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  1. April? Rainy season ends in about a month.
  2. Hobbit112


    Actually that is a great price for USDA steaks!
  3. Are you sure about that? San Miguel is now brewing Heineken here under license.
  4. Interesting link. It would be better if it had a broader search such as province as towns can be as little as 1 meter apart.
  5. If you want mountains by the sea and can put up with small town living and yet be a couple of hours drive from Iloilo or Boracay consider San Jose de Buenevista in Antique or Antique in general. Not many expats and not much hustle and bustle and there may be a shortage of some creature comforts but it is beautiful there with good diving, fishing and seafood.
  6. I check my speed frequently and am finding that I need to reset my Globe router if I want to stream in the evenings. During the morning and days the speed is fine but in the evenings my speed will drop down to .1 Mbps or lower.
  7. Oh wow, I was in Korandal last month. A lovely city and good food to be had!
  8. You probably won't see Behr paint products here until there is a US Home Depot here as Home Depot has purchased the exclusivity rights to that brand. They do market under other names such as Kilz and Masterchem. I know this as I worked the paint desk in a Home Depot before I came here.
  9. Very true about flat interior paint. Some of the cheaper varieties will even wash off the walls with minimal scrubbing! We had a paint finish in the US that was between Flat and Semi-Gloss called Eggshell which was the most popular paint finish. Very durable but with a low sheen. I don't know if it is available here in the Philippines. High moisture areas and areas subject to frequent cleanings should be painted in either Semi-Gloss or Gloss. In general the higher the sheen the more durable the paint. "You get what you pay for" is generally true when it comes to paint with a few exceptions, such as Sherwin-Williams brand being on of the exceptions. Their pricing scheme is to support the contractors and rape the consumer/DIYer.
  10. Outside of the imported brands like you can find in S&R and some other places, the CDO brand regular smoked bacon isn't bad. Thin sliced it is true and don't buy the Maple cured stuff, it burns too quickly in the pan! I have cured my own bacon in the US and it wasn't hard. I used a spice mix/kit from Cabela's (now owned by Bass Pro) which you may be able to get online. Used a pork shoulder and took 10 days in the fridge. Absolutely delicious. On another note, I am making my own American Style breakfast sausage. Copycat recipes are available online and you can get meat grinders cheaply, the only issue is sourcing the spices which I have been successful at both locally and on Lazada.
  11. Pickup truck? Try being behind or next to a subcompact with the trunk filled with a 1200W subwoofer. You will think your windows are going to shatter! You can actually see their windows vibrate! What they have here is old school, you can get the same or greater volume out of smaller speakers now.
  12. Read the label, it's there. I also thought it tasted similar to San Mig so not worth the cost.
  13. The stuff here is brewed by San Mig in Manila.
  14. The tissue on the bottles is so you can wipe the rust off the lip before you drink from it. The bottle caps here have a tendency to rust.
  15. Apparently you haven't been in the US for a while. It's just as bad if not worse coming from the vehicles. On the other hand you don't get that much distortion from the non moving venues as they will get noise complaints phoned in to the police fairly quickly.
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