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  1. I don't want to sound condescending but I know that most PUV drivers are uneducated and just got their license through fixers before. There's a lack of knowledge with traffics signs and rules. Although they're trying to reprimand fixers, it's still easy for Filipinos to get a license or renew it. For private vehicle owners, I've already witness a lot of entitled drivers without consideration for the safety of others. You will always have to adjust for them when they try to cut lane because they think that their time is more valuable than the others.
  2. Her audacity is quite irritating to be fair. I always see girls in public transportation combing their hair and applying makeup while going to work or school. They're squeezing their time doing personal stuff like this in public just because they didn't commit extra time to do this at work. I know some friends of mine that air dry their hair during commute; they don't have the spare time to let it dry at home because they often wake up late.
  3. I do agree with you about the traffic here in the Philippines. Getting around Metro Manila is really exhausting. I remember getting stuck in traffic from Ortigas going to Alabang for four hours and I even took Skyway that time. It gets worse during Christmas season starting September till December. Anyway, I'm happy that you're getting accustomed to Vietnam. I would like to visit there someday and try their cuisine.
  4. I think if you want something chill, I would really recommend BF Homes. They have at least 3 Mulligans pub and a Rue Bourbon. Just stay away from Central and Dry Dock since that's where most of the students go and it might ruin the experience for you. They also have decent cafes like Magnum Opus. It's easy to go there but I wouldn't recommend booking Grab when going out since their exit might be different from your intended route because they had to leave their ID/License from different guard house.
  5. Well for most Filipino families, they always make a big deal of what other people/families think of them. That's why it's always obvious when they're trying to show-off with extravagant lifestyle and branded stuff bought by their OFW relative. No matter how passionate or good you are with your work in the Philippines they only see success for those who were able to work abroad.
  6. Mark said the word etymology in his post first.
  7. I should consider myself lucky because I only pay for the meal when I initiated the invite. I think this is way for my OFW friend, he's a USRN and a breadwinner. I witness him paying for everything but I think that is his way of making his family happy.
  8. I didn't really bother thinking about the inclusion of the word fight in boodle fight. I always see Filipino families have their boodle fight during lunch in their cottages whenever I visit resorts in Laguna and Batangas. Aside from the etymology, I think the fight is between their appetite to see who can eat most of the food served since the food is often abundant but not equally proportioned to the number of the people who will eat.
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