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  1. I was just looking for a basic average. Here in Missouri you figure on a $1.45 per sq foot to build house. Basic build nothing high end. But you start there and figure your way up . Depend on how fancy
  2. what is the average building cost? Peso per sq. Meter . To do a second story add on. On Luzon , within 30 mi of Manila
  3. Thanks Hobbit112 for the detail info on visa cost
  4. I appreciate the info on the cost of visa extension or passport extension thank you I appreciate all of your help
  5. Any word is there a monthly fee , tax to stay
  6. Wow that’s good news . I thought it was for a period of time
  7. I was also wondering if I had to stay there on a passport extension for The 36 months. I know I have to leave the country for how long before I can return? Also I was told I will refer to it as a residency tax. Since I am not a national that I have to pay the tax for every month I’m there. Is this true do you pay monthly annually how does it work if there is one? Thanks again.
  8. I just got off the US Embassy website. They say you go to the consular‘s office with proof that you were not married. You sign a sworn affidavit to your mental capacity and that’s what they submit to the Philippine Authority. Counselors office does not appear to have any ties to the office that issues visas to foreigners wanting to come to US. My understanding is it should have no effect on marriage license abroad
  9. I may have not made myself clear. I have known her for more than 2 1/2 weeks. I came there and spent 2 1/2 weeks with her. She is the sister to my friends wife. I am speaking with her now this year since my wife passed away at the first of the year. Had I not been married this would’ve happened a while ago. I always have wanted to move to the Philippines since I was in my 20s in the military. Now there is really nothing keeping me here I have no children no family no wife. I am wondering though with the state department closing Their visa department, no longer issuing any visas whatsoever to Filipinos, will that affect me being able to get a marriage license. I appreciate all your help and your guys advice. When I move there I look forward to meeting you
  10. I have Heard that they have closed the visa department to the embassy to Philippines. They are no longer issuing any visas whatsoever or administration has cut off their access to our country. If I were to move there will I still be able to Mary. When I applied for my marriage license there is that the same department that issues visas to Filipinos.
  11. Why cost me my life.. he ex marine not scared already know he s coward
  12. Thanks for info .i appreciate it.we want for her to buy a house in Camarines Norte . We will live there and wait for annulment to be final. We also plan to buy a rental in Manila for income to add to a death benefit I get. Should be enough for decent living til I can draw S.S. And my ira’s. I’m 50 she’s 57. I hope I can do this . We want to be together now and not wait the couple years, and I can give up working construction. And the money just won’t give as good a life here as there. I hope this is a new start to a happy life. I really could use this. Lost mice of 21 yrs February . I really enjoy Fe and loved my visit there. Had always wanted to come to Philippines since I was 20 yr old marine.hope to meet some of u when I get there. Plan to be there no later than February . Hope as soon as October .
  13. Yes I have met her I spent 2 1/2 weeks there just got home on memorial day back in the states from Manila. We are already started the enrollment process and paid the fees. I am aware it could take a while minimum one year. I just wasn’t sure if I had to have sponsorship to stay there for extended period. How do you go about tourist visa with that be with who I booked my airline ticket? Do I have to have anopen ended return ticket. I appreciate the responses and advice thank you very much. I will probably have a lot of questions I appreciate all of your patience and help . Also for everyone’s information this is a sister to a friend of mine’s wife so I knew who I was going to see
  14. Advice on what I need to do.I want to marry Philippine girl we want to live in her province in Luzon. What do I need to do to be able to come and stay there. She is going through annulment process now. So I need to be able to stay for at least a year and then what does it take to get married
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