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  1. Im not sure if this is the cheapest plan but I use GOCALLIDD globe plan on cell phone..its 2.5 pesos per minute to most countries..
  2. Lucky you..LTO has changed their rules since..I had a balibayan good for 11 months and when I visited the LTO in March 2019.I was told I needed 1 year or more valid visa in passport and my driving permit was also rejected because my middle name was not on my Quebec permit..So now I await my 13a and had my middle name put on my permit..
  3. I am waiting for my probationary 13A to be approved. I came across some information on various sites that once approved and if you leave the Philippines for more than 6 months, the 13A is cancelled and you re enter as a tourist..or of course a balikbayan if your travelling with your filipino wife. Is this true
  4. You can only drive here for 3 months on a foreign permit..you cannot get a driving permit here unless you have 1 year residency on your passport via a 13 a or other permanent visa.
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