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  1. CC company? sorry Im not sure about some acroyms, I wiil contact the bank for sure. Indeed we will meet in Manila, her and other family members. I will have to stay in Manila for a US Embassy appointment.
  2. Im assuming I need 2 porters, one to push me, and another to get my baggage. If two are needed, I was going to pay each of them $5.. Im going to be as happy as they are!
  3. I dont mind, but I know my limited mobility is ALOT worse than before..
  4. Im know about NAIA, I was there in 2017 to meet my g/f, while I was there I proposed to her. The part I didnt know about, is how I was going to react to while traveling there again.. my reaction comes from my stoke and pacemaker from late 2018.
  5. The money thing doesnt bother me. I dropped my step dad off at the Tampa FL airport this morning and went to the gate with him. They didnt take me thru the metal detector (thank god), and they took us through the queve line in a hurry. After doing that for the first time, going forward I'll be alright!! I will be going to Northern Luzon (again) and staying for a month or 2. I will get married there, come home and work on the I130 spousal visa!! I cant wait.
  6. I havent been through this kind of struggles before and Im sure my anxiety will kick up a notch or 2 while traveling. Thanks so much for the encouragement!
  7. Either or.. Im sure its more difficult for them to have the US cash changed over into PhP.
  8. Like others have mentioned, I have disabilities that make it difficult to travel from airport to airport and gate to gate. I had so many work injuries that required several operations. Things got worse in November 2018, I had a stroke and a pacemaker installed. Im going to need porters to help me through the Terminals.. The final destination in NAIA terminal 3 I will need the wheelchair and somebody to help me with my luggage (a first for me)Any suggestions doing so when i come in, Ive already contacted the airlines about such issues that I have. Going through security for a body scan and having a pacemaker can cause issues for me. I wouldnt mind or offer tips to those that help me, BUT.. can I tip them in US cash, or it has to PhP? Thanks in advance..
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