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  1. if you arrive say on the 10th of a Month you get 30 days entry, then you have to go to BI and get a 29 day Visa WAIVER. is this stuff in one place on am official Phillipine website? im not clear on when exactly you do each of these steps. you have to go to BI and get a 29 day Visa WAIVER. when is that one necessary? day 1 or day 29?
  2. A USA citizen actually gets 29 days upon entry. The first extension is for 30 or 60 days - up to what is wanted. The third and beyond extensions can be up to six months each. Then you also pay for the Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) card. These are for tourist visas only. ok. You have to extend after 30 days. when do you do it and how?
  3. Im USA citizen. a couple of related questions. 1. Should I start my own thread or will this one get attention? 2. I do not see the 3 or 4 year visa on the internet. I see a one year visa. Is the 3 or 4 years only if you apply for renewal 3 or 4 times? Does 3 or is it 4 years for USA citizen? What if you get married to a Filipina during the 1 to 3 or 4 years? can you stay without renewing after you marry or is it a never ending process (which I could imagine since not everyone would be welcome infinitely. Thanks all.
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