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  1. There is one going around that makes you sign an agreement that you are giving a donation and not money for an investment. In return, you can expect a love gift of about 30% in a couple months. Sister in law KNOWS that one is not a scam because the money goes to a pastor. If she had more money, she would donate it. She is upset that my wife won't invest so the sister in law can get the 10,000 pesos for bringing in an investor and then donate it. Too bad Phil TV doesn't have access to American TV and they can show a series called American Greed and see how many hundreds of millions of dollars are scammed each year by pyramids and ponzi schemes.
  2. My sister in law called trying to get my wife to invest. She said her boss (a doctor) invested 1 million pesos with a promised return of 300,000 pesos in July. We explained to her how a ponzi scheme works. She refused to believe it could be a scam. She was offered 10,000 pesos for anyone she could get to invest. She ended up investing her entire savings of 18,000 pesos with a promised return of 12,000 pesos in July. Even after being shown all the reports that these are scams, she still believes she will get her money and prove us wrong.
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