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  1. insurance cover seems to work different in the Philippines, here are two examples, My daughter was a passenger in a car that was rear ended by a tricycle, the car driver was not the one at fault as the the tricycle ran into them. tricycle had no licence or insurance so car driver had to pay for own damage to car, but here was the kick, the car driver had to pay for the injuries to the tricycle driver because the car caused the injury to the tricycle driver and passenger!!!!!!!!!!! WTF. second one was exactly same , a motorcycle hit a friends car and did a lot of damage, again no licence or insurance so the motorcycle driver could not pay the car damage, but the car driver had to pay the motorcycle riders injuries because the big bad car caused his injury when HE ran into it. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! X2 Why the hell do they not pay their own injuries if its their fault
  2. yes , i feel the same , i would understand it better with subs, but i just enjoy seeing the so called rich and powerfull being told to move , getting towed and having obstructions moved, i just hope it keeps up, i know that the government have also told the barangays that if they dont kep the streets clear that the funding to them will stop
  3. your welcome,,,,new ones go on everyday, there is one enforcer named Bong,,he is excellent tough but fair and gets the vendors on his side regards john
  4. just type manila street clearing operations or MMDA clearing operations, if you look out for " gadget addict" but he is english and he explains as the vid shows.....i have enjoyed watching as after the vendors have had warnings the MMDA come in in force and throw stuff on their trucks and tow cars and stop motorcycle violators
  5. loads of good videos on youtube showing them doing all this,,,gadget addict is a good vlogger
  6. i am a very well behaved person who always shows respect to others what ever is their level in life ,,,,,,,but dont mess with me !!
  7. i think i just found the info,,,,providing the adult is covered under the 4th degree of consanguinity or affinity he should be fine. the affinity part would cover me as it is regarding being an uncle or inlaw,,,,,,,,,so i think it would be a problem for single men who have only a gf, being married would cause these defences to apply
  8. i am aware of the law regarding foreigner / adult travelling with underage kids, but when it says that the offence is committed if the adult is not related to the children i am unsure. i am married to my philippina 20 years now, so if for example i was in the mall or bus station and i am alone with her sister child or her sister grandchild am i considered related or not,,,,,,,does it mean only a blood relative is acceptable. i will try searching the republican act to see if it give accurate rules. its a little annoying when you are an innocent with only good intentions and something happens . my 20 year old half/half daughter always links my arm when we walk and i had tee shirts made with printed on it " one babae is my aswaa and one babae is anak so keep your mind clean" it was interesting to see the reactions when people read it
  9. i would of been tempted to flick or drop my food on them hahahahahaha
  10. thanks jollygoodfellow,,,,you gave the answer that i was actually expecting , nothing is normal in phills .
  11. our house on the subdivison here in san jose del monte will be ready next month,,,,we will not be living there yet, we will just come two or three times a year. on that basis what style and provider of internet is best do you think? i want to watch cable tv , i dont need thousands of channels,,,,just a selection of english speaking channels, and internet for wife checking her facebook , me reading internet news papers, not downloading movies . a condo that we stayed in 2 years ago had sky and it seemed to work ok, but the packages seem quite expensive to compare to the UK. there are just so many companys i dont know who is good or bad regards john
  12. hello ice patrol yes i am happy that we buy on a subdivision because before when we visited and stayed in condos i found that the other people who lived in the condos where very insular, no hello, no good morning and many are not the actual owner, just family members who say OHHHHHHHHHH we will be caretaker and then stay there while the owner is abroad. I dont know if condo living in the USA is the same , so maybe its normal for you . Buying on a subdivision is not without headaches, i make the developers send me weekly photos of the work because they dont listen and just reply "yes sir" "yes sir" . at least when i see the photos i can correct them. I have friends who are from Iloilo and they say its a good place , and easy for travel boracay . Regards John
  13. another point is why are condos so expensive and yet so small. we are buying a detached two floors, 3 bedroom, 2 cr, car port, 110 sqmt lot in san jose del monte near to the final station for the MRT7. it is on a subdivision with the normal amenities, pool. club house. basket ball and security 3.2 million peso when i stayed in a condo near fairview which is not far from the house i was amazed at the prices. obviously my wife is philippina and thats why we can buy house , but that doesnt explain why the condos are expensive. or maybe it does explain it because they know that foriengners can only buy the condo
  14. i once had a relative of my wife ask for investment in a business and he would send me my monthy income HA! HA! HA! Anyway i told him yessssssss i am looking also for an invester in the UK, and asked him to give me 10 thousand pounds and i would send to him his monthly income, Hon?? where is your relative ? is that his motorcycle speeding away?? Over the years i have seen so many start business with other peoples money but they have no idea how to run it....my own sister in law sells food from her canteen and then at the end of the day thinks all the cash in the till is her income,,,no thought to dividing it for stock, gas, electric and then the left is hers. then she comes asking for money for stock,,, learned a long time ago not to lend , i say i dont want to lose you as a friend when you dont pay back,,and in philippines there are so many places to borrow, loan shark, indians, rural banks but they will come after you if not pay
  15. hello HKBLUES Thanks for the info,,,,, maybe because i do this construction work in the UK and know what it would cost here, i am always suspicious of quoted prices in philippines when they are quoting for a long nose. But it would seem that based upon the comments i am getting i guess my quotation is about right
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