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  1. Thanks, I haven't been receiving any from the SSA except the adjustment about my overpayment a couple of weeks ago, and I was wondering if they are talking about the verification letter from the SSA website, I have that printed out and hoping that will help, bring it up tomorrow, 2nd time going back there, otherwise, I will try another bank.
  2. Thanks, I will keep note on that, but I haven't been receiving any of that except adjustment a couple of weeks ago, and that's about it. Well anyway this is my first year in the philippines, been absent for 35 years, with all the changes and people everywhere, still adjusting life here but it's ok though.
  3. Metrobank were asking for the "Award Notice", what the hell is the "Award Notice" anyway, been searching all over and I can't even find a sample of this so called >award notice<, I emailed SSA at the American embassy, Manila, and I was asking about the Award Notice and here is the response: "Unfortunately, we cannot use a regular bank account for your Social Security payments. However, Direct deposit are available in the Philippines. To open an account, please go to your bank of choice, complete an SF-1199 which the bank will have, and present the enclosed endorsement letter. Once you have opened an account, you may send us a copy of the SF-1199 for us to update your records in advance." This is the 2nd time she is not responding correctly to my request. Is there anyone knows what is that "Award Notice" is all about? I appreciate all the help I can get, thanks.
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