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  1. Cheers That looks easier, much appreciate the heads up, I'll be back, lol, ALBIE
  2. Hey Geoff Sorry me old mate. Start again. I have a New Cell Phone. But I want to call Locally here in the Philippines from my Cell phone to both Cell Phones and Landlines, I was wondering about plans as there doesn't seem any calling plans to Land Lines from Mobiles, if I hear right and I'm STILL WAITING on Globe to answer? I confuse myself sometimes, must be getting old lol. Cheers Geoff
  3. G'day Geoff much obliged with the reply thank. I was talking more LOCAL, i.e. I want to make local LANDLINE calls and am wondering what type of plans other might have with using a CELLI? Cheers though mate thank you again ALBIE
  4. G'day. First time user and newly arrived again Expat. Need help with a question about Cell phone usage, may not be in the right place but hammering my head over a simple answer and know one replies lol. Q> Simply, I have a new Cell Phone and want to be able to buy something like Globe bla bla that I can use to call Landlines as well as the other services like back in NZ but keep getting told, you can't call a Landline for a Mobile, HELP? Cheers and thx for whoever's time REGARDS ALBIE
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