution looking for a problem
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