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  1. Hello. Can anyone recommend a reliable real estate lawyer in Dumaguete, Tagbilaran or Cebu? I would need him to double check the property documents before we sign the deed of sale...to do due diligence. Salamat ­čśŐ
  2. Hello. I recently moved to the Philippines and am currently in the process of buying land. The plan is to build a small guesthouse. I was wondering what should I do about the water treatment plan. I know is normal practice for Filipinos to have a septic tank and for the wastewaters to just flow down to the neighbours or to some other land....basically into nature. I really want to have this regulated as I would not feel good to know the chemicals from the shower, dishes and laundry are leaking into the forest. Also, the environmental regulations are getting strict and I don't want to demolish the building one day just to be able to change the water tubes. Does anyone have some tips or solutions to this problem. Is there like a small cleaning device available for a relatively low price?
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