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  1. This has me concerned, especially the animal part. Is this a big problem around the Philippines?
  2. So what made you decide to leave your home country and live out your days in the Philippines? ...and what city did you choose and why? For me and my wife, it would be to stretch our retirement funds and be closer to her family. Still looking at the outskirts of Cebu (will visit there next year) as Hawaii was way too expensive. Obligatory pic of the wife and I....
  3. I have, I'm just trying to grasp that there is no one in all of the Philippines that doesn't like to hunt or hunts. No other reason for posting such a question other than to get the answer. No hidden agenda here....
  4. I don't know exactly... never been there. Wild pig/boar maybe. That's good eating by the way... Duck maybe.... I'm not sure. Does that mean no one hunts there?
  5. So I would also assume that for foreigners (expats) hunting is also illegal since we can't possess a firearm?
  6. Well... if I plan on retiring to the Philippines I would be giving up any freedoms/rights that I enjoy here in the US. I understand that. It's just something that I have to think about now where as I have never had to before...
  7. Wow.... I had no idea.... Moving to the Philippines does mean giving up some of those freedoms (rights and protections for that matter) we enjoy....
  8. Hey Guys Do any of you engage in shooting sports? You know, Clays, skeet, Trap, Rifle and Pistol shooting? I do here where I live in the US and enjoy it quite a bit. I also own firearms as well. Should I decide to move to the Philippines, will I be able to bring my firearms with me? Are there shootings ranges/gun clubs there? What are the rules regarding firearms and ammunition. Educate me on what it takes to own firearms there. I would hate to give up something that I enjoy doing here in the US should I move to the Philippines. Thanks again for all of your help!
  9. Are the persons renting the house flexible and willing to negotiate on the monthly rental price or are they typically set in stone? Didn't know if they are receptive to "haggling" or not...
  10. $45000 peso... is that considered high for average rent for a 3BR 2bath house? What would you guys say is the normal cost for rent? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to figure this stuff out....
  11. I’m not sure I understand your comment.... can you explain?
  12. I wonder if I could have set this up as a poll....?
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