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  1. I am a Filipina, my husband is a Dominican national. We are currently in Manila, him via a Balikbayan Visa. 1. To be clear: Non-Quota Immigrant Visa and 13A Visa are one and the same? I've seen it referred to (perhaps incorrectly?) as either Permanent or Temporary. Are there two kinds of 13A? 2. If we opt to have a business in the Philippines, which visa is most appropriate for my husband? 3. We are going back to the Dominican Republic before Christmas. Should we apply for said visa now? Does my husband have to stay in the Philippines while the visa is under process? Will it be better to process his visa back in the DR (seeing as government agencies here tend to be slow)? Salamat.
  2. I am so relieved. Thank you, kind sirs. We usually visit every 2-3 years and this is the first time we've stayed this long. Can we keep doing this every time we visit the Philippines? (Until of course they change the law.) Otherwise we will then get the Marriage Visa. :)
  3. Very informative group; I’m thankful to have found this forum. Thank you all. Gary D, This is the stamp on his passport. Is this the balikbayan “visa”?
  4. Hello. I'm a Filipino citizen, my husband is Dominican. We arrived in Manila on 27 December 2018. He entered the country with his passport, no tourist visa. We did not plan to stay this long but suffice it to say we are still in the Philippines. We are planning to leave before Christmas this year. 1. Can he still apply for an Immigrant Visa by Marriage? 2. How much is the fee for overstaying? 3. What is the best thing to do from here? Thank you so much.
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