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  1. Thanks. I checked it out and yeah I was impacted. I took the 10 yr credit monitor as well. 145 million peoples i.d. was compromised. Theres 300 million in the U.S. . And Equifax gets no more than a slap on the wrist .
  2. Joey thanks for the info. Appreciate it. Equfax was hacked in 2017 . 145 million+ identities were compromised. SSN's ,birth dates, addresses ,etc. I was one of them. So actually my problem is with EQUIFAX. AND Social Security uses them to verify!? Insane. Maybe equifax is using an address I had 20 years ago. or my identity was stolen who knows... You're right dealing with Equifax is useless. At this point I need to get my statement and see if anyone has been using my ssn without having to fly half way around the world to do it. I emailed the Embassy last week , no reponse . I'll try calling the number you sent. See if that helps. Thanks
  3. Thanks , and will do. I know real pain in the neck. What you can do is print out there application form from www.annualcreditteport.com and fill it out. Then send it via fed ex or DHL . Then theyll supposedly send you all 3 reports to whatever mailing address you write on the form. Overseas? I dont know. I use a virtual mailbox. Traveling mailbox. With a Los Angeles add. Great sevice.
  4. Ive been reading customer reviews about annual credit report .com Alot of people who are in the U.S.cant get online reports. No reason is given they're told to call or submit by mail. Lousy service. I tried to get equifax online with VPN tuned to eastern U.S no good. ­čĹÄ
  5. Thanks Tommy T. Appreciate your concern . They may be using an address from 1997 when I attempted to remortgage my home. A long time ago.. I did try the online method , didnt work. I did try contacting by phone but its all automated and useless. I'm going to apply for the annualcreditreport by mail. Their online doesnt work. So I'll mail it DHL. Thanks
  6. Thanks onmyway. Youre right about people dont deal with Equifax. But I have not applied for a loan /mortgage. The credit card i had was cancelled 9 years ago. So Equifax should not have any info. about me. Thats why I'm concerned.
  7. I valled 2x .They told me they would NOT allow me online access to my social security statement BECAUSE the address I provided does not match what Equifax has. They were not helpful told me to deal with equifax.
  8. Ive had no dealings with Equifax in ten years. So its possible someone has used my ss#
  9. I can not access my social security statement online because according to the social security dept. the address i provided doesnt match what g.d eqifax has. Yep thats what I was told. Evidently SSA relies on eqifax info. The credit bereau that was hacked in 2017 and where 145 million people had their personal information stolen. Including ss numbers.
  10. Thanks AZ I wrote them an email. So far no answer. I'll try calling
  11. Thanks for the advice I tried to open an online account. Was refused. So I called. They told me that the address i entered didnt match what Eqifax has. Which concerns me. Ive never dealt with eqifax. This concerns me. So ssa told me to go to a branch office . Im in Cambodia now and really dont want to fly to the states just to obtain a statement. I was hoping the embassy in manilla could help.
  12. Hi I'm a U.S. citizen. Would anyone know if I can obtain my social security statement listing my job history and future entitlement benefits at the U.S Embassy in Manilla? Tried to open an account online but I cant. Was told I had to go to an office in person. Being I'm here in Asia I am trying to avoid going all the way back to the states. Tried contacting embassy in Manilla, no answer . Any info would be appreciated . Thanks
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