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  1. Maybe you can re-set my password on the forum, so that I can sign in as Mark Berkowitz (with the same account that I've been using with my Facebook login)?
  2. Nah, it was the right one for my Gmail Account (that was associated with mt Facebook account over two years ago)... but I've changed my Gmail password so many times over 2 years, and now I don;t remember what my Gmail A/C password was when I first signed up.
  3. Never, and now I'm worried about: why she isn't she concerned?
  4. This is the 'real' Mark Berkowitz, but I'm no longer able to sign in using the Facebook Link. I keep getting error messages on my Windows 10 computer and on my IPhone whenever I've tried to sign in. Can somebody please help me? @Jollygoodfellow @Old55 @Dave Hounddriver @scott h
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