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  1. When you do the foot spa do they use the foot file? The 'therapist' took off so much of my skin it took my feet 2 months to recover! My heel even got infected because they filed through the skin in a couple of spots. Overall it was a good experience but that foot file has me nervous.....
  2. It is my understanding that the insurance does not cover accidents. Actually, I don't know what it covers, it might be just liability coverage for the dealership for all I know. It definitely doesn't cover theft!
  3. Why I made the big move this year, plus the cold was affecting my joints more and more. I'm 63, look early 50's. Some filipinas say I look like I am in my 30's
  4. You can also use Microsoft Messenger to make calls. Before I came here I purchased a MagicJack from Walmart which gives you a US phone number. I have received and made US calls on it with no problem. Even received calls from credit card issuers to clear security issues 2 weeks ago.
  5. Lots of good, useful information here. I will add what little I know on this subject. From what I have heard and read, you do need all the paperwork from all the past owners, and it must be the originals! Keep these safe at home but be sure you carry copies of all of it in case you are stopped at an inspection point. If you are asked for it all and you don't have copies with you I have heard your bike could be impounded until they are produced. I did not know you needed a Philippine Driver's License to purchase a new bike, good to know as I plan on buying one. I had heard that you need to have an ACR card first in order to apply for a Driver's License as a foreigner. In the US as long as you are paying cash for a vehicle and have ID you are good to go, no need of a Driver's License, at least in the State I came from.
  6. If Dave Hounddriver got a renewal then the answer to this question is yes. The requirement change for new licenses is about 1 year old now.
  7. WOW! My 6 month extension was 13,500 with ACR card and express fees though the express was optional for me at Iloilo. I also need to pick up my ACR card but I am going to call first.
  8. 6 month Visa is available, I obtained one last month BUT it is not available at all BI offices, including regional ones. Best to call first and see if it is available at your selected office.
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