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  1. You can renew your visa 2 weeks before it expires. That gives you two weeks to begin your application. Your new visa then runs from the expiration date of your old visa.
  2. Cool, the LTO website has changed: Published: 11 May 2017 Last Updated: 13 December 2019 Hits: 2390425 NEW DRIVER'S/CONDUCTOR'S LICENSE CONVERSION OF VALID/EXPIRED FOREIGN DRIVER'S LICENSE TO NON-PROFESSIONAL OR PROFESSIONAL DRIVER'S LICENSE RENEWAL OF NON EXPIRED/EXPIRED DRIVER'S LICENSE RENEWAL OF DRIVER'S LICENSE FOR MORE THAN TWO (2) YEARS BUT LESS THAN TEN (10) YEARS CHANGE CLASSIFICATION FROM NPDL TO PDL ADDITIONAL RESTRICTION CODES AND ALL TRANSACTIONS THAT REQUIRE EXAMINATION WHO MAY AVAIL General Qualifications 1. Must be physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle / to work as conductor 2. Must be able to read and write Filipino and English 3. Must have passed the written and/or practical examination *For new Driver's License (DL), conversion of foreign DL to Philippine DL (expired foreign DL to NPDL, valid/expired foreign DL to PDL), change classification from NPDL TO PDL, renewal of expired DL (more than two (2) years but less than ten (10) years) *For new and renewal of expired conductor's license (more than two (2) years but less than ten(10) years) : must have passed the written examination *For additional restriction code 1 (RC1) : must have passed the practical examination *For change classification from expired PDL to NPDL: must passed the practical driving examination 4. In addition, for foreigner, the applicant must have been in the Philippines for at least one (1) month and will stay in the country for at least six (6) months from date of application
  3. I also experience low to no water pressure on weekends during those times, sometimes to the extent that I turn on a tap and hear air being drawn in! I suspect that it is a combination of too small a water supply (read water main) an too many people using booster pumps sucking all the water out of the supply piping in my subdivision to fill their storage tanks. The water main running along the road to our subdivision is 5" blue plastic. I don't know what is within my subdivision but suspect smaller. I wonder how much negative pressure the joints on the blue piping can stand before the seals fail an dirt is drawn into the piping.
  4. a Smart tower? I use Globe during brownouts as I found them to usually be powered during these outages.
  5. My gf is in training for Eperformax and says starting rate will be 16k/mo. Eperformax is tied into a business travel website in the US arranging flights and hotel rooms in the US only at this time. I have told here in that call center work will be difficult for her as her shift will be from 9pm to 6am. Anyone have experience with this?
  6. Not correct. The library you can access is based on your IP address, not where you signed up. To get the US library you need to use a VPN that isn't blocked.
  7. I have a TCL 4k on the way from Lazada. Best bang for the buck I was able to find. Cost-wise I would have had to pay almost double for a Sony or LG. I would recommend to stay away from Sharp based on personal experience.
  8. I have and had a 50% success rate with Ryobi. Not the easiest thing to do and instructions vary. Essentially you are bypassing the circuitry to get a minimal charge in the cells and then let the circuitry take over. If you have a dead cell or cells in your pack it will not work.
  9. Craftsman tools are now made in China and have been for at least the last 5+ years. I believe there are now 3 grades. The hardest to find, and the most pricey, are the Lifetime Warranty ones. The most common ones are the ones that are warranted until they break, then you need to buy a new one.
  10. If you are a Filipino by birth what aren't you getting your dual citizenship? Bring your receipt showing you paid for the acr-i card. No need to bring photos if they didn't take one when you applied for the card. The photo that will be used is the electronic one from your passport. My acr-i card took 2+ months before it was available to be picked up. Your experience may vary.....
  11. Typical moonshine is about 160 proof out of the still... Don't ask how I know..
  12. Bring your own, best not to chance not finding them.
  13. Mine was a Panasonic also... And agree the bread was on the heavy side. Mixed well but the loaf needed to proof longer and higher.
  14. In the States I would use a bread machine and then transfer to a loaf pan to bake in the oven. Was better able to control the rise and the bread wasn't as dense as when totally made in the bread machine. I also had branched out into making baguettes and sourdough breads, yummy! In addition to SM I have heard you can get your flours in S & R stores, an Italian friend of mine who bakes bread mentioned. Have not baked since I came to the Philippines though, no oven. Will be moving in a couple of months, hopefully to a place with an oven!
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