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  1. errrrrr!!!! guys, i was joking,,,i was using the phrase from the program Little Britain hahaha
  2. looks like i will be the only gay in the village hahaha
  3. any british living tungko area of san jose del monte
  4. thanks everyone for replys and also to virgin prune......what you say is exactly what i was thinking ""why do you need one" when i went into the Honda dealer he said that Uk licence was no good for buying , only a philippine one is ok. i will go around different dealers and see if i find one same as you did ,,,FFS i just want do everything legal but they put soooooooooo many walls in front thanks john
  5. please bear with me while i explain my query. Been married long time to Philippina who is dual citizen and lives in UK with me House on subdivision almost complete in Bulacan and want to buy for "CASH" a scooter just for from house to store outside subdivison.as we are not intending to stay longer than vacations from work. Talking to dealer is like talking to a hollow block My wife does not drive so therefore has no licence I have my UK licence No problem to have title in wifes name , but how does she insure it if she has no licence and how does she register it with LTO if she has no licence Hope there is a guiding angel on here Thanks John
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