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  1. Just for the record, the gentleman who started this thread is a friend of mine and co-worker that I have worked with for many years. He reached out to me for help and has pretty much explained everything this is to know on this topic. I can vouch for him, if that means anything. Because my wife is from the Philippines and I have asked many a questions here and you guys have helped me out in that regard, I suggested my friend make an inquiry here hoping that it might bare some fruit. Rest assured that there is nothing sinister going on here... just a genuine reaching out for some help. In the U
  2. Without reading all 28 pages of this thread..... My wife and I are planning a 2 week trip there in a couple of months and I am wondering what impact the Coronavirus has had there in the Philippines? Are there a lot of confirmed cases? I'm a little nervous about going there since all of the connecting flights from the U.S. land in either China, Korea or Japan. Just trying to weigh the risks. Can you toss a little advice my way....? Thanks!
  3. Careful with that challenge... I've been working in IT since 1992 and I can tell you that what you are asking for is actually quite easy to get... In fact, the admins on this board have your IP address each time you make a post. You see, each time you make a post on a message board, the server captures where it came from, whether you are at home, your neighbors house, the local library...etc and logs it in one of the many log files kept on the server... your ISP doesn't need to be involved at all. Same goes for email... you may spoof an email address to try and fool someone into thinking where
  4. You might be interested in looking at this database of Terrorist activity in the Philippines. Pretty comprehensive and eye opening. Kind of gives you an idea of where the threats are mostly. You can sort it by city to see how much reported terrorist activity is in your town.... https://www.start.umd.edu/gtd/search/Results.aspx?country=160
  5. I understand the whole..."You need to come here and experience places to know and make a decision"... matra. What I'm looking for is opinions from you guys, info if you will, on the locations that you have experienced. I look at it as information gathering so we can make a better "informed" decision on where to start our search once we do get there. Are there places that we should stay clear of? i.e. crime areas, congested cities, under developed areas that will have little in the way of services, over priced touristy areas and so on.... I have asked my wife but she hasn't lived th
  6. I have been considering Cebu. Not in the city but on the outskirts hopefully near water. No, I haven't been there yet which is why I am asking the question and relying on you guys experiences and knowledge since you have been there in the Philippines for a while. So where would be a good place to consider? We are open to just about anyplace I guess. You see the original plan was to retire on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, which is where my wife was living for 18 years before we met. But in looking at the daily cost of living and real estate/rental costs it is very cost prohibitive. So
  7. The real question is now that it is close to October, can you get any good Oktoberfest beers in the Philippines like Spaten Oktoberfest, Pauliner Salvator or Ayinger ?
  8. These are jokes... right?!
  9. "P2"


    I'd rather watch the Premier League or the UEFA...
  10. "P2"


    Honestly, I love Filipino food! I met my filipina wife on the island of Oahu, Hawaii when I was on vacation there back in 2015 and my first exposure to Filipino food was at a Max's of Manila Filipino Restaurant we would go to there. The food was fantastic and I got hooked immediately on Lechon Kawali Sisig! Since that time we make at home: Pancit Canton, Kare Kare, Pinacbet, Chicken or Pork Adobo, Biko, Casva Cake and many others. I think Filipino food is delicious! I'm Greek and she has fallen in love with Greek food, so it's been a good trade off. She also really likes the "smoked" meats t
  11. This has me concerned, especially the animal part. Is this a big problem around the Philippines?
  12. So what made you decide to leave your home country and live out your days in the Philippines? ...and what city did you choose and why? For me and my wife, it would be to stretch our retirement funds and be closer to her family. Still looking at the outskirts of Cebu (will visit there next year) as Hawaii was way too expensive. Obligatory pic of the wife and I....
  13. I have, I'm just trying to grasp that there is no one in all of the Philippines that doesn't like to hunt or hunts. No other reason for posting such a question other than to get the answer. No hidden agenda here....
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