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  1. I use Keepsolid's VPN Unlimited which says it unblocks BBC iPlayer. 
    Free 7 day trial. https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/help/streaming 

    I scored a Lifetime deal for less than $50 US from CNN.  Good for uipto 5 devices and can also be installed on some routers.

    What app do you use to play BBC iPlayer?  there are many listed on Android but which one works?

    Latly I have been having isues downloading country specific apps.  Even with my VPN running Google Play


    VPN appears to be working, website wants me to register and defaults to United Kingdom for Country.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Tommy T. said:

    Yeah, I understand. I already have a great VPN now that sets me in San Francisco. In the six months using it, it has been wonderful and makes access to banks, investments, etc. very easy. It's definitely worth the few dollars annually for the service.

    Tommy, for the Firestik you will need a VPN that is good for streaming.  Not all VPNs are good for that and usuall the low cost ones don't work well for streaming.  Your experience may vary...

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  3. Welcome Kawanor!  Depending on what you like scenic-wise and what you like to do there are literally thousands of places that are possibilities.  For smaller cities and areas consider the provinces of Aklan, Antique, Iloilo and Capiz on Panay island in the western visayas.  I would also consider Romblon and Marinduque also.

    There are also many areas on Cebu Island and not just Cebu City that are possibilities.

  4. 17 hours ago, Yeochief said:

    I sent them a message a few days back, no response yet.  Asked how fast could I get an ATM card and do I have to maintain a balance in the account.

    If you are talking about a Schwab account, I did the application online.  They required a US address at the time (20 months ago).  Checks and ATM card received in about 10 days at US address.

    One you have the card you can use their app (can be installed on your phone in the Phils) and send a travel notice on where you will be using the card.  Notice can be dated same day. 

    Regarding a balance, I try to keep at least $200 in my account.  I use it as a debit sweep account and only transfer what I expect to need each month into it from my main account in another bank. (ACH transfer, no charge from either bank)

  5. 16 hours ago, GeoffH said:

    They are saying that there was about 2700 tons of ammonium nitrate stored there.

    I'm not sure how the explosive power of that compares ton to ton versus TNT but if it's ton for ton then it would be about 20% of the Hiroshima fission bomb yield (which I guess explains the dome explosion and the short lived mushroom cloud) :(

    If I am reading Wikipedia correctly the explosiveness (?) of Ammonium Nitrate is about 40% of TNT, pound for pound.

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  6. 20 hours ago, manofthecoldland said:

    I see in the news videos and other vblogs that the plastic barriers are emplaced in jeepneys and trikes and the reg. temp checks and sprays are being  used in places.  Any personally experience this yet, or have a family member report on how it is working out for them?

    No more canned sardine rides for awhile it seems. Don't know what the profit margins are now,  if any..... and haven't heard about any rate increases...... except the stories my wife tells me about exorbitant demands from trike drivers if you try to use one coming out of the mall.


    You need to get out, there ARE canned sardine rides going on, mainly in trikes labeled "Family Use".  And there are increases in fares in Panay, both for trikes and jeepneys.  I think they doubled the cost since they can only LEGALLY transport half as many passengers at a time.

  7. 3 hours ago, Joey G said:

    Never knew that largemouth bass were brought into the Philippines... being so warm, I wonder if they would get as big as they do in Florida and SoCal.... 

    They get bigger as I understand.  I have heard a 10lb largemouth bass is fairly common in some lakes.  There are also peacock bass here.

  8. 20 hours ago, Polchasa said:

    Thanks. I wasn't sure on the policy of new threads vs using older/existing threads, though I did think it might not get noticed there, so I appreciate this.

    You mean you asked for regular processing for an upcoming expiry/extension but they refused and only offered express?

    I was wondering whether that was going to be normal policy now (express only) since they may prefer people are in and out on the same day and not showing up randomly later for pickup. (And it gives them a reason/excuse to charge everyone the fee again, like they used to.)

    Thanks for your answer.

    They would do regular processing to bring your visa current, however, if they brought my visa current at that time it would be valid for only 1 week before it would expire, so they extended my visa for 3 months and charged the express fee. As I understand, the BI is only doing 2 month extensions at this time. 

