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  1. hello ice patrol yes i am happy that we buy on a subdivision because before when we visited and stayed in condos i found that the other people who lived in the condos where very insular, no hello, no good morning and many are not the actual owner, just family members who say OHHHHHHHHHH we will be caretaker and then stay there while the owner is abroad. I dont know if condo living in the USA is the same , so maybe its normal for you . Buying on a subdivision is not without headaches, i make the developers send me weekly photos of the work because they dont listen and just reply "yes sir" "yes sir" . at least when i see the photos i can correct them. I have friends who are from Iloilo and they say its a good place , and easy for travel boracay . Regards John
  2. another point is why are condos so expensive and yet so small. we are buying a detached two floors, 3 bedroom, 2 cr, car port, 110 sqmt lot in san jose del monte near to the final station for the MRT7. it is on a subdivision with the normal amenities, pool. club house. basket ball and security 3.2 million peso when i stayed in a condo near fairview which is not far from the house i was amazed at the prices. obviously my wife is philippina and thats why we can buy house , but that doesnt explain why the condos are expensive. or maybe it does explain it because they know that foriengners can only buy the condo
  3. i once had a relative of my wife ask for investment in a business and he would send me my monthy income HA! HA! HA! Anyway i told him yessssssss i am looking also for an invester in the UK, and asked him to give me 10 thousand pounds and i would send to him his monthly income, Hon?? where is your relative ? is that his motorcycle speeding away?? Over the years i have seen so many start business with other peoples money but they have no idea how to run it....my own sister in law sells food from her canteen and then at the end of the day thinks all the cash in the till is her income,,,no thought to dividing it for stock, gas, electric and then the left is hers. then she comes asking for money for stock,,, learned a long time ago not to lend , i say i dont want to lose you as a friend when you dont pay back,,and in philippines there are so many places to borrow, loan shark, indians, rural banks but they will come after you if not pay
  4. hello HKBLUES Thanks for the info,,,,, maybe because i do this construction work in the UK and know what it would cost here, i am always suspicious of quoted prices in philippines when they are quoting for a long nose. But it would seem that based upon the comments i am getting i guess my quotation is about right
  5. yes it is the complete job, plan design for the subdivision, wall, plastered, painted, electrics, accent tiles, single gate and double gate. i can not show a photo of the design bec the meg is too many
  6. thanks sonjack..yes it is small bec it is only across the front of our lot,,the back and the side are ok bec it is the subdivison perimeter wall
  7. the quote from contractor was 160 thousand to do the 12 metre wall,,,it had accent tiles on part of it, two lights on the columns each side of the single gate, a double gate. all painted,,i think it is expensive,,do you think is expensive or correct for 2019 prices. It also includes the drawing and submission for approval as required by subdivison rules
  8. Has anyone got any idea of up todate pricing per metre for a 1.8mtr high garden perimeter wall,,our is 12 metres in total with a single gate and a double gate. A contractor on the subdivision gave a price but it seems high to me , but i have nothing to compare it with Regards John
  9. Hello Jamie Did you post the for construction projects somewhere on here. I have been quoted a price for building the wall around our lot, it seems a bit expensive to me , but i dont have any prices to compare too Regards John
  10. errrrrr!!!! guys, i was joking,,,i was using the phrase from the program Little Britain hahaha
  11. looks like i will be the only gay in the village hahaha
  12. any british living tungko area of san jose del monte
  13. thanks everyone for replys and also to virgin prune......what you say is exactly what i was thinking ""why do you need one" when i went into the Honda dealer he said that Uk licence was no good for buying , only a philippine one is ok. i will go around different dealers and see if i find one same as you did ,,,FFS i just want do everything legal but they put soooooooooo many walls in front thanks john
  14. please bear with me while i explain my query. Been married long time to Philippina who is dual citizen and lives in UK with me House on subdivision almost complete in Bulacan and want to buy for "CASH" a scooter just for from house to store outside subdivison.as we are not intending to stay longer than vacations from work. Talking to dealer is like talking to a hollow block My wife does not drive so therefore has no licence I have my UK licence No problem to have title in wifes name , but how does she insure it if she has no licence and how does she register it with LTO if she has no licence Hope there is a guiding angel on here Thanks John
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