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  1. What social distancing? I walked to SM - weekly shop. On the way 20 there were people waiting in outside loto - No distancing. Barangay HQ had another 20 people sitting outside waiting. They were sitting knee to knee in a 10X10 foot area. The Barangay is supposed to police this? I go to the top of my Condo ( nice and quiet up there and empty ). Look down into the closed off streets beside us. Kids are running around and there are a dozen or more adults mingling and talking. What Quarantine?
  2. Thanks for your reply JGF. I have thought hard about it. there are just some Antique Furniture items with a lot of sentimental value.
  3. I am moving 2 bedroom house furniture from Brisbane to Cebu in a 20ft shipping container. Can anyone give advice on a good shipping company and or a good company in Cebu who can handle the container through customs? Just furniture, clothing, tv and whitegoods.
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