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  1. I know of subdivisions in my area where the internet companies maximum installed capacity is less than 50% of the build out of lots. Until there is a high enough demand for new installations they won't do anything.
  2. Iloilo does offer the 6 month visa but asks/requires that you be married to a filipina and/or have filipino children. Be prepared to show them, preferably in person.
  3. Paid a fine or just brought his visa current? I would expect the BI would require someone with a lapsed visa who is leaving to bring it current before departure.
  4. I used a free VPN, Thunder VPN and used it to connect to Google Play Store. The VPN itself I don't trust, just use it to access the US Google Play Store.
  5. I couldn't find the app on Google Play either. Went to their website using Firefox Lite and found a link to the app. I clicked on the link and it loaded Google Play which then said the app wasn't compatable with my device.
  6. I have not been busted Tommy. They practice something here called Public Shaming, the PNP call in the media for a photo session and the media outlets post their stories on Facebook, and every local here follows at least one media's Facebook page. On another note I recognized an 80 yr old expat out riding his bicycle this morning. Now how did that go in Forest Gump? Stupid is as stupid gets?
  7. Where I am at they take the arrestees to the stadium and have them sit a meter apart outside until the end of curfew. And that is around the track, not in any seats.
  8. Call which office? Main? Do you think they have someone answering the phones on a skeletal staffing? Got an email address for someone high enough in the BI in the main office to give a valid answer that will be applicable to every region? In the mean time, since you cannot extend you visa online and there is no BI office in my province and since my province is in extensive community lockdown where I can't even leave my city, I'm not going to worry about my visa.
  9. Since Morente is Commissioner for the entire BI and not just for Luzon and since in my province which I can't leave due to the lockdown and there isn't a BI where I can renew I am going to take the chance that it is now for the entire Philippines now we are almost all in enhanced community lockdown.
  10. Visa renewals waived while coronavirus calamity ongoing, nationwide. http://www.immigration.gov.ph/images/News/2020_Yr/03_Mar/2020Mar20_Press.pdf Second to the last paragraph
  11. Nah, I just like tinned sardines and tuna on skyflakes! Got the generator the day after Ursula and the following day my electricity was back!
  12. Forget the rice for brownouts, takes too much water to cook. Instead keep a stock of skyflakes or something similar, be sure to rotate/use as they do go stale. Tinned sardines and/or tuna. I generally have several different varieties/flavors around to break up the monotony. Do you have a generator or motorcycle to get around? In that case a 5 gallon/20 liter container of gas can come in handy. FYI my 3100kwh generator uses about 5 liters of gas every 7 hours of use.
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