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  1. You need to get out, there ARE canned sardine rides going on, mainly in trikes labeled "Family Use". And there are increases in fares in Panay, both for trikes and jeepneys. I think they doubled the cost since they can only LEGALLY transport half as many passengers at a time.
  2. They get bigger as I understand. I have heard a 10lb largemouth bass is fairly common in some lakes. There are also peacock bass here.
  3. Not all over the country, mainly in the hotbeds such as Cebu City and the NCR.
  4. They would do regular processing to bring your visa current, however, if they brought my visa current at that time it would be valid for only 1 week before it would expire, so they extended my visa for 3 months and charged the express fee. As I understand, the BI is only doing 2 month extensions at this time.
  5. I was not charged an express fee for my expired visa. However I WAS charged an express fee to extend, no option as I did ask for non-express fee. Depending on when your first expired visa expired you may be charged a penalty.
  6. It all depends on which state your property is located as the requirements vary state to state. A limited power of attorney may be able to be used. It is a notarized document as it must be filed along with the transfer of title. The format for the document and the type of nortary stamp used if created and signed overseas (i.e., foreign (Filipino) notary, US notary, etc.) and transmittal can have specific requirements. Best to ask the title company/attorney handling the sale.
  7. I know of subdivisions in my area where the internet companies maximum installed capacity is less than 50% of the build out of lots. Until there is a high enough demand for new installations they won't do anything.
  8. Iloilo does offer the 6 month visa but asks/requires that you be married to a filipina and/or have filipino children. Be prepared to show them, preferably in person.
  9. Paid a fine or just brought his visa current? I would expect the BI would require someone with a lapsed visa who is leaving to bring it current before departure.
  10. I used a free VPN, Thunder VPN and used it to connect to Google Play Store. The VPN itself I don't trust, just use it to access the US Google Play Store.
  11. I couldn't find the app on Google Play either. Went to their website using Firefox Lite and found a link to the app. I clicked on the link and it loaded Google Play which then said the app wasn't compatable with my device.
  12. I have not been busted Tommy. They practice something here called Public Shaming, the PNP call in the media for a photo session and the media outlets post their stories on Facebook, and every local here follows at least one media's Facebook page. On another note I recognized an 80 yr old expat out riding his bicycle this morning. Now how did that go in Forest Gump? Stupid is as stupid gets?
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