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  1. This is not applicable to fencing construction. What you can do is to ask your local material supplier about price quotation, once you have the quotation on the material you’ll just add 35-45% labor cost to know your overall estimates. Thanks
  2. yes, that is true. This guide will just give you a variety of range whether you want your cost higher or lower depending on the location and the ability of the contractor.
  3. Yes, it gives you more if you just renovate it in full but if you do minimal changes with proper strategies you can always avoid costly works.
  4. Got it, this is pretty usual here when we want to build our new home or having an extension that we do free lunch and snack but if you take it to full construction having a contractor I know it costs more but you can avoid the headache once you have it passed the responsibility to them. And, you only supervise it as per your contract agreement.
  5. Hi graham59, Can you expound more on labour cost 1000k per day all in? Please go over with these! Use: *13pcs of hollow blocks per square meter. *1 column per every 3meters span of wall. *10mm diameter rebars @ 0.60 meter or 600mm bothways(horizontal&vertical). For wall footing, say 5lengths of 12mm diameter rebars. For column footing, say 4lengths of 12mm diameter rebars For column main bars, say 7lengths of rebars. For column ties, say 23 lengths 10mm diameter rebars at 0.20mm distance each space. For labor, say 400php per person per day. Note: This is just my assumption and may vary depending on how you or the workers implement on the site. Thanks, Hope it help you a little.
  6. Hi John, That prices are for building only that is why it is more expensive compared to fencing construction. You can check with your local material supplier their for prices maybe they will offer you complete quote if you buy their materials.
  7. May 30, 2019 9pm EST and scheduled tomorrow here in the Philippines is the much awaited time for all basketball enthusiast especially NBA and is the most talked topic in sports. Does the Golden State Warriors close this game for their third consecutive championship ring? Or, will Kawhi Leonard and his team snatch GSW’s dream and bring new crown for Toronto Raptors? So for the NBA fanatics, come on and will make some noise here!
  8. Thanks for this concern on John. This will be a heads up also for everyone in this site.🙂🙂🙂
  9. Do you have your own farm field? What are those crops? ’cause we have also corn and tobacco crops in misamis oriental.
  10. Wow! great. It's been all good to see these farm types of equipment in your backyard. That is the best thing to do to make use of that equipment and start gaining money while you're away.
  11. So far we don't see any problem of globe fibre in Cebu City.
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