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  1. I stumbled upon this article and I found it to be quite disturbing and troubling. “Philippines drugs war: The woman who kills dealers for a living” https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-37172002
  2. So, I should be fine with English in most places. That’s comforting to know.
  3. I realise that there are many different languages and dialects spoken in the Philippines. With that being said, I’d like to limit my first visit to places where I’ll have a better chance of communicating in English. I imagine that it will take a good amount of time for me to learn the local languages. Can you recommend places that are the most English-language friendly?
  4. Motorbikes? It’s been a long long time for me but I hope that I can get the hang of it once again.
  5. I really do appreciate your warm welcomes and advice! :)
  6. Balisidar, thank you again for your warm welcome. I’m new here and I really don’t know where to post an introduction. I’ve recently become a widower and I no longer wish to stay here in England. I’m interested in the Philippines, since I’ve often heard so many good things about how the Philippines is a great place for expats. I’m looking forward to learning more about each of your expat experiences in the Philippines by reading this forum. There’s so much research that I need to do before I can make the move.
  7. Thank you Balisidar for your warm welcome!
  8. I’m reading this topic with a great deal of interest. I’d really like to live in a tropical climate with a lower cost of living. It’s nice see that so many of my countrymen have been successful with starting a new life in the Philippines.
  9. I'm fascinated about this disturbing issue. I really hope that it's not too late.
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