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  1. Yeah ya right!... especially for me, since I can get really good pizza delivered to me in 5 minutes with just a phone call.
  2. I'm in the very same boat right now with my 'dirty' Keto diet
  3. I liked eating S & R pizza! I was able to eat an entire pie by myself. and it's very similar to Costco pizza over here, since Costco owns (or has a majority holding in S & R).
  4. Yes, but many pizza places, such as Greenwich, do not use any cheeses that taste like mozzarella.
  5. Nah, the ones who are working at the windows accepting forms, payments, etc.
  6. True!... but I was open to eating (or at least trying) the local foods in the Philippines with the exception of Balut. Actually, most of my meals were Filipino dishes. Many Filipinos in the USA are not so open to even try to taste some of the local foods in the USA, such as Swiss, Cheddar, Mozzarella, etc.
  7. At least, there's still some people working in the government offices during lunchtime, thanks to DU30.
  8. Why do so many Filipinos living in the west miss Eden Cheese? I just don’t get it, since I tried it in the Philippines and I thought that it didn’t even taste like cheese. My wife misses it, and even other Filipino Expats in the USA will not eat cheese unless it’s Eden. You can find it at Filipino groceries, but it’s not always in stock. When I lived in the Philippines, I would spend high prices for imported cheeses from Europe, since I like to eat real cheese. Do most Expats eat Eden Cheese?
  9. "How beautiful the Philippines is" Yes, there are so many beautiful places in the Philippines, such as Tagaytay, but as a former expat, I just can't erase these images from my mind: Pollution: Thick smoke (and crazy traffic): Disparity between the rich and poor: Just as there are so many beautiful places in the Philippines, there are also many places and things that are not so beautiful.
  10. From the description, I was picturing a girl who looked something more like this: Instead of whatever this is:
  11. I only watch the half-time shows, since I don't follow or watch American Football, and this was the best half-time show that I've seen in many years. My wife and I were debating who is sexier?... Shakira or J-Lo?... I voted for Shakira, and my wife agreed until she said that J-Lo has a much better butt (bum). but I still think that Shakira is one of the sexiest women that I've ever seen, especially since she's no longer a spring chicken.
  12. An Aussie friend once told me that Australia exports their very worst beer (Fosters) and their very worst wine (Yellow Tail).* On the plus side, the large Fosters cans can be very useful if you're gonna build a boat for the 'boats made out of cans' races. * In a similar way, Mexico exports their worst beer (Corona) in large numbers to the USA. Many Mexicans jokingly call Corona the 'Gringo Beer.' Modelo is one of the best beers from Mexico, but they export it in relatively small amounts.
  13. Seems as if many people from England and the rest of the UK share your sentiment: "An estimated 5.5m British people live permanently abroad – almost one in 10 of the UK population. The emigration of British people has happened in cycles over 200 years. The trend is now rising again: some 2,000 British citizens moved permanently away from the UK every week in 2005." http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/shared/spl/hi/in_depth/brits_abroad/html/asia_pac.stm
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