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  1. Welcome SJ! Tourist visa is not a problem, come in on a 30 day free visa, extend for 29 days the first time then get 2 month visa extensions afterward. You will end up needed to get an ACR-I card but that is good for a year and renewable, just renew it before it expires. $2000 US a month you should easily be able to live well on outside of the major metros(read NCR). Do you want to be around other expats? Lapu-Lapu on Mactan Island across from Cebu City comes to mind along with Panglao Island. Both have easy access to some great beaches and good eats as they are touristy. Boracay off Northwest Panay is also a possibility but might put a bit of strain on your budget. Dumaguete on Negros also comes to mind. With the exception of Dumaguete these are quite touristy and have a fair amount of expat tourists. Dumaguete is more laid back and more of an expat community. Some good beaches to the south, Valencia in the mountains and Apo Island nearby for snorkeling and diving.
  2. About 7 years ago my brother tripped and was unable to get up on his own. He was 65 at the time and considered healthy and active. After no improvement for several weeks he was sent to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota and was finally diagnosed with 'Statin Induced Muscular Neuropathy'. When you work, exercise or even just move your muscles, they break down and are rebuilt. This is what happens to make our muscles stronger. The statin drugs he was on stopped the rebuilding process so his muscles were dying and he was getting weaker. After taking him off statins he has recovered a fair bit but now the doctors are having a hard time trying to lower his cholesterol to where they think it should be without the use of statins. There are conflicting studies out there on how much your diet and exercise really play in a person's cholesterol level. Several of the studies showed a very minimal effect on the levels.
  3. Just like a spring trap. The first one gets the poison, the second one gets in free!
  4. You are correct. It was one of those "Left turn, Clyde" moments! Actually I think it was "Right turn, Clyde" as I don't think they allowed Clyde to drive unless Clint had a few too many!
  5. Stuff the cracks first with steel wool, then foam. The rats shouldn't be able to chew through the steel if you pack enough in first.
  6. What! And pay more to hire a person who can do simple math on a register and be able to count change??? I am being funny but sadly it is true. I can't tell you the number of times I have had to correct a teller and hand money back to them because they couldn't count.
  7. There is a big difference between being highly educated and having a well-rounded education.
  8. Even better, get a Schwab High Interest Checking Account with Debit Card. They also don't charge international transaction fees AND reimburse you for all ATM charges! It is a Visa debit card so runs under the Interlink, Plus, Star and Money Pass systems. Grab highly recommended for the Manila area, Cebu City, Bacolod, Iloilo and Davao too. Other areas you will end up using jeepneys and tricycles.
  9. The Flu viruses mutate every year which necessitates the annual flu inoculation as the flu viruses are aggressive. Our immune system peaks at it's strongest from 35-55 and then begins to weaken which is why booster immunizations are recommended and why pneumococcal inoculations are recommended for people over 65. Remember that tetanus shots should be renewed every 10 years as their effectiveness wears off and no doctor in their right mind would tell you not to renew it. Could be because we become more sedentary and our metabolism begins to slow. On another note there are studies and doctors that now say that it isn't a matter of if you will have a problem taking statins for cholesterol but when that problem occurs. Not wide-spread knowledge but people over 60 shouldn't be taking them. They can kill you.
  10. I think the $550 per year difference may be true globally but I think it is a little shy of the mark in the USA. For people who can afford to eat healthy, do a price comparison between Walmart and Whole Foods. You can get eggs at Walmart for less than $1 per dozen but at Whole Foods I wouldn't be surprised if the cheapest was at least $1.50 per dozen. Walmart has some fresh fruit and veggies but not the quality or quantity at Whole Foods. $550 a year is significant just in food to low income earners. Now carry that over into the other costs for living and the difference total really mounts up.
  11. Which means it only becomes apparent the further you sit from the screen. So unless you are sitting 15 - 20 ft away from the screen you won't see the difference between a 4k and an 8k. If you have a 100"+ screen in a home theater with seating and a sound system to match it might be worthwhile.
  12. About 3 weeks ago a group of foreign dental students rented a machine for 24 hrs and proceeded to use it late into the night and the next day. I mentioned it to my landlord (Filipino) that it sounded like someone was torturing cats and he agreed and was pissed that the guards didn't stop them at 10pm as per posted notice! Everyone else in the subdivision adheres to the notice and he complained to the guard agency that it is their responsibility to enforce it.
  13. Phils is middle of the pack, 99th of 180 countries and is tied with a good half dozen or more countries. And they admit that their survey is flawed as several high ranking countries have been disclosed in corruption cases, including the #1, Denmark.
  14. Yes, it is called the cost for your Visa. You pay for your Tourist Visa extensions, you can get a one month, two month or six month extensions. Cost averages out to be about $30-$35 per month.
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