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  1. I can write in both the British and the 'simplified' colonial version, which we Yanks prefer to call 'American English.' I had an English gf in between my two marriages, and she taught me many English slang words and expressions. For what it's worth, she self-identified herself as English, and she didn't see herself as a Brit. The problem comes with my speaking, since during my visits to England, the locals thought that I was a Canadian.... I guess that they could have thought of a much worse place.
  2. It only took two days to get our negative results for COVID-19 and then we took off to Luzon. Other people are waiting for four days or more for their results. The real hard part is getting two required pieces of paper, one showing negative results from the lab and another one is an official government certificate showing negative results from the very same lab... a tad bit redundant, eh. We're in Manila right now and It's never look cleaner than it does right now. COVID-19 is taken much more seriously in the Philippines than it is in the USA. There's lots of curfews, endless temperature checks, blockades, and so on. Plus, nobody is refusing to wear a mask. We should be finishing up our business here in a few days, and then we're headed back to the states. My wife, who is a Filipina, misses the USA. Quite honestly, I do too.
  3. This was my very first non-stop flight (14 & 1/2 hours) to the Philippines, and my wife and I slept through most of it. Philippine Airlines is OK, except for their food. Upon arrival in Cebu, my wife and I were tested for COVID-19 with swabs used on our mouths and noses, which was quick and not too painful. While we wait for the results, we are imprisoned in a government-approved quarantine hotel in Lapu-Lapu. Getting the results, which we both expect to be negative, will take 2 -4 days, and if we pass, we'll be issued certificates showing that we're both negative for COVID-19. At that point, we can quarantine at any place of our choosing. The hotel has air-con and Sky TV, plus 3 rice meals each day... not too bad for 2,700 PHP per day,
  4. Yes, my permanent resident card and marriage contract were needed to get boarding passes.
  5. June 10th is what they're saying, as I'm already boarding a flight to the Philippines from the USA right now.
  6. Absolutely yes! No matter where you live, governments are watching what we're saying on the web, with special attention being given to Facebook (FB). I've filled out many U.S. government forms, which include visa applications for the U.S., and each form has questions about Social Media (esp. FB), and they ask for your user names on FB and all other Social Media sites. You could choose not to tell them, but when you sign, you are attesting to the fact, under the risk of being fined and/or jailed that all of your answers are truthful.
  7. It won't change anything at all for me, since I'll be quarantined for 16 days as soon as I land in Cebu next week, since my flight to Manila has been re-routed To Cebu. I'll have to wait for 2 days in quarantine until my swab test results come in, and even if I'm negative for COVID-19, I'll get an additional 14 days of quarantine. After all of my years in Luzon, I'll finally get to go to Cebu, but all that I'll ever see is a quarantine room.
  8. I really hope so! You would think that they would want an American to leave their country as soon as possible, since the U.S. is leading the world right now with 2 million 'known' COVID-19 cases and over 113,000 COVID-19 related deaths. Just like everything else in the Philippines... your mileage will vary. Do you have a link to documentation showing that my very own 15 minute test (if I had one) will be accepted as a replacement for the Philippines's COVID-19 test?
  9. This is very similar to how Philippine Airlines will probably not allow my wife and I to sit together on our flight.
  10. Are you sure about this? I believe that the Philippine government will want to do their own testing upon my arrival.
  11. The quarantine rules seem to vary from province to province, and from barangay to barangay. My in-laws are still quarantined with just one exception--i.e., one adult family member can go grocery shopping for only one day of each week, but they need an official pass to do so. In my case, I was told that the 1 - 2 days of quarantining for test results (if negative) would be it... BUT The latest announcement from the Bureau of Quarantine states: "The Philippine government is implementing stricter quarantine and testing procedures for all arriving passengers, effective immediately, under a new directive from the Inter-Agency Task Force on COVID-19," which changes everything that I was previously told by them.
  12. As I mentioned in another topic, I'll be travelling to the Philippines in few days, and I just learned that the COVID-19 quarantine rules have changed. Previously, the Bureau of Quarantine told me that if I tested negative for COVID-19, I would be FREE from any type of further quarantines [except for the first one, that involves waiting for the test results (1 - 2 days)]. BUT now the rules have been changed, and I'll need to be quarantined for 14 additional days (even if I test negative)... YIKES! If I didn't need to go to the Philippines ASAP to take care of a time-sensitive issue, I'd stay home. Travel Advisory # 58 PHL Local Time: 11 May 2020 To All International Passengers Arriving in the Philippines: The Philippine government is implementing stricter quarantine and testing procedures for all arriving passengers, effective immediately, under a new directive from the Inter-Agency Task Force on COVID-19. Upon arrival, all passengers will undergo a swab test (RT PCR Covid 19 testing) to be performed by trained personnel from the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ). While awaiting test results, passengers must stay either in a government-designated stringent quarantine facility or in a BOQ approved quarantine hotel. Payment for accommodation in a government-designated quarantine facility shall be based on the following guidelines: 1. For land-based OFWs, the cost shall be shouldered by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration; 2. For sea-based OFWs, cost shall be shouldered by the Maritime Industry Authority or by the local manning agency; 3. All other travelers (Filipino or foreign nationals), who are non-OFWs, will pay for the cost of their accommodation. Accommodation in a BOQ-approved quarantine hotel will be to passengers' own cost, regardless if they are OFWs or not. Travelers whose test results are positive will be transferred to a designated hospital for further medical management. Travelers whose test results are negative will be allowed to move out and undergo a 14-day quarantine at home or at an appropriate local monitoring facility. For more details and information on these new requirements and related concerns, you may call the government's One Stop Shop hotline number +63 9161019964. These new procedures and requirements are meant to protect your health and safety. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. https://www.philippineairlines.com/en/aboutus/newsandevents/advisory-covid19-11may20-58
  13. Yeah, ya right!
  14. This is an excellent example of why I dislike Television News Networks, and why I stopped watching them.
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