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  1. 4 hours ago, Jack D said:

    Prior to the war, a Japanese general toured the USA, and he knew that Japan would lose a war with the USA (if they ever had one) because he personally observed the American capability to out produce them and everyone else.

    Didn't the Japanese general say something like 'beware prodding the sleeping bear'?

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  2. 19 hours ago, KevinG said:

    I've been searching unsuccessfully for a helmet that fits me for the better part of 2 months here in Cebu.  I've got a large head for Philippine standards, XL or 2XL, not exactly sure.  None of the shops here carry anything larger than L, so it's impossible to know.  I bought a 2XL off Lazada, and it doesn't fit either.  Its too wide, but not long enough.  I think the length is shortened to accommodate the pull down sun visor that is installed within the helmet itself.  Anybody have any good ideas on how I can connect with a properly sized helmet here?  I've tried everything I know of.

    No Moto shop near you?  My local Robinson's mall has a Moto shop and I found an EVO modular helmet there in XL which fits me.

  3. 18 minutes ago, Mike J said:

    Mostly use it for baking cookies and cakes.  We have used it fairly often for pizza and lasagna also.  Have not used the roterise function but I think it would work well for roasting, but I wonder about splatters, drips, and cleanup?

    That would be my question also.  I have looked at them and am considering a purchase but wonder how much of a pain in the a$$ it will be to clean.  I had a George Forman Rotisserie and loved it and it wasn't that hard to clean, it had liners that came out that caught the splatters. 

  4. I am one of the few people that had an implant fail.  I got an infection in the bone around the post and had to have it drilled out and bone graft inserted to fill the hole.  Must have been a big hole as the oral surgeon had to use 2 batches of bone graft material to fill it.  All good now but I don't think I will give it another try.  Removal was free as the oral surgeon was the one who installed it.  It failed after about 5 years.  Removed about 2 years ago.  

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  5. 16 hours ago, Heeb said:

    It’s probably the female monkeys, back in 1984 I lived out in Olongapo and I had two pet monkeys, they used to sell the smaller ones on Magsaysay street, the female would boss around the male and chase him until I put a mirror in there, after that she would look at herself most of the time and didn’t bother the poor guy anymore.They escaped one day and I never saw them again.

    Did they take the mirror with them????:hystery:

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  6. On 10/26/2019 at 12:58 PM, Tommy T. said:

    She tells me that the best masa (plaster) that she is aware of is called Wallright Cement Plaster.

    Easy Google search:



    Product description

    Holcim WallRight is a masonry cement conforming to PNS ASTM C91 Type S specifications.

    Holcim WallRight is used for hollow block laying and filling, plastering, and finishing. It has superior bond strength, increased water retention, and smoother texture compared to ordinary cement applied as a finish.

    Holcim WallRight is specially developed to have superior bond stength and high workability.
    * Superior bond stength makes plastering application easier and faster
    * Extendable mixture ~ 1:4 (cement:sand)
    * Allows easy placement and better bonding for hollow block laying
    * Improves quality of surface finish compared to ordinary cement

    For more information, call our Customer Care Center at 581-1588


    On further note, gypsum powder is also called Plaster of Paris or just plaster for short which can be used as a skimcoat because it can give a very smooth finish.  It's not durable by itself but adheres well and can fill hairline cracks.

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  7. 15 hours ago, Marvin Boggs said:

    Sound like yours wins the prize for absurdity!  On another Wilcon trip we had 12 sticks of 3-meter-long wire molding.  Do you think she can just bleep the laser across the first one 12 times?  Nope.  She has to bleep e-v-e-r-y  s-i-n-g-l-e  o-n-e.  Then the guard is going to carefully count them one by one also.  Amazing!:dance:

    In Home Depot in the US you have the option of counting all and scanning one or scanning all individually.  The reasons to scan all is to make sure a more expensive one hasn't been slipped in(they are watched closely) and to take more time, the cashiers here don't make $14/hr like in the US!

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  8. 14 hours ago, roddavis said:

    Just bought some more steaks at BelChris:

    JGF: The one by IT Park Cebu is on Gov M Cuenco in Banilad where the road divides one elevated and the other just goes straight.

    Bout five  kilos frozen USDA steaks at P500 per Kilo or under $5 US per pound. Not a bad price for a steak, USDA, taste great!

    Actually that is a great price for USDA steaks!

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  9. 14 hours ago, roddavis said:

    Birthday today. Went to Vikings and had roast beast and gravy. Loaded up with Cheese and beer ten a plate of Sushi. Not bad for a free lunch The beer was import German on tap!

    Are you sure about that?  San Miguel is now brewing Heineken here under license.

