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  1. I have been married to a Pinay from a "good family" for over a decade!!! I thought having been sucesfull in Business, and Life, I would be good here..... The only testimony I can share is unfortunatly I have come discover what a Narcissist is and that I am married to one! The sex is disgusting, she is like a rag doll and wants to be pleasured..... if this appeals to any of you guys, please take my wife off my hands! To make matters worse, she had a relative (mid 20s who married ex Military guy last year) visit us, so she could drop off her teenage son to live with us for an unlimited number of years!!!! I said no thanks.... now get this her relative told my wife she is not having any sex with her husband either!!!! Guys.... learn from my mistakes.... just because someone comes from a "GOOD FAMILY" and is very devoted to God, does not mean she is going to be faithful, nor a devoted wife, nor a devoted mother to her children!!!! Really get to know your intended over a L O N G Period of time..... Very Long, and if you have questions in your gut.... my advice is to just KEEP Looking.... the WORST Mistake I made was pulling the trigger too quickly and choosing a good woman who happens to also be Narcissist and they make the worst wives imaginable! HEED MY WORDS - No matter how old you might be, Does Not Matter! DO NOT RUSH TO MARRY!
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