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  1. Is there a company or service that will spray for Cockroaches in Cebu City. My girlfriend is being overcame with them as she lives close to a canal which is being full of water from all the rains. Thank you for your help! I still live in the states and here there is "Will Kill" or the Orkin man...
  2. Thank you all for your help! You all are awesome! I have been checking out the cost of living in the Philippines and it looks so inviting. Putting up with 6-8 months of cold and snow is getting to me. Also the fine people of the Philippines are so friendly and inviting. Thank you all so much! Looking forward to visiting this great area. Starting to downsize and get things ready.
  3. Looking at retiring in the Philippines around Cebu. Being from Wisconsin how actual hot is it? We have days in the 90's with extreme humidity here. Would that be similar or will I be overwhelmed... Thank you so much for such a great site!
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