  9. 4 hours ago, Polchasa said:

    Can anyone (on tourist visa) who's paid their expired visas this month tell me, are they charging regular price or adding express (+1000) visa fees?

    And if express and you had two missed extensions, was it PHP1000 extra on each visa (PHP2000 more in total) or just once for all the processing (PHP1000 more in total)?

    While I'm posting, does anyone know the correct price of a visa waiver (first 29 days)? A few years back I was charged 3140 + 1000 express, but on the BI site [link] (dated 2014) it says 3030 including express fee, and this Tripadvisor post [link] says the price is 3030-3140 depending on the office used, which seems unlikely, but anything is possible in PH.


    I was not charged an express fee for my expired visa.  However I WAS charged an express fee to extend, no option as I did ask for non-express fee.

    Depending on when your first expired visa expired you may be charged a penalty.

  10. It all depends on which state your property is located as the requirements vary state to state. 

    A limited power of attorney may be able to be used.  It is a notarized document as it must be filed along with the transfer of title. The format for the document and the type of nortary stamp used if created and signed overseas (i.e., foreign (Filipino) notary, US notary, etc.) and transmittal can have specific requirements.  Best to ask the title company/attorney handling the sale.

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  11. 23 minutes ago, RBM said:

    Friend left on a repatriation flight recently. Was over due on tourist visa due to lock down, paid a fine at airport immigration.



    Paid a fine or just brought his visa current?  I would expect the BI would require someone with a lapsed visa who is leaving to bring it current before departure.

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  12. 2 hours ago, OnMyWay said:

    I figured out the WHY on a few things.

    I went to their website on my Android phone using Chrome.  I was able to login but the first thing that comes up is that I need to upload ID.  I chose passport but on the next page when I hit upload, nothing happens.

    Like you, I also tried the link to the app.  I was told it is not allowed in this country.

    I'm going nowhere fast.

    I used a free VPN, Thunder VPN and used it to connect to Google Play Store.  The VPN itself I don't trust,  just use it to access the US Google Play Store. 

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  13. 5 hours ago, OnMyWay said:

    I searched Google Play and I don't find a Moneygram App.   On their website, it says "Get the app on the links below" and there are no links.

    In Edge, under the message above, it had links to the app.  That took me to Google play and the app.  However, on my phone, I can't find the app in Google play.

    I couldn't find the app on Google Play either.  Went to their website using Firefox Lite and found a link to the app.  I clicked on the link and it loaded Google Play which then said the app wasn't compatable with my device.  

  14. 37 minutes ago, Tommy T. said:

    Not doubting you at all, Hobbit... but curious how do you know this? have you witnessed or been busted?:whistling:

    I have not been busted Tommy.  They practice something here called Public Shaming, the PNP call in the media for a photo session and the media outlets post their stories on Facebook, and every local here follows at least one media's Facebook page.

    On another note I recognized an 80 yr old expat out riding his bicycle this morning.  Now how did that go in Forest Gump?  Stupid is as stupid gets?

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  15. 2 hours ago, Mike J said:

    How is that "social distance" working out when you jam 100 or so bodies into a cell designed to hold a dozen? :89:

    Where I am at they take the arrestees to the stadium and have them sit a meter apart outside until the end of curfew.

    And that is around the track, not in any seats.

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  16. 3 hours ago, hk blues said:

    If it were me, that's what I'd do - or call them. 

    I often say to my wife that it's better to ask forgiveness than permission - dealing with the BI is the exception to that!  

    Call which office?  Main? Do you think they have someone answering the phones on a skeletal staffing? 

    3 hours ago, hk blues said:

    What about sending an email to the BI and asking what the situation is for the many foreigners who live outside Luzon and whose nearest BI office is open (unlike Luzon) but are under lockdown?

    Got an email address for someone high enough in the BI in the main office to give a valid answer that will be applicable to every region?


    In the mean time, since you cannot extend you visa online and there is no BI office in my province and since my province is in extensive community lockdown where I can't even leave my city, I'm not going to worry about my visa.  

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