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  1. Brett, I read through the requirements for the Expanded Curtesy SRRV and they finally changed it to say "Certificate by the Concerned Organization/Agency pertaining to his Achievement". It used to specifically require a DD214 form which is the US discharge papers and that was the sticky point as many workers follow the printed guidelines verbatim. Yes you can complete you SRRV while under a Tourist Visa. If the PRA thinks you will need to extend it they will charge you for it and take care of it during the processing as they will have your passport. As a non-military single person I have not decided if the SRRV is cost effective for me yet. Th annual cost for a Tourist Visa runs about $360 as it stands now so I would be out the application fee of $1500 and not be able to touch the deposit.
  2. Get some hard facts regarding this at the PRA. At least 1 Aussie has stated he has not been able to get it as he said 1 of the requirements is a copy of your DD214, a US Military Discharge form.
  3. 1980 Ford Thunderbird Town Landau with 5.0L V8, Michelin TRX suspension, tires and wheels. Automatic headlights, cruise control, premium sound system, keyless entry, sunroof and factory installed CB radio. A joy to drive and I drove it until the motor, transmission and body all went.
  4. Some audiophiles consider BOSE stands for Buy Other Sound Equipment! I had Cerwin Vega's and Definitive Technologies (DefTech) hooked to a Yamaha receiver/amp before I moved here, all given away.
  5. Don't miss the Temple of Leah near Cebu City https://binged.it/2YPY5Bp
  6. As originally envisioned and chartered it wasn't, you got what you paid in. But the politicians changed that...…..
  7. Quite interesting though it also causes the question 'why' for some of the loci. For instance the majority of the undersea lines seem to surface at Batangas on Luzon yet distribution to the majority of the islands goes out of Cavite and the NDTN goes through Lucerna with no direct connection to an overseas cable.
  8. It will be interesting to see how this new telecom starts operation as I seem to remember that it initially was supposed to start out in Mindanao and spread from there. Laying new undersea lines between the islands in addition to additional and higher capacity trunk lines to the rest of the world is greatly needed, especially if the Philippines wish to expand their IT business. I seem to remember there are currently 2 undersea trunk lines, 1 to Asia and 1 to the US and both originate in Manila. https://dict.gov.ph/dict-to-pilot-test-fiber-backbone/
  9. Welcome Greg! Definitely come for a visit or two and travel around before you make a commitment, there is much to see and people and places are different! And don't just visit the touristy places as you may just find a hidden gem that fits you to a tee!
  10. If you stay out of Cebu City which can be 5-10F hotter than the surrounding countryside because of all of the concrete you should be fine. I am in the Western Visayas but on the coast and the hottest I have seen is 92F. The humidity is more of an issue as it seems to be high continually. The use of fans is the key, I always keep one running and usually have one pointed at me when at home. I have not used my aircon this summer as I get a great breeze through my apartment most of the time and since I live on the second floor I sleep with my windows open (not recommended in many areas). I am originally from Minnesota and Nebraska and I agree it gets hotter there with similar humidity however it cooled down more there in the evenings, coolest I have seen here has been 78F so far. Hope this helps and welcome to the Forum!
  11. Actually Mark, every country discriminates against foreigners in one way or another, including the USA and the EU.
  12. Found the same thing, even stated a USD minimum amount of $260,000. There was a maximum of $520,000 also stated without approval of an agency. There were a couple of other restrictions mentioned also, one of which was no agricultural land.
  13. I think that is core costs only. They don't like to post all their costs. With rent I really have to watch my spending to keep my budget under $1000 a month here in the Philippines.
  14. That's cheap insurance! In the US my house insurance ran $1500 per year for a 100k value house and my car insurance was $650 for basic liability.
  15. I would say there is as much as that kind of violence in the US or more, you just don't hear about it. The US media is more focused on national news and sensationalism and don't necessarily want to alarm the general populace. Just my opinion.
  16. No, cornstarch needs heat to thicken, just like flour. But cornstarch has a more neutral taste. In essence you are adding something to absorb the excess water, both will do that.
  17. Nice to have a choice, eh? In any country a citizen has more benefits over a non-citizen.
  18. Know of a similar situation. Wife in Germany has first crack at his pension and sends him an allowance. The kids I can understand, taking them away from their friends is very hard to do and same if mama has already decided to stay. Plus the benefits of a German education and connections made compared to one in the Philippines is hard to beat.
  19. I saw it also in the US. There were times I went out to appraise a property and the car in the garage was worth more that the house!
  20. I'd never get out of there, all that running water would make me have to pee constantly!
  21. They both are. The one on the left is going to work in a strip club in New York City (Note the New York Lottery sign in background) while the one on the right is Daddy's little rich girl in Beverly Hills, CA!
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