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  1. The trouble is that I’d be viewed as starting a Pi$$ing contest, and the forum’s management will shut down the topic. If you guys want my true response to Mike J’s post, you’re more than welcome to pm me for my thoughts. While other members can say what they wish about COVID-19, I’d be in deep sh*t.
  2. Can’t really answer that on an open forum for obvious reasons but if you want my answer, I can only say it in a pm. Just let me know.
  3. When my wife first arrived in the USA from the Philippines, she was extremely homesick and she wanted to go back home asap... but now, she'll only go back for a visit if (and when) COVID-19 is eradicated. For personal reasons, we both went back to the Philippines for a visit last year and it was a nightmare. First, our PAL flight was diverted from Manila to Cebu, and then we were held as prisoners in a 'so-called government approved quarantine hotel.' By the time that we were allowed to leave Cebu, we only had several hours left to visit our Luzon family and friends in Manila. So, when ang asawa (my wife) chats with friends and relatives back home now, she's happier than a pig in $H*t that she's in a country where she can come and go as she pleases without any of the Covid-19 restrictions that are in place back home.
  4. I started this topic to express how I can have my limited life insurance money used to give my Filipino family a nice vacation back home in the Philippines, instead of wasting it on an overpriced funeral, but now the topic has morphed into a joke and I unfortunately added to the joke, so now it’s time to shut this topic down.
  5. Not a problem! Those tikes will have so much more fun!
  6. My wife has no problems at all with having me cremated. The hardest part was convincing her that I am not going to live forever. The religion issue never even came up.
  7. I’m constantly getting bombarded with phone calls from life insurance companies. Due to my age (68) and poor health, all that I can get approved for is 10,000 USD at $180 per month. Instead of wasting $10,000 (USD) on a traditional funeral where I’ll get buried in the ground with a headstone, I’ll be getting cremated at a lower price, and my wife and kids can use the savings for a nice trip to the Philippines, where they can send my ashes into the ocean. Of course, I’ll need to stay around the planet long enough until this whole Covid mess is over, since I do not want my family involved with the quarantines and all the other nonsense that’s going on right now. I just felt like saying this on the forum, and I don’t expect any feedback, but you are welcome of course to say whatever you wish to say about my plans to be buried at sea in the Philippines.
  8. I don't want to spoil the party BUT I thought that the real dangers of Covid-19 vaccines were in not getting vaccinated.
  9. I’ll probably never change, since I always believe in the common good of all people rather than the selfish beliefs of ignorant people that adversely affect the health of the rest of us.
  10. Already answered in reply to Mr. Hounddriver
  11. Thanks I didn't limit anything to my wife's political views of the USA. If you actually read what I posted, you would have seen that, and isn't the forum always talking about world-wide politics--e.g., wasn't BREXIT a very long political discussion that never directly involved the USA? Did you actually read what I posted? "Without getting too political, she says that some things DJT was right about, and other things he was wrong about, but isn't that true for all of our politicians, regardless of what country we are in? "
  12. "The World Health Organisation has decided to rename the different COVID-19 variants around the world in order to avoid discrimination. In this Explainer, we will show you what are the various coronavirus strains that we know of and their new names." "Here are [four] strains of the coronavirus the Irish government are concerned with." B.1.1.7 (The UK Strain, now called ‘Alpha’) B.1.617 (The Indian Strain, now called ‘Delta’) B.1.351 (The South African Strain, now call ‘Beta’) P.1 (The Brazilian Strain, now called ‘Gamma’) This reminds me of all of the hoopla that went along with naming hurricanes and other tropical storms. At first, they were given only female names. But then political correctness chimed in and now the tropical storms have both male and female names. But what about the all of those non-binary folks?... have they been left out? Explainer: What are the New Names for the Coronavirus Strains (extra.ie)
  13. Ang asawa (my wife) will be ready very soon to apply for US citizenship, and we all can't wait for her to get it done. Since her daughter (my step-daughter) is still a minor, she will also become a US citizen through my wife's naturalization process. My wife's voice will be heard loud and clear when she can begin to vote in this country (the US). She was the same way back in her homeland. For better or for worse, she voted for DU30. Whether she is right or wrong with her political decisions, she should have the right to make those decisions with citizenship. Isn't that a large part of what citizenship means in the States?... as well as other countries. Without getting too political, she says that some things DJT was right about, and other things he was wrong about, but isn't that true for all of our politicians, regardless of what country we are in?
  14. Unfortunately and tragically, many of the anti-VAXers equate the validity of vaccines as just another placebo effect.
  15. You guys are all getting great benefits for being jabbed compared to what I'm getting in the States. All that I ever got was one Krispy Kreme donut just for showing my vaccine card. But if truth be told, I would get jabbed as many times as necessary without being paid off with money, food, or anything else. The ignorant folks around the world who are afraid of vaccines will eventually die off when they catch Covid and Covid-related illnesses, and then we'll have a larger percentage of intelligent people living on our planet. What's wrong with that? Just my thoughts.
  16. Glad that my only visits there were safe ones!
  17. I still would not feel as much at home as I would in England, compared to being with the rest of these folks.
  18. Yes I do, plus I still remember all of the other Americans that were not listed before in this topic.
  19. You’re looking fairly well for your age. But I still remember ‘freed’ slaves who were still alive when I was still a wee child. Cheers mate!
  20. All true, but we’re leaving out a large number of Africans who were enslaved, shipped to the ‘colonies,’ and also developed this great nation—their contributions are virtually beyond calculating their true monetary value. As far as bitterness, there’s a previous post that I cannot (and will not) quote that embraces the extreme amount of hatred that still binds a large number of Americans together.
  21. Murikans have the right to pee in any color that we wish to... it's why we're so independent
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