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  1. Did some research on the Island..... looks like its getting hit hard with Typhoons in that area right? Plus Earthquakes. Im told Palawan sits on a different tectonic plate hence less Earth Quakes plus it gets much less Typhoons in that area. So I guess one cant have it all in one place ha ha.
  2. Im Sorry to hear about your experiences there. I lived in Thailand koh samui for 12 years and never had any thais rip me off. I was with a thai GF for 5 years and it was great. She never asked for money. We split because I simply was bored plus I met another woman from a more culturally like minded country. In this forum I read about Maids stealing your stuff. Rip offs etc. So it happens in PH too I see. You just got unlucky I think.
  3. Is Siargo having muslim influences? Terrorism? You feel its generally safer than Palawan?
  4. Yes I see online that palawan is much more beautiful. but I lived in samui for 10 years and consider it safe. Currently im in Ecuador which is not safe. Im selling my property here to relocate and was considering palawan until I heard about muslim terrorists, beheadings, kidnappings etc. Samui doesn't have all that. So wanted to hear from people living there their own take on all this.
  5. Im not into the bar girls and night life etc. Im married and happy with it. So safety concerns are around possibly wife getting kidnapped etc.
  6. Price and costs is not really an issue and monthly budget is generous. So i'm willing to pay for a safer location. Ill check out Pension houses. Dont know what it is. Thank you ;)
  7. Ok compared to Thailand in general then? How safe is it? I read about murders and kidnapings here. Terrorists. Its kind of a turn off and im about to relocate from Ecuador due to safety issues here. I got shot here in a robbery 3 years ago so safety is important for me. Any feedback is appreciated. thank you :)
  8. How safe is palawan compared to koh samui thailand as a example?
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