  10. 4 hours ago, "P2" said:

    You might be interested in looking at this database of Terrorist activity in the Philippines. Pretty comprehensive and eye opening. Kind of gives you an idea of where the threats are mostly. You can sort it by city to see how much reported terrorist activity is in your town....



    Interesting link.  It would be better if it had a broader search such as province as towns can be as little as 1 meter apart.

  11. If you want mountains by the sea and can put up with small town living and yet be a couple of hours drive from Iloilo or Boracay consider San Jose de Buenevista in Antique or Antique in general.  Not many expats and not much hustle and bustle and there may be a shortage of some creature comforts but it is beautiful there with good diving, fishing and seafood.  


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  12. On 10/5/2019 at 6:51 AM, Mike J said:

    I really liked the Behr paint products.  I always went for there top of the line paint.  Excellent coverage and held up very well to cleaning.  I have not seen it here.

    You probably won't see Behr paint products here until there is a US Home Depot here as Home Depot has purchased the exclusivity rights to that brand.  They do market under other names such as Kilz and Masterchem.  I know this as I worked the paint desk in a Home Depot before I came here. :smile:

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  13. 20 hours ago, Mike J said:

    The flat gets dirty easily and is a bitch to try and clean, dirt seems to actually penetrate the paint.  I have never cared for a gloss finish, just a personal preference.  So semi-gloss is kind of a compromise for me.   The exception to this is the CR where I do use gloss enamel, where there is no tile, because of the moisture and need to wipe down walls to prevent mildew.  Anything other than gloss does not seem to hold up to frequent cleaning.  Paint is one of those things where you almost always "get what you pay for".  I do not like to paint, so I try to buy the best and most long lasting paint so I don't have to repaint so often.

    Very true about flat interior paint.  Some of the cheaper varieties will even wash off the walls with minimal scrubbing!  We had a paint finish in the US that was between Flat and Semi-Gloss called Eggshell which was the most popular paint finish.  Very durable but with a low sheen.  I don't know if it is available here in the Philippines.  

    High moisture areas and areas subject to frequent cleanings should be painted in either Semi-Gloss or Gloss.  In general the higher the sheen the more durable the paint.

    "You get what you pay for" is generally true when it comes to paint with a few exceptions, such as Sherwin-Williams brand being on of the exceptions.  Their pricing scheme is to support the contractors and rape the consumer/DIYer.

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  14. 6 hours ago, Gary D said:

    Good bacon must be available somewhere,  we bad a full English breakfast at Vasco's in Subic last week and the bacon was just like UK bacon.

    Outside of the imported brands like you can find in S&R and some other places, the CDO brand regular smoked bacon isn't bad.  Thin sliced it is true and don't buy the Maple cured stuff, it burns too quickly in the pan!

    I have cured my own bacon in the US and it wasn't hard.  I used a spice mix/kit from Cabela's (now owned by Bass Pro) which you may be able to get online.  Used a pork shoulder and took 10 days in the fridge.  Absolutely delicious.

    On another note, I am making my own American Style breakfast sausage.  Copycat recipes are available online and you can get meat grinders cheaply, the only issue is sourcing the spices which I have been successful at both locally and on Lazada. 

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  15. On 9/20/2019 at 2:50 PM, Tommy T. said:

    Quite right that I haven't been there for a  long while - over 20 years to spend any time - and no, I don't really miss it either....

    I just don't remember being in traffic behind any half pick-up truck vehicles and faced with booming, distorting sound "music????" with a bunch of guys in the back too as they sit and absorb it... I guess I am showing my age now?...

    Pickup truck?  Try being behind or next to a subcompact with the trunk filled with a 1200W subwoofer.  You will think your windows are going to shatter!  You can actually see their windows vibrate! 

    What they have here is old school, you can get the same or greater volume out of smaller speakers now.

  16. 4 hours ago, virginprune said:

    Can you provide documentary evidence for that because I can't find that assertion anywhere. If that is the case I am surprised that it is priced as imported beer.

    Read the label, it's there.  I also thought it tasted similar to San Mig so not worth the cost.

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  17. 35 minutes ago, GeoffH said:

    A lot of places will serve cold bottles with a small tissue (cutlery also).

    I’m not sure how effective that is but I go with what the locals do and wipe the mouth of the bottle before drinking *shrug*.

    The tissue on the bottles is so you can wipe the rust off the lip before you drink from it.  The bottle caps here have a tendency to rust.

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  18. 4 hours ago, Tommy T. said:

    Well, they are great imitators here... sortof... But they play "music?" so loud it distorts... No Americans do that...:huh:

    Apparently you haven't been in the US for a while.  It's just as bad if not worse coming from the vehicles.  On the other hand you don't get that much distortion from the non moving venues as they will get noise complaints phoned in to the police fairly quickly.

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