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  1. Am I screwed? So, to keep it short and simple: I have a flight home that I spent a lot of money for at the last minute to visit my father who just had a heart attack. Flight is at 2AM tomorrow. I'm a 13A Visa Holder since 2010 When I was out rushing around trying to get luggage and things ready for the trip, I left my wallet in a taxi and I had no receipt from it, so I have no idea who or what taxi service it was from... and my ACR card was in there. I have no idea what to do now. I've got the 13A stamp in my passport, so I was hoping that'd be enough? Do I have to have my ACR card on hand? I have not left the country on my 13A visa, so I have no idea what the process is like. At this point, I don't even care if I lose my 13A visa, I just need to get home to visit my father because he's in very bad shape and might not make it through the next few days. There's nothing more important than this to me. Any help or opinions would be amazing... Thanks
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