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  1. Great question! I just know of the tests (which I used on myself): Here's just two of the them: Did it really make more sense for me to stay in the Philippines (as an expat with no rights) than returning back home where I have real rights as an actual citizen? Also, did it make any sense for me to stay in a foreign country where even if an ambulance was able to get me (through all of the traffic on the way) to a hospital, wouldn't it be better for me to get to a hospital immediately (in my homeland) and have a better chance of survival?
  2. IQ tests 'do not reflect intelligence' "IQ tests are misleading because they do not accurately reflect intelligence, according to a study which found that a minimum of three different exams are needed to measure someone's brainpower.For more than a century our intelligence quotient (IQ) has been used to measure how clever people are and Mensa, the society for the intellectual elite, has even used the test to weed out sub-par applicants. But now the scale has been dismissed as a "myth" by scientists who found that our intelligence can only be predicted by combining results from at least three tests of our mental agility. Different circuits within the brain are used for different thought processes, the researchers showed, meaning separate tests of short-term memory, reasoning and verbal skills are needed to measure someone's overall intelligence. Their landmark study was based on the results of an online intelligence test which was launched by the Daily Telegraph and New Scientist two years ago, and attracted more than 110,000 responses. Dr Roger Highfield, the Telegraph columnist and one of the authors of the paper, said: "When you come to the most complex known object, the human brain, the idea that there is only one measure of intelligence had to be wrong." https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/9755929/IQ-tests-do-not-reflect-intelligence.html
  3. Jake, based on your description of the Filipina Zone, there needs to be matrix that's specifically designed for evaluating Filipinas. It would need to have at least 3 dimensions, and it should include a desire level for how much they'd prefer to be with a foreigner.
  4. As far as the adult booster for polio, I'm planning on getting one over here in the States very soon, since I'll be traveling to the Phils in 2020. I'll keep records of getting the shot, just in case I need to show it as proof. For prostate cancer screening, my doctor uses the PSA test instead of the finger test.
  5. Great Advice! It's best to keep your nose clean and stay out of any prison, regardless of where in the world it is. Thanks for your research, but I still think that the US has the largest prison population of any country in the world, and as Tommy T said: "you don't ever want to be incarcerated anywhere."
  6. It's not even a very good idea to go to prison in the US. "Based on the latest national figures available from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 4,980 prisoners in US correctional facilities died in 2014, a nearly 3% increase from 2013. In state prisons, the mortality rate was 275 for every 100,000 people, the highest since data collection began in 2001. Since 2014, a Guardian investigation has found several states, including Texas and Florida, with the first and third highest prison populations in the US, respectively, have reported either record mortality rates in prisons or jails or significant surges. Today, 2.3 million people are currently imprisoned, a proportion of the population that substantially outpaces every other nation in the world." https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/may/26/us-prisons-jails-inmate-deaths
  7. The Department of Tourism has dropped the "you have family in the Philippines" campaign for the good ol' "it's more fun in the Philippines" for TV ads.
  8. I changed my mind and used this new tech, but not at McD's. I used it to order food at Costco, and it was easier and much faster than ordering food from one of their workers.
  9. Some additional signs to help change the culture with education:
  10. I refuse to use this technology! Maybe I’m just too old school?
  11. Their cheese taste like bubble gum. I prefer mozzarella on my pizza. Once was enough for me and I never went back.
  12. What ever happened to the original concept of the history channel? As seen in this 1994 TV ad, they originally seemed to be focused on reporting history instead of promoting silly and ridiculous fantasies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE4VdLfFERE
  13. Roxas v. Marcos 969 P.2d 1209 (1998) 89 Hawai`i 91 Supreme Court of Hawai`i. November 17, 1998. https://law.justia.com/cases/hawaii/supreme-court/1998/20606-2.html
  14. I’ve watched bits of the first two episodes and then I gave up. A more realistic program would be Yamashita’s Gold on Expedition Unknown on the Discovery Channel. Actual evidence of Japanese construction sites and artifacts for hiding things have been found. Plus, there’s a living person who claims that his dad discovered some of the gold, but his gold was immediately confiscated by Marcos and he was imprisoned by the Marcos regime. Soon after, his dad was the victim of a mysterious death.
  15. I would say that it’s more like driving a bumper car in an amusement park.
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