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  1. Thanks again or the replies, been a little busy with the holidays, etc. Mr. Moderator thank you for editing my post. I was/ am a car aficionado and when in a car forum I was asked to do a search before I posted and in doing so here the previous thread appeared. Anyway will see what my gf's father wants to do. Salamat.
  2. Pardon me if I missed the reply that actually tells me which doctor in Cebu would take care of cataracts. My gf's father is 75 and I would like to see how much it would cost to have his condition taken care of. I would like to know the range of prices before I say anything as I am on a fixed income and still a tourist. Edit; Hector, I moved your question to a new topic so as to better address your question.
  3. I think most of the time I'm bit / stung is outside. The other day while waiting for a taxi, I looked down at where I had previously scratched and the skin as raw with blood and this particular bug was right on where it was bleeding, I moved my leg to make it go away which he did but a second later landed on the exact spot...I decided to just move my legs like a fool just to avoid that from happening again...weird feeling as you see something happening to you but can not feel a thing....SMH
  4. thanks guys for the suggestions, is there some type of ban on aerosol cans, I used to use PAM for my cooking and I can't seem to locate it as well as spray OFF......oh well
  5. So it's my second week here and I noticed that I'm a "bug" Buffett. The first few days nothing and now I get bites on my legs and arms mostly just above my ankles, now my calves and arms. I have tried OFF in cream form but it seems not to work. back in the US I used to use OFF deep woods in spray form but I can't seem to locate any products that are spray. Please help.
  6. Hello friends, it's a little over a week since I arrived to make this hot country my home. Recently retired and in love with a Filipina now reside in Cebu City, originally from Massachusetts USA. One quick question after my brief introduction is what type of residence status is the best for someone like me, retired and in a few years will be on Social Security. Living off my pension and savings. Thanks in advance.
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