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  1. Absolutely not.Im not the one who stated that maybe "I shouldn't come to the philippines" and accused someone of misleading others.It was Geoff who did that..I come here long for answers,not abuse.
  2. Misleading?-excuse me???? Somenidy is being snowflakish and over sensitive it seems.I dont need a lecture in geography thanks.I know very well that HK and Singapore are city states,and the Philippines is an entire country.Im not stupid,so please dont talk to me like Iam. Iam obviously comparing the cities of HK and Singapore with Manila and Cebu because there are certain similarities in regard to an inflated property boom...and I've every right to express my surprise and bewilderment.You really shouldn't take these comments so personally...and I never claim to have had experience with this,precisely why I'm raising the point!-so please drop the antagonism.By the way,Australia isnt my point of comparison,the northern UK is.
  3. I do want to get out of leeds but I dont want t to pay any price(was that rhetorical?) I'm looking for a country with cheaper ,better value property prices...not an imitation of london...otherwise all my money goes on buying a property,and theee needs to be enough later to provide an income in my 60+ years.It seems the philippines has become another HK Singapore with soaring property prices on the back of Chinese and Korean speculators. I heard anecdotally that Thailand was cheaper ....outside of Bangkok...but again I may have been misinformed.
  4. Sorry I thought I'd mentioned in the title...its Cebu city and its environs I'm talking about.High prices in Manila dont surprise me at all...but I was quite astonished when my partner said that condos in Cebu were 5 to 7 million!!..with Cebu not being the capital city,I'm honestly shocked by this,because its exactly the same kind of price as in my home city of Leeds in the UK! I was expecting prices of 2 to 3 million for a 2 bedroom condo,not 7.The only reason I can fathom is that these condos are targeted at wealthy Koreans and Chinese...how could even many middle class Filipinos afford this?
  5. Hi all I'm a UK resident wanting to buy/pay via instalments for a condo in Cebu.I'm really confused here because alot of Filipino acquaintances here in the UK say condos are relatively cheap in condo..but my Filipino partner says that a 2 bedroom condo is 7 million pesos!...I'm sure this cant be the going rate,as it's just as expensive as the price of apartments in my UK home city of Leeds!-Im sure that on average Condos shouldn't be as expensive as this,since how do even professional Filipinos-on much lower salaries than in the west-afford to buy them? Can anyone suggest a decent realtor or place to look for good value condos(that arent dilapidated or falling apart!) Many thanks Keith I
  6. Yes thanks for that....it seems on reflection,that they wouldnt be able to tolerate the high temperatures,so it looks like a nin starter..shame I wasnt emigrating to Iceland lol
  7. I know most Filipinos speak English,I was really thinking of teaching Koreans/Chinese etc in international language schools. By the way,UK English speakers are very familiar with American idioms.
  8. I'm planning on moving to the Philippines in the near future and I would like to work as an English language teacher in an international language school.I know that most such schools are in Metro Manila,but are there any in Cebu? And how easy or difficult is it to get such jobs? I
  9. I'm planning to move to the Philippines in the very near future. One issue that concerns me is whether I will be allowed to bring my much loved Chinchillas with me to Cebu city.Are the regulations identical to those for cats and dogs?-or are there separate rules for exotic animals?. I know that an import license is required,and a health certificate signed by a vet.I will be moving from the UK.
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