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  1. You're probably not alone, since I've become an extreme kuripot after my life in the PH. However, my Pinay spouse (who was a kuripot back in the PH) is now on an endless shopping spree in the US, because credit cards are given away like candy, plus everything that she ever wanted is much cheaper in the States. Glad that we have separate bank accounts.
  2. I think that all of your years in the Philippines has turned you into a kuripot.. Just joking.
  3. Maybe so?... but if all parties involved are getting what they want, what's the problem?
  4. Knowing what I now know, I would also take the blue pill.
  5. Ever since the pandemic, I started wondering if I actually did take the Red Pill, and now I can see that we are all living in a matrix, a virtual world where we are all connected to the world-wide web.
  6. It won't be so very boring for any one of us (or any of our family members) who contracts the virus.
  7. My point is that you said that all of us are foreigners, and I'm saying that if I'm a foreigner everywhere, I'd rather be a foreigner in the land of my birth, where I have full rights as a citizen. If it really doesn't make any difference to you, as you stated, why did you ask your question?
  8. Even if I were to ever think that I was a foreigner in the land of my birth I'll always have the security and peace of mind of having the full rights of a citizen, plus I can fit in as myself, instead of keeping a low profile.
  9. As my Pinay wife always says: "Health is Wealth!"
  10. Quite, Quite - especially since this planet keeps on going through endless waves of COVID-19 Infections and reinfections during our global pandemic.
  11. Why go from your country? I love travelling to many places, and I have spent time in many countries, but to me, "there's no place like home." My stay in the Philippines taught me many things. - I don't like being a foreigner. - I don't like living in a place where time stands still. - I don't like matching wits with people who are perpetually thinking like 15 years olds. - I don't like living in a quasi-dictatorship. - I miss speaking my native tongue and having people understand my sarcasm and jokes. - I miss eating out at American restaurants, where they bring appetizers out long before the main dish, instead of crowding the table with appetizers and main dishes at the very same time, - I love having the ability to vote! - I also prefer to buy things (land, houses, etc.) in my own name, instead of my wife's name. - As I approach 70, I'm even reluctant to leave my homeland for a holiday/vacation. With all of that being said, I applaud all of those who have made the Philippines their homes.
  12. Does the Army have a song like this?
  13. Well, they've already started:
  14. No matter which English speaking country (or which part of it) you're from, all you need to do is preface everything that you say with the word MORE to be best understood by the locals. - more better - more nicer - more hotter - more yummy - more older - more younger - more sexier - more money ... hahaha
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