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    In the Philippines that would mean you are now responsible for everyones dinner, education, and a monthly stipend
  2. Wonder how many commercial vehicles go under a safety inspection on a regular basis in the Philippines? Last time there we took a bus/van from Tacloban to Guiuan... the sound of the "brakes" was like holding screwdriver on a grinder wheel. I still don't know why I just didn't get off
  3. It's called "Need to Know"... and you apparently don't have a security clearance that high!!! :)
  4. I gotta say... this is waaaay more common than I would have thought. Almost all my wife's nieces and nephews have stayed in places that were purchased by their parents. They even took out loans to buy them sometimes. A few were about the size of a large prison cell, but one sister built a whole house for "everyone in the family" to use just for this reason. Note - We never got involved in any of it... loans, down payments, tuition, etc.
  5. Questions to ask: - What's the deductible on collision and comprehensive. Raising that to what you're comfortable with can make it is less costly. - Does it cover liability? Vehicle and personal injury. And if so.... how much $$ liability???
  6. Yep sending $$$ to girls is a red flag... best to send directly to her boyfriend
  7. There was a time when no one took pictures (no camera's)... the pig disappeared in minutes.... down to the bone.... no leftovers.... and no one got sick.
  8. "went berserk inside a bar in Barangay Cogon-Ramos, Cebu City past 4 a.m. "... still standing at 4 a.m. is impressive by any standard.... unless they started late
  9. I find these sort of articles/stories misleading... the question is "highest where/when????" I just checked... can easily fly R/T from the East Coast to Hawaii for under $700 as long as I buy now for early August. That was a "sale price" 20 years ago. East Coast to Manila R/T for $1,100 same time frame. Tickets to the Philippines were $800 R/T in the early 90's. But I totally get your situation... buying tickets anywhere in the summer has always been more expensive, unless you purchase waaay in advance... and in todays environment thats a bigger risk than most would take. On the OP's situation... I saw a one way ticket from Manila to Singapore for $70... how much cheaper can you get???
  10. yep... I see your problem... you got several things working against you... biggest ones is the rush of people flying for the summer plus many who haven't been back and forth for awhile... if you go out to September you could fly for $4,500 and even Singapore Airlines for $5,500. With kids I'm guessing school drives the dates. $3.500 for 5 in 2017 was a deal though !
  11. Where and when are you flying that doubled??... I see lots of tickets that are pretty reasonable.
  12. cheapest ticket... try using Google Flights... Put Manila for Departure, check "One way", and pick a date on the future a few months out, then hit "Explore"... the world map will show up with one way tickets prices from Manila to a bunch of places.... I just checked... One Way to Singapore $70.
  13. Have done the nipa hut... for 6 months.... back in the late 70's early 80's...there was no electric, and not surrounded by other huts/houses... it was in a location my wife described as... "living on the farm". They are certainly not as hot during the day as any cement/brick house, and they cool down faster at night as well. Rain rarely came in, and when leaks appeared were fixed easily. Rats and snakes... rats weren't a problem "on the farm", they kept it pretty clean.... never saw any snakes around either, but having a dog on the property probably wasn't much to their liking. Personally I'd take a decent nipa hut in a good location any day....LOCATION being the key... it's a lifestyle as much as a place to live.
  14. yep.... you want to "see it"... because who knows if anyone's squatting on it, or some other "deal" that no one has mentioned. Then checking deeds, previous transfer sales, and any other family members with an interest.... the list goes on. Just last week a friend in the Philippines asked my SIL if she could "pawn" her property to her until she started getting her retirement checks from teaching. I never heard of "pawning" property between individuals... but the wife says it's not that uncommon I have no idea how that paperwork would look like or hold up legally.
  15. Mine does as well... the trick is to see if you can toggle it fast enough to get the cool double chirp some cops use... but a good old WWII air raid siren like this one will get everyone rolling...
  16. Have one just like it.... even more fun than they appear... especially if you use your phone to look up sound effects,.. put your phone in speaker mode and hold it to the keyed mic. Amazingly realistic. Sirens are great... machine gun fire (at your own discretion), helicopters, jets, animal noises, etc. It's loud enough for sure! Almost dangerous
  17. Schwab does have an international account option... requires a decent deposit I think. Isn't it amazing how easy it is to send $$$ to relatives... but to ourselves, seems to be challenge
  18. Nespresso here. We addicted to it for several months It's good)... but will admit we ended back with a higher end drip maker... which was waaay better than your standard low end drip coffee maker.
  19. Yeah... but there is nowhere to drive to so not as painful. Now you're making me wonder... is Subic higher than Eastern Samar? I got a make a trip and find out !
  20. 4.17/gallon ain't bad.... on Kauai now... 4.79/gallon
  21. Actually the last PAL direct LAX-CEB flight was 29 December. PAL changed all the LAX-CEB flights to LAX-MNL in January and February. Other international airlines are still flying in to Cebu... at least for now.
  22. Funny how things translate back overseas... here in the US... just now on Fox News 6PM national broadcast they had a clip on how the Philippines has opened up and welcoming all visitors... of course no mention of anything else... so, I'm sure there are thousands++ planning a trip as I type
  23. We usually take Qatar Airways... it's longer because you go through Doha... but they do have flights from Doha to Cebu. Prices aren't that bad. Puddle jump to Seattle... and one stop in Doha.
  24. They someone competing as well!!!!! https://nylonmanila.com/asa-miller-philippines-athlete-2022-winter-olympics/ Asa Miller is set to be the only athlete representing the Philippines in the 2022 Winter Olympics. He is also set to be the flag bearer for the country. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Asa is a dual nationality holder, American and Filipino. His father, Kelly, is American while his mom, Polly, is from the Philippines with roots to Santa Cruz, Manila. Asa began skiing at the young age of one-and-a-half years old. With the help of his parents, he honed his skills into becoming the talented skier that he is today. In November 2021, Asa Miller passed the minimum mark for Olympic qualification of 160 points set by the International Skiing Federation. This, in turn, qualified him for his second Olympics. He is set to compete in two events. The first is the men’s giant slalom event on February 13. The second is the men’s slalom competition on February 16.
  25. https://www.singaporeair.com/flightsearch/searchFlight.form#/booking Singapore Airlines has it... thats R/T...
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