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  1. Hello All, I will be making a trip down to Mindanao in September and a buddy and I are looking for a fishing charter or someone who we can hire to take us fishing while there. We will probably want to fish for 2 or 3 days and would like to attempt to catch the larger stuff such as tuna, tanigue, grouper, rockfish, roosterfish, dorado, etc. Haven't found anything on the 'net which isn't surprising to me. Any suggestions/recommendations/contacts greatly appreciated!
  2. I also would recommend the Logitech C922 or C930 series. They are pricey but do allot of the processing of the video stream in the camera instead of on the computer. Look for a cam that does H.264 streaming, it will reduce your bandwidth usage. Most video chat apps nowadays will handle streaming of 720P if your internet will handle it. Having a camera that will do the H.264 processing onboard along with the 720P resolution will give you a sharp image. These Logitech webcams also have autofocus and digital zoom, one thing yours does not have. But if the one you listed was for the one for 407 PHP I might give it a shot, just don't expect much. Attach it to a decent computer and you might be surprised. Don't sit too far away or you may look like an ant in the video. Before I came here there was a Black Friday special at Home Depot, a GoPro Chinese knockoff for $19.95. I bought 2 when the price got to $16.95. I didn't expect much, it will record for about an hour and then the battery runs out and the audio recording is terrible, but the video is HD 1080P and isn't bad! Came with a GoPro compatible waterproof housing and several attachments! All in all I think it was a good deal and worth the money.
  3. Yes, someone misplaced the decimal point. The shocking thing about this story is that it implies that only 41% of elementary students graduate from high school (12M down to 5M)! And then only 10% of the high school grads graduate from college.
  4. Take everything you read on Lazada with a grain of salt. The maximum dynamic resolution: 640 * 480, This is NOT a high resolution nor high-definition camera enjoy the big-screen visual experience Big screen not going to be enjoyable at 640x480 so don't display on your 42" HDTV Built-in sound absorption microphone, you can clearly hear the sound within 10 meters. Really? I don't know if a high quality, professional microphone will do that in a soundbooth! Support Windows 2000 / XP / win7 / win8 / win10 / Vista 32bit, Android TV Tipoff that it is old technology This device is plug and pray, using generic drivers in Windows, no custom drivers to get the most out of the equipment. Hopefully the cost is low otherwise I would pass on it.
  5. Hobbit112

    Last Supper

    I thought in the USA it was the painting of dogs playing poker?
  6. Any sort of recognition has been banned in California, that is called profiling.
  7. Did you also notice that the age range is 4-17 for Little Miss Universe?
  8. Really? Golden Corral?? A VERY limited buffet at best, but cheap. I know people who go there for the soft serve desert. Most of the food doesn't even compare to what is served at Vikings. Cost-wise I have been at better buffets on the Vegas strip.
  9. A Notary Public, if based on the same licensing as in the USA, is mainly there to certify that the people who sign legal documents are actually the people named in the documents. What is said in front of them typically means nothing unless it pertains to the identity of the people signing said documents. If it isn't in writing, it typically is not legally binding. There are a few times where a verbal contract may be enforceable, mainly in small claims court. The more important the item, the more it needs to be in writing and notarized to be enforceable. HOA dues CAN run with the land, no matter who incurred them, as can some utility bills, just like taxes. It depends on the structure of the utility/municipality/HOA/Subdivision/Province. Were HOA dues and other potentially unpaid bills addressed in the written agreement to purchase said property? I won't go into potential lawyer responsibility as that can be another convoluted nightmare. Due diligence ultimately falls to the purchaser.
  10. I thought that was illegal in the Philippines????
  11. He is probably causing it by clogging up the pipes...
  12. Near Ayala Mall you are going to see BGC prices, it is highly desirable and for a nice studio 25-30k is realistic. Cebu also has some of the highest electricity costs in the Philippines and depending on which direction your apartment faces and you run aircon 24/7 you could see a bill of up to 9k or more. If he is eating at the Ayala restaurants his food costs are also going to be high.
  13. What rubbish. I wonder what they would classify the US if they were handed the US's crime stats with all the location references blocked out, Level 1?
  14. $1500 is about what Amazing Philippines on YouTube says his budget is, but he says that doesn't include everything, especially any costs involving his lady friend(s). I agree, will be pretty tight. I am doing $1000/mo IN THE PROVINCE. My studio rent, not in a condo high rise but furnished and nice, runs 15k/mo and includes cable, wifi, washing water and basic electricity. Aircon is additional but I don't use as I am 5 blocks from the sea and get a good breeze. My setup costs have been around $3k US; microwave, induction heater, a couple of tables, linen, water jug deposit, scooter, etc. Haven't really started local traveling yet but soon. Close to Ayala in Cebu City will be quite a bit more expensive than what I am paying. But I know the draw of Ayala, I REALLY liked that mall when I was in Cebu!
  15. I take Glucosamine and Chondroitin for my knees, makes a big difference for me.
  16. I retired 'early' for an American, 63. Had to wait for SS to kick in and then waited a year to get an extra $100 a month to have something to live on. Have not regretted it a bit. As you say take it while you can still enjoy it. I have many friends still working because they want to maximize their retirement fund but if you can't use and enjoy it why bother? As you get older ailments crop up more frequently, especially joints in my case. I won't be doing any mountain trekking or playing basketball but walking, swimming and enjoying life keeps me busy all day and every day, and every day is NOT a beer day! I also am not missing working and having a job. My job now is to enjoy life and keep a smile on my face.
  17. I absolutely agree with this statement and live by it. We are guests where we are at and should expect this scrutiny as we 'stick out' from the general populace, especially here in SEA.
  18. I liked the no tables on the beach. I found this opened up the view to the ocean from the hotels so you could sit and watch both the people walk by AND the ocean goings on PLUS it allowed you better access to the ocean from the oceanfront hotels. Bantanyan's beaches are quite nice and wonderful to just soak up the sun and relax. But sometimes the ladyfolk want to go shopping and there is just no beating Boracay for that, in their opinion that is.
  19. Hasn't all prices gone up in the last 10 years? Tourism visits to Boracay have increased from 779,000 in 2009 to over 2 million in 2018 per their stats.
  20. I use Skyscanner website, shows cheapest destination for a month. P1162 from Cebu to Macao on June 26th Cebu Pacific
  21. Ah, why not renew both now? It is my understanding you don't have to wait until just before your visa is set to expire to renew it.
  22. My experience in January was that I had a throwaway ticket dated before the first 29 day entry stamp would be up. I was asked for it at the check-in counter. Mine was from Manila to Kota Kinabalu for $26. I used the Skyscanner website to find it as their website (not their phone app) shows lowest fares on a monthly basis. Check daily as prices and promos can and do change daily. Once here on a Tourist Visa an ongoing ticket is not needed for renewal. Beware of the rented ongoing ticket! There have been horror stories of people renting a ticket and then finding out at check-in that it has already been cancelled and are required to purchase a new, expensive ticket at that time! Good luck and welcome to the Philippines!
  23. Applied for my ACR-I card (Tourist) on 5 March. Called on Monday 22 April to see if available for pickup. I must have misunderstood as I went yesterday to pick it up and was told "Not available sir" and was told try week of 5 May but call first, lol. Not a lost trip as I wanted to shop and eat at the SM City mall in Iloilo too.
  24. A new quake reported in Luzon this morning
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