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  1. Am I the only one who NEVER asked what company made the vaccine before I had it administered? I might ask from now on just to be curious... but will continue to trust my Doc on vaccines.
  2. East coast North Carolina... safe compared to most places... winter is mild... affordable (for now)... fresh seafood is abundant... several areas have Filipino large populations... good medical. Never went to Denver until a few years ago... if I was starting over... would have been near the top.
  3. In Hawaii TB is tested for several groups... including students, teachers, food handlers, and health care workers. They stopped for awhile when COVID hit, but started up back with the requirements in June. I do know if a worker is diagnosed with TB... the whole place gets shutdown. How contagious? Like MOC said... it's a bacteria not a virus... and you don't get it from touching... it's passed through the air.... primarily from air breathed out, to air breathed in. The bacteria can survive for several hours in the air. If you want any type of immigrant visa to the USA... you will need to be tested for TB. My wife still has her chest x-rays from when she got her K-1... she saved everything I'll take the flu over TB....
  4. "In this case they have not. He had US military guards the whole time during his imprisonment. If this had occurred in the US, once he was found guilty and sentenced he normally would have been discharged, unless for some reason he faced military charges also." Really?... didn't know that... so the US taxpayer paid United States military personnel to stay in the Philippines at Camp Aguinaldo for the last 6 years? I was in the Marines... and never had any idea we did this for any military personnel in jail overseas for civilian crimes... and there unfortunately have been several. I guess the guards came from The US Embassy in the Philippines, can't imagine we would put folks on special orders. "If the US wanted to go through the hassle they could prosecute him not for murder, but for "conduct unbecoming". But usually in cases like this, once he is returned to a Marine base stateside, he will go through a summary court martial for the charge of AWOL "absent without leave" and be given a bad conduct discharge, sentenced to time served and be given a free ride to the main gate." I would hope dishonorable discharge... but either bad conduct or dishonorable will make his life tough from here on out.
  5. Didn’t say for the same crime. But unless he managed to get discharged before he went to jail.... To begin with he’s been AWOL for six years.
  6. Now he likely has to face the US Military judicial system... because I doubt they processed his discharge yet... and they can also bring charges against him.
  7. Yeah sorry... did not mean it come out as your financial advisor said anything or you discussed it with them. My point is that financial statistics and charts can be manipulated in several ways. I don't have a problem with financial advisors per se... and I would never use statistics and charts to make a decision... I look at all the other financials involved... but's thats me.
  8. Friendly argument here is please don't take as a negative reply.... I don't see substantially down, I do see substantially up. But that is the problem with kind of statistics... what if they took the bottom 5 out of 495... what would it would like? What would the top 250 versus the bottom 250 look like... or the top 100 versus the bottom 400.....and on and on and on. My "beef" with financial advisors (not you) is that they put up these sort of charts/statistics to make a point they think is relevant and too often try to act like they know more than us... in this chart it's that 495 companies are doing poorly... if you buy into that... you could make bad decisions.
  9. Sorry... but if someone told you that... they are so wrong... 495 of the 500 are NOT down.... not even close. Don't want to argue... but that's totally inaccurate.
  10. If you're worried about a scanned copy... then get a certified copy mailed to you with a government seal. https://arcc.sdcounty.ca.gov/Pages/marriage-certificates.aspx#4
  11. Excellent points and probably why the BI at the airport don't trust consulate people who issue visa's... my wife is still scratching her head on the S. Koreans.... we don't know of ANY S. Koreans who are married to Filipina's... and between her and her friends they know over half the country I think
  12. Reading this article... I guess they have good reason... the knuckleheads from S. Korea were probably up to no good and got caught. Anything is possible... but if your a legitimate spouse and have your paperwork in order I think one would be OK.
  13. In 1999 my wife bought a Sony TV, a VHS player and 3 VHS movies in Cebu for like a billion peso's (not quite, but it was A LOT)... and then "boated" it all back to Eastern Samar. Then she called me in the middle of the night and asked 'how do I connect this"? A miracle occurred, and somehow she got it all to work. The VHS movies lasted about 2 years until the whole town had them memorized and they eventually disintegrated from being played over and over.... the VHS player was kidnapped while being lent out for the town fiesta one year... and amazingly the TV died a slow death picking up a single station from Tacloban until it's demise during Yolanda. The replacement TV for this now sits ON 12 hours a day connected to cable TV... but unwatched, as everyone has their head buried in a 2'x5" phone watching who knows what